Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tax on tax on tax.

I've been trying to remember when it was that I concluded Clegg was an idiot. I think it was when I first saw him. Since then, he has taken great strides in proving my initial assessment to be entirely correct, if perhaps something of an understatement.

I have since formed the opinion that the reason he is leader of the Lib Dems is that he is actually the least stupid member of that party. Also, I am convinced that the entire party hates being in power so much that they are determined to ensure they never receive another vote again. I wouldn't vote for them if they were the only ones on the ballot paper.

Pub Curmudgeon spotted the latest lunatic babblings of the Lib Dems. When you buy any form of booze, you pay duty on it. A lot of duty. On the price plus duty, you pay VAT so you pay VAT on the duty too - tax levied on tax. The Lunatic Dims propose adding a new tax onto that total price - tax on the tax on the tax - and the only reason I can find behind this proposal is that they are all certifiably insane.

Smuggling cigarettes is difficult. Counterfeiting cigarettes is difficult. It happens anyway. Booze? You can make it in your shed. Criminals will have no trouble producing dodgy booze and they won't bother distilling it. As in Prohibition days, they'll water down industrial alcohol and sell it as gin. Beer is crushingly easy when you're not bothering with all the regulation and quality control stuff the genuine brewers have to deal with.

Normally you wouldn't touch the dodgy stuff with a bargepole but when the good stuff is priced out of range, well...

Unlike legitimate brewers and distillers, criminals don't care who they sell it to. They aren't going to ask for ID. The higher the tax, the more attractive the product becomes for criminal enterprise. It's not a new idea, it's a tried, tested and long-proven fact.

But Nick Clegg is expected to demand some tax changes as the Coalition begins planning for the second half of this parliament.

Why? Why does he want more money from us? Isn't the bastard rich enough on our money yet? Isn't he happy with canteens and restaurants and bars we're subsidising? What does he need expenses for now? Just how greedy can one man get? Is he jealous of Mandelstein or something?

Earlier this year the Lib Dem leader suggested councils should be allowed to raise taxes on everything from fuel and office parking to landfill and speeding.

That must, MUST be made very clear at the next election. This is what the Lib Dems want. All your money. All of it. All your freedoms, all your possessions, all your thoughts. There is absolutely nothing liberal nor democratic about this bunch. They are, as they prove over and over again, utterly worthless as a party, as representatives, as human beings.

As for the Tories, well, they are still wearing those blinkers that say 'Pubs are closing becasue of supermarket prices. Nothing at all to do with the smoking ban.'

We'd be better off if we made Downs syndrome a requirement for anyone standing as an MP.

It couldn't be worse.


David Davis said...

He's grandstanding to the bansturbators. HOwever, the trouble with grandstanding politicooNazis is that they then feel they have to follwo-through and actually "call for" the legislation to be passed. otherwise, the mediaNazis' branch in the Political Enemy-Class will write them off as wimpos.

And the spambot says "hogra" which I deem rather approriate.

Captain Haddock said...

Clegg is simply pissed with power ..

He's like a kid, let loose in a sweet shop and permitted to gorge itself until it vomits ..

He's making the most of it whilst he can .. deep down he knows he's hated by the public, despised by the Tories, regarded as a traitor by the Marxists & heartily disliked by his own party ..

Even his own son asked him why he was so reviled .. He knows his future as Limp Dumb leader is all too precarious ..

In short .. the man is a complete fucktard, leading a party of weapons-grade fucktards ..

Anonymous said...


You wont like this Mad Morgan

Anonymous said...

I'll try again:

Tedious Tantrums said...

Excellent article as the vast majority of your writing is. I'm busy trying to establish my own blog and yours is the first blog I read each day.

Thanks for writing and in such an entertaining and enjoyable way.

Woodsy42 said...

So I get the impression you don't think too highly of the Lib-dems. Neither do I.
Oddly they do have a few quite good local councillors, our local one is OK, and I think that's how they recruit votes for the national level idiots.

Anonymous said...

It gets worse. Why can't they just leave us be!

Some the putridity when Wigan Council have some bint that is "Head of Safer, Cleaner and Greener." FFS!

Anonymous said...


Is your person a vicious anti-smoker or not? If he is, then he is a nazi, pure and simple.

Leg-iron said...

Mad Morgan - ta for link. You're not Pete are you? Once DJ'd for a hospital with the jingle 'Miserable Morgan'?

tinks - and they wonder why so many people in Wigan prefer to be drunk?

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