Saturday, 11 June 2011

Spoon the Underdog.

Please, ladies. Okay, I know, you have hair to wash and other priorities.

But seriously. I was looking for this in response to a comment when I came across this:

Seems there is a sort of meme building. It has nothing to do with me. I am inconsequential.

But if I can be a pawn in the game, I will.


Anonymous said...

Leg-iron said...

It's only a matter of time before someone finds a pet or a child with a spoon rammed into it somewhere.

Spoons cost the NHS money, you know.

Anonymous said...

Jack may as well be a smoker. The inescapable and relentless spoon attacks are an ideal metaphor for how smokers are being tormented.

le réseau rizleur said...

could someone please enlighten me as to the general synopsis of this piece of theatre - my personal computer cannot play youtube, or any other, video-entertainment, due to being infected by a large number of viruses, and cluttered by general detritus, which remains extant following the concerned visits of various members of the world's intelligence agencies.

indeed, it transpires that even my landlord is now a liaison officer between the cia and the deuxième bureau and runs an extensive local network of secret agents. one of his most successful operations to-date was to illegally raise my rent by £20-a-week and then secure the excess payment from the london borough of hackney housing benefits department - this despite the fact that i contacted the afore-mentioned local government office to communicate my insistence that, owing to the rent-rise being notified in a wholly illegal manner, and therefore unenforceable in a british court of law, i did not want to claim the extra £20-a-week housing benefit, because, i did not wish to put our nation unnecessarily into more debt than it already found itself at that particular juncture of that particular day. strangely, the housing benefit office saw no ethical or legal problem in handing-over the extra benefit to the landlord in the complete absence of a any claimant providing confirmation that he, or she, as a tenant, wished to applied for it...but, i suppose, that's the wonder of the welfare state. quite astonishing.

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