Monday, 1 August 2011

Limbo beckons.

On the move again, so internet access might be impossible for a few days. Everything will be normal again by late Thursday.

I hope.


NewsboyCap said...


Just be sure to let the Police know were you are and what you are doing,reading,thinking,drinking,smoking,eating etc....Just to be safe eh?

Anonymous said...

LI. have finally finished your new book (much distracted by the SS event).

I do not see a need to be secretive. The book was brilliant! There are odd things...the initial car accident which is, perhaps, a little facile. How can an injured man CARRY another man for any distance at all? Why not drag him on the car blanket which appears for no reason?

A good story - well told. The métier is 'magic' - even though rationalised later. Your story-telling is great - little or no 'hyperbole'. I like that.

Is that OK? I do not know what else one can say.

Leg-iron said...

NewsboyCap - While I've been away here's been a policeman watering my plants when he's off duty.

Oh yes. I have almost enough brass neck to go into politics.

Leg-iron said...

Junican - I'm working on that opening. I think they should be far more damaged in the crash and mysteriously patched up at the beginning. Also, it really shouldn't be a complete accident.

Thanks for the comments - every remark is helpful. Don't worry about denting my ego. I can't afford one.

Anonymous said...

A pleasure to be helpful, LI.

I really must get back to my analysis of Einstein's writings on the Theory of Relativity. I trust that I can call upon your expert opinion in due course?

Leg-iron said...

I'll try, but my perspective on reality might prove to be a tad unique.

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