Monday, 6 June 2011

Denormalisation Club welcomes new members.

There are some vapers out there who really, really hate smokers.

Not all vapers by any means. Just a few. To these rabid antismoker vapers, we smokers emit a stench to rival Satan's sewage system while they, the keepers of the Holy Smoke, puff away harming nobody.

It's been sickening to read their outpourings on the vaper sites I've lurked at. To see the ex-smoker turned vaper who now believes in all the ASH propaganda and demands that the camps are erected right now, so all the smokers can be cleared away and the final solution applied.

Try to tell them that they're on the list too, and they'll laugh at you. Electrofag is safe, so there is no reason for the Righteous to even glance in their direction.

Bad news, folks. They have glanced. They have seen the light of profit in their 'approved' versions, much more expensive ones of course, so they now need to eradicate you folk because well, you're standing between them and a big pile of money. Just as smokers stood between them and a pile of money in the shape of pharmaceutical nicotine.

Welcome to Denormalisation Club. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Update: Take a look at the comment by pambie, london, 05/6/2011 22:44. She still isn't getting it, is she?


Smoking Hot said...

Classic Leggy, akin to the 2 wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Nice artical/link, the point being is there SHOULD HAVE NOT BEEN A FUCKING SMOKING BAN IN THE FIRST PLACE

Leg-iron said...

No, there should not have been a ban. Labour claimed they would exempt non-food pubs and clubs. They lied. Arnott continues to lie about 'public consultation' when there has never been any such thing. Clegg equates any relaxation of the ban with bringing back hanging. Cameron is as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike at pretty much anything. Next they will ban outdoor smoking (and vaping), smoking (and vaping) in cars and smoking (and vaping) at home.

Smokers now have no voice but the subtle voice of horror. They want to be scared of me smoking and I am happy to oblige. They will believe any old rubbish so I'll give them something to believe. One day I'll get one to believe themselves to death.

I won't get the pubs back in my lifetime but I will make the buggers suffer for it.

As for the likes of pambie, if she still thinks siding with the antis will help, best of luck to her. I have tales to tell her too.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Yes Leggy, I totally agree, it's going to happen.

I wrote a post earlier on the reaction I'm getting with my e-cig here

Leg-iron said...

Beware of Geeks - I intend to see what reaction I get when chewing a white pencil with a red end, next time I have to be in a public place.

My bet is that it will be the same.

charles e figtree said...


oh you are a naughty boy!

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