Saturday, 27 August 2011

Jaffa cake party.

I have been out at Smoky-Drinky and we were in among the Jaffa cakes. This is composed of evil-strength cider and either Guinness or Murphy's stout and was christened a long time ago by a friend of mine.

He was meant to meet his girlfriend and came for a drink with us while he waited for her to finish work. She was late so technically it was her fault he was plastered. At that time it was Merrydown and Guinness, and when she demanded to know what he had been drinking he replied 'Jaffa cakes. Dark and smooth with a smashing orangey bit in the middle.' We fell about. She made him leave. I don't think she ever spoke to any of us again.

Also I have been drunkenly responding to some emails so if you have a long and somewhat deranged rant in your inbox, blame the Jaffa cakes.

And now, once the sobering effects of Grant's ale cask reserve kicks in, to the news...

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