Friday, 19 August 2011


Well, I've been over to the total politics place and voted. Apart from the twitter vote because I don't twit so I have no idea what goes on there.

I had an Email from Guido Fawkes the other day. Seriously. An Email to this humble backwater blog from the top of the tree. I didn't vote for him because he won't need my vote. It was a funny sort of Email. 'Don't go blogging for the Huffingtons, link to us and we'll pay.' Huffywhatnow? Why would they be interested in me?

Well, it was tempting, but their requirements include a thousand hits a day. I get about 700 which still amazes me but I don't meet the criteria so I'm out of the running. I'm not sure I'd want that anyway, this blog is for fun, not for profit. I have sometimes wondered about activating the ads option but I know that whenever I talked about smoking I'd trigger ads on patches, gum and the Dreadful Arnott and I'd rather die poor than give that hideous freak talking space here.

So I remain ad free apart from ads for my own books, and those will pop up in posts (and in the sidebar). I will not risk seeing an ad for antismoking, antidrinking, antifat, antisalt or antianything here. It would be like a hobby philatelist opening his stamp collection and finding the cat has pissed on his penny black. I remain the penniless key-tapper, still using a keyboard stained with whisky and liberally sprinkled with ash, attached to an ageing Dell that doesn't need upgrading because it's a typewriter. A typewriter that can correct drunken blunders without Tipp-Ex and ripping up pages, a typewriter that transmits my babblings to the world at the press of a button and the world's babblings back to me, but a typewriter nonetheless.

There is some kind of battle between Guido and this Huffington woman. I have been vaguely aware of it for a while. It seems she plans to set up shop on his turf and he doesn't like it.

I don't see why. Competition is good, surely? It makes us all improve our game when someone better comes along.

Well, they can fight if they want. I'm taking advice straight from the horse's mouth:


hangemall said...


Completely O/T, but I have just been reading this:- concerning rickets.

If I could find a way to make a comment I would point them in the direction of your two articles "Rickets" and "How the Righteous Kill Their Pets"

Maybe I'm too stupid to find their comments section or Maybe the Beebiods like to tell rather than listen Oh well.

John Pickworth said...

Back on topic:

LI, you stay as you are... I'm sure that Guido, Huff and Dale (and others) will happily slug it out for the trophies but at the end of the day the real business is done at ground level by folks like your good self.

As for the TP vote; I've voted for you, Puddlecote, Wadsworth, Obnoxio, Penguin and a few others but not Old Holbie, who we all know doesn't like the publicity!

nisakiman said...

Love the motivational poster at the end. I might just print that out and stick it up in the office to inspire me at the start of the day!

Is it just me, or are your captchas getting trickier to decipher? Mind you, maybe compared to something like this they're not so bad, I suppose. It's just that my eyes aren't as good as they once were....(cue violins...)

Jeff Wood said...

Dunno about the ads. Clients of mine with an internet presence pay a very decent sum to Google for the number of "click-throughs" they get. Some of it must get to the website hosts where the ads appear.

As to the ads you get, they will indeed be for patches and gums. Now, when I visit my favourite climate site, I take care to click on the Green ads which appear, so as to cost the greenies money and enrich the host site.

The revenue might keep you in smokes and drinks, LI, and nobody here would grudge you.

Best wishes,

spark up said...

obviously a night never passes when at bedtime i hope and pray that the stuffington post and guido fawkes both go to the wall - huffy because it has a stuffy anal cumbersome club format which precludes the possibility of an aesthetically conceived comment cunt-out and because it's american, gouda skewif because he is a cunt who never paid me and doesn't allow one to visit his blog and honour his memory in four-letters or less.

after an initial surge following huffington's launch, i'm heartened to say that the stats of both sites are tailing-off, only revitalized by the riots, which ariana huffington clearly started with a view to boosting page-visits. both blogs are also obnoxiously flag-wigglingly establishment and obama-nurturing - i hate them, rumours of their rivalry are greatly exaggerated, they are both covert state intelligence constructs and cia conservatories.

by the way, leg-iron, that horse has a serious attitude problem.

Anonymous said...

We love you just the way you are Leggy :D

Leg-iron said...

Hangemall - Henry North London was a big supporter of Vit D. I think he was right.

John P - I can't eat trophies, especially digital ones. It's all just a bit of fun.

Nisakiman - look at this. Just... not at work. And don't tell anyone.

Leg-iron said...

Spark up - I sometimes read Guido but have no idea bout the huffyone. They can prosper or vanish, the blogging thing is a non-profit game anyway.

The horse, I'd say, has a particularly vicious case of laminitis. For which I have a potential cure if anyone with a race stable could ever be induced to be interested. But hey, I'm just a scroat, horse people.

Leg-iron said...


I'll see your Billy Joel and raise you a George Papavgeris.

Your move.

Anonymous said...

Lol - good move!
My move? I think you've beat me hands down, but (just for the sillies) how about this? :D

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