Monday, 20 December 2010

The omen.

For those who like superstition, here's a bit of fun:

There is a total lunar eclipse starting at around 6:30 am tomorrow morning. The moon will be low in the sky and will still be in eclipse when the sun comes up. Unusual in itself, but it also happens on the Winter Solstice. The last time that all happened together was in 1638.

Four years afterwards, all this kicked off. It didn't just happen, it had been building for a while. Arrested MPs, witch finders, rioting and finally civil war in 1642. Plague everywhere. The king was called Charles, so let's wish Mrs. Queen the best of health for as long as possible. Four years at the very least.

Of course, it's all just superstitious nonsense. All coincidence.

Nothing to worry about.


subrosa said...

Let me get this right LI. You're suggesting I stand outside in my nightie at 6.30 this morning to see this event?

I know I'm a bit of a game old bird, but even if I was a keen photographer I doubt if I could raise the enthusiasm.

NB It'll be sod's law that I waken around that time and if I do I will attempt a photo to prove it. :)

Smoking Hot said...

Go on Rosa, you do it girl but remember to have the camera pointing in right direction! :)

Leg-iron said...

I thought about it but it's wall-to-wall cloud here. Unless it vanishes overnight, unlikely since there's no wind, I won't see more than a faint white glow turning into a faint orange glow.

Still, the postman woke me at 7 am this morning so if he does it again tomorrow I'll have a quick bleary-eyed check of the sky before going back to sleep.

Amusing Bunni said...

The big planetarium out here is having a free viewing party starting at around 1 am until 4 am. It's snowing hard now and cloudy, so I doubt anyone will be able to see it. I hope it's not a bad omen, we have enough of those. Merry Christmas and Happy Snow man making, LI.

Anonymous said...

Made a pleasant distraction this morning as I scraped the Global Warming off the Kommuterwagen - was minus 12 here in the 'Gateway to the Glens'.

Thanks fo all the good reading, have yourself a Malty Christmas and a Hoppy New Year.

Leg-iron said...

I was awake in time. It was overcast so I went back to bed.

The next one is in about 400 years. If I smoke enough I might still be here to see it.

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