Sunday, 7 August 2011

The War on Weeds.

Today was uncharacteristically rainless until the evening so I managed to get the grass cut and trimmed back an evil bush that only exists to stop the Ferals throwing stones at the house over the back fence. It's being gradually replaced by an apple tree. Bramleys, so I hope the little sods will eventually steal a few and eat them. I might dye them to look like eating apples.

Leaving this place for two weeks in summer is always a bad idea. The light hours during summer mean that grass and weeds grow like triffids and you need to hire Death and his scythe to deal with it. He charges too much so I have to do it myself. I ended the day knackered and with a huge pile of cut branches to deal with, all of which are now soaked.

The long and the short of it is that I have been at the whisky tonight Grant's Sherry Cask Reserve, to be precise, on sale at Morrisons for a few pennies over £12. One of the best of the cheaper blends. So, try me for sensible discussion tomorrow.

No guarantees.


Dioclese said...

I bought a new build house a couple of years back, so had to get the garden laid out from scratch.

The landscaper suggested a shed around the corner of the house and a nice sunken grass area. Then he said "did you have any specific requirements?"

My wife replied, "Yes, no grass and no shed."

My old lawn mower had 3.5 wheels and had been wired together nine time when it broke. The day we exchanged contracts, it went to the tip.

Now I go away whenever I like...Enjoy the scotch - I just stocked up with wine from the Co-op. It's good stuff at an average £4.99 a bottle. Don't tell everyone....

SBC said...

Concrete...tis a lot less bovver than a hover..

ps. read JT and now see that some of my critique of it's sequel was somewhat unfair...somewhat...although I still think the opening was weaker than a Dr.Who script..and the Ending fulfilled the requirements for a Blue Badge. Sorry.

JuliaM said...

ASDA has Whyte & Mackey at exactly £12... ;)

Anonymous said...

Indeed the Grants is rather nice although the walk back from the shed seems to take longer! Perhaps my garden is getting longer?

Anonymous said...

Coat the apples in tobacco smoke and put up a big notice to that effect.

Leg-iron said...

I have considered concrete and Astroturf, or just green paint with a brown border.

I'd drill holes in the brown border and put in plastic flowers every Spring.

Once a week I'd sweep the lawn.

JuliaM - Teco has occasional offers on Whyte and MacKay. I haven't looked in on them for a while. Although the Lidl offering of Glen Orchy is always worth a go.

Leg-iron said...

Junican - The compost contains biodegraded fag-ends and the stalks of 'certain plants' are earmarked for the chimenea when they're done.

If I could splice a nicotine gene into an apple tree, I would.

Warnings, though? No warnings. Not until after they've eaten it.

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