Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Look over there.

I had thought of musing on the Ferals again...

...but Snowolf did it better.


Wolfers said...

You are too kind, sir.

Anonymous said...

Its a very succinct explanation.

We are taught to respect our elders and betters, but when we emulate their behaviour, I mean the political, financial, business classes, we are damned by the judicial system.

Look now at all these half-tanned politicos having their holidays interrupted, what a fucking shame...

David Davis said...

I don't agree with snow-wolf about the bankers. Bankers in the West were only doing what their governments threatened and bullied them to do. This was to lend money to people who could not pay it back, in return for "not being regulated" and so that the governments could garner a bigger socialist votariat form the supposedly-grateful.

Clinton started it. Then the blasted Blair-Brown nexus got the idea. Brown also stole all our pensions: mine is worth £5 a week, after years of paying in, so I've simply thrown it away.

But snowwolf is right about what to do with that class of persons (mostly) who did the actual rioting.

Wolfers said...

Not my argument about the bankers David, I was merely relaying an argument made by someone else.

My thoughts on the banks are simple - they should have been left to die. Peoples' savings were protected to a good figure by legislation, why did the politicians run to their rescue with our cheque book? Funnily enough they didn't do the same for Woolies or MFI.

Where were the shareholders who should have been holding the directors appointed by them to account?

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