Monday, 1 August 2011

Get Clarkson.

When there is a recycling dump near the home of a champion of Green issues, he doesn't like it. So he has it moved to be near the home of someone who disagrees with Green issues out of a sense of spite and petty vengeance.

Step forward Cameroid, a persistent pain in the arse who tells us it's okay for pensioners to die in winter and for fuel poverty to be the norm, so that Greenness can fill the UK with corpses and useless lawn ornaments.

In his constituency, the Green Men's Heaven is situated close to his home and to that of Pete Sewnup Gums. It will cost a milion beer vouchers to move it, but it's being moved anyway. Next to the Clarkson household.

So the Green Men want their recycling but not in their backyard. They want it in the backyard of those who think it's all pointless. Isn't that nice? It means that all religious buildings will be placed next to atheists, all gay clubs must be sited next to churches and mosques and sensible, intelligent people will have to live next to MPs.

Deborah Grayson from Climate Rush said: 'For a man with a long history of dismissing environmental issues it will be particularly sweet to see a recycling centre built on his doorstep.'

Not next to Debs' house, naturally. She wouldn't have that.

Deborah Grayson and Climate Rush. Spite, malice and petty vengeance have taken human form. And to think, we believed ASH had already employed them all.

This has been another Government Logic Information Broadcast.


JuliaM said...

"And to think, we believed ASH had already employed them all."

Sadly, I think they themselves are a renewable resource.

And will be, as long ads there are no consequences for them...

Captain Haddock said...

I just loved one of the comments at the end of the Mail article, which said "A good recycling tip is to flatten cans & boxes before putting them in the recycling bin" ..

I've got an even better tip ..

Just chuck 'em in next door's bin & have done with it .. ;)

BTW .. Camoron is a complete arsewipe ..

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