Friday, 26 August 2011

Not so media savvy.

I screwed up. I set up this blog before setting up the smokydrinky Email so this blog is not linked to that Email.

Both are Google accounts so I can't be logged into both of them at once. I have to log out of this and into the Email to answer them. There is a way around it, I can invite myself to contribute here but it's a patch, not a fix, because I run several other odd-bugger blogs and have another one in mind (yes, I am full of shit and the Internet is my sewer) plus other email accounts including the one ASH haven't yet banned because they don't know which is me. So it's all a bit of a mess. To be honest, I like it that way. It's funny.

Anything that makes me laugh is a good thing. Not necessarily for anyone else, but anyone else can tut and stare and watch me not care.

Right. I will invite myself to contribute so I can be in both at once because I am getting very, very slow at responding to email. Often I log out, switch off or just pass out from booze and don't get to the smokydrinky responses. Therefore there will be a new contributor which is also-me and you know, I might even use that name.

Downside? Of course there is. I am an occasional contributor at Old Holborn though I haven't had anything suitable for a while, and also have babbling rights at Fausty's though I have yet to exercise them. The new Me will not. My link to Orphans of Liberty is unaffected because Google don't own it yet. Again, I have not babbled there enough lately. Must get the babbler oiled up and ready to go. Anyway, if I want to get into Fausty or OH's places I'll have to log in to this blog.

So if you see posts put up by someone who is not me, be assured that there is no problem, no conspiracy. Not-me is also-me.

I have yet to decide on this new name.


Smoking Hot said...

So the one that isn't you, is you and the one that is you is also you except when it isn't. Errr me and my friend JD are making a pigs ear out of this.

l really shouldn't be commenting anywhere. l've had far too much JD but my wisdom tooth is giving me hell so can't sleep. Don't think l can stand it much longer so l'm already thinking of sod waiting for the dentist tomorrow ... l'm building mself up to diy!

Stay well. Loved the train story by the way!

subrosa said...

Think a visit to is due now. I've avoided visiting that site but needs must I suppose. :)

Smoking Hot said...

done it oh the relief is pur heaven. jd gone now laid on sofa with glas of 8 yr old wild turkey an having a ciggie

Amusing Bunni said...

You are so prolific and popular, Leggy!
I don't like to have to sign out of stuff and on, as I have
several names too!. Plus, if you write mail in gmail with the addy you use for your blog, your blog handle name and profile will show up. Luckily, I keep all that private.

Have a fun weekend, and let us know your new name, how about Leggy? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I used to be annoyed with gmail for not letting me be signed in to two gmail accounts at once, too...
- until I realised that they do provide the facility, after all...

Click the drop-down arrow by your name, top right (in gmail webmail).

Choose "Switch Account" (bottom right)

Then choose "Sign in to another account".

Read the caveats, and go ahead...

(The first one you are signed in to may remain the default for some other pages, etc; this could suit you anyway.)

Bingo! You now have two accounts open in two separate tabs...

Hope that helps!


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