Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Silicon Hell.

The thing about those big silicon cartridges is that once opened, the stuff inside starts to set. So if you do one job with it, then come back to it for another job weeks later, it's a solid lump.

Therefore I have spent the evening re-doing all the silicon on all the sinks and the bath. It was all about due anyway. Putting the new stuff on is easy - it's taking the old stuff off that leaves you knackered.

So I have settled down now with a bottle of Henry Westons Oak Aged Cider. Yes, I found some, in Tesco. I have to type fast because it's 8.5%, very easy to drink and so I might find myself with dyslexic fingers at any moment.

I see that while I was occupied with sweating and swearing at silicon that had decayed enough to allow the start of fungal growth, but not enough to let go of the places it had stuck to without leaving a hell of a mess, the similarly-rotten EU has been busy too. Another step on the way to the Fourth Reich. Somewhere I should still have those SS badges a Hell's Angel uncle once gave me. Best look them out, they might be needed soon. Hey, I never claimed my family were angels. We weren't, he was an uncle by marriage. Nice guy, if you were related.

And Manwiddicombe beat me to the fisking of today's antismoker garbage.

Well, that's what happens when you spend so many hours in Silicon Hell. I can't do much more tonight until the residue on my fingers dries enough to stop my hands sticking to the keyboard, but I'll be back.

Possibly not sober, because I've stocked up today, but I'll be back.


Leg-iron said...

Correction. 8.2%. Not that it makes any material difference, other than to provide a few more minutes before loss of finger control.

John Pickworth said...

Been tiling a bathroom with wonky walls all day... so you have my sympathy

nisakiman said...

LI, you can buy silicone solvent. It's a lot easier than digging and cursing over surprisingly tenacious should-be-falling-off-the-wall old silicone.

Keeping silicone once opened is trickier. Making sure you seal the end of the nozzle helps, but not for very long.

View from the Solent said...

From Switzerland.
"Following a Federal Court ruling, the Federal Health Office has concluded that nicotine addiction can be considered an illness."
VG does a good analysis.

Macheath said...

nisakiman: thanks for the tip about solvent - I'm in a similar plight to LI.

And here's another tip from today's experience; if you are mending bathroom leaks with the smaller tubes of silicone, don't leave it on the same shelf as your teenage son's acne cream.

Turns out the younger generation aren't too careful about reading labels...

nisakiman said...

"...if you are mending bathroom leaks with the smaller tubes of silicone, don't leave it on the same shelf as your teenage son's acne cream."

Mac, it would probably be at least as efficacious as the acne cream he's currently using! :¬)

Leg-iron said...

View from the Solent - that article has the wonderful 'passive addiction' line. That's why the antismokers are so grumpy. They can't get their free fix in the pub any more.


Leg-iron said...

John P - I remember tiling. I won't be keen to do it again.

Leg-iron said...

nisakiman - silicon solvent, eh? I'll look out for that next time it needs replacing.

Silicon is good for acne. Doesn't cure it but certainly hides it.

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