Sunday, 14 August 2011

Smoky-Drinky aftermath.

An interesting Smoky-Drinky last night. One of the regulars is to be fifty in September, and as he fits the textbook definition of 'lecherous old bugger' we're thinking of getting him one of these.

We took a break to visit the pub, because we knew this particular pub has knocked down its attached restaurant and wondered what they planned to put in its place. It's hard to tell at this stage because it's just a brieze-block box but it's certainly not a smoking shelter. It actually provides protection from the elements so it will be illegal to smoke in it.

This pub used to be a regular haunt of ours. Once a week rather than once a year. In those days you could not go in late on a Friday night and expect to go straight to the bar. Now you can, and you can get served in an instant too. Why? Oh, probably some bollocks about supermarket prices or something. There can't be any other reason. It could not possibly be related to our rare visit being restricted to just a couple of drinks before heading back to a more comfortable venue. I mean, why would any smokers do that? I can't imagine, can you?

Supermarket prices. Must be. It's not as if smokers were ever to be found in pubs, so banning us has had no effect whatsoever.

Except one. It's far easier to get to the bar on a Friday night than it has ever been.

Oh, and we don't, and never have, nursed a half-pint all evening. We drink whisky. Doubles. Except for one guy who prefers rum.

Now we drink elsewhere.


Oldrightie said...

as he fits the textbook definition of 'lecherous old bugger'
I dread to think what they makes I!

Twenty_Rothmans said...


Booze in supermarkets is now much less expensive than before the smoking ban. It must be because it wasn't a problem when pubs were full and smoky.

I spent last week in Germany again. My old Polish local pub is now practically empty - they started serving food so that meant no more smoking. There were a couple of people at a table outside but that was it. The men, many retired, went there to smoke and drink. The pub no longer provides that function, so it's going broke.

They went non-smoking in March. Wait for the harsh German winter and nobody will show up at all.

I have another pub which I now patronize. You may smoke there.

Leg-iron said...

20R's - winter kills off almost as many pubs as pensioners here. Next winter, pub prices and heating prices will be higher again.

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