Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Up the Injunction.

For younger readers (which is most people these days), the reference is here.

The Man Who Shall Not be Named (yes, another Voldemort) will not be named here even though I'm in Scotland so nyah. I don't care about him at all so I won't be giving him the publicity he doesn't deserve.

The House of Commons did, which forced Dave to admit something.

The Prime Minister admitted yesterday morning that even he knew that Bryan Glib was the footballer at the centre of the furore, hours before his name was revealed in Parliament.

Hours before? Oh, do try to keep up, Prize Mutant. The rest of the world has known for days. If you can't manage to be 'down wiv da yoof' on something so blatant, what use are you? Oh never mind, we have seen how much use you are already. Go and do something useful like counting the dust particles on Gordon Brown's Commons seat.

All I can think of on this subject is this: If Footyman had admitted it at the start, it would have been 'Oh yeah, another footballer can't keep his trouser snake on a leash, yawn' and the next day it would have been gone. Forgotten. Orrible bin Liner's death would have consigned the whole thing to less importance than chip wrappings.

It wasn't the knob-twiddling, football boy, it was your attempt to cover it up that blew your name stratospheric. Do you think your kids' friends at school didn't know who you were? Do you think your wifes' friends and your family never use the Internet or Twitter? It could all have been over in hours but now it will never end. You, and your football club, are in the stenchy and scabrous mire, yea verily, up to thine stubbly chins and it is all your doing.

It will never end because Dommie the Grieve still plans to pursue the Twits, all tens of thousands of them, over their breaking of your 'Oooh no missus' injunction. You and your club will now be wishing it would go away but you have granted it immortality as tens of thousands of silly little court cases run over the next few decades. Chances are you'll have died of old age long before this is forgotten.

Footyman, you could have taken the consequences of your actions and the whole thing would be long forgotten by now. Instead you have driven it into the conversation of every pub, club and football supporters group in the land forever. Even the Monsters of Parliament have noticed and wow, that takes some doing.

As the song says, you are really up the junction.

Looks like football's going home, but there might not be anyone in this time.

Sympathy... I have heard legends of such a thing but I fear this is the wrong place to seek it.


JuliaM said...

Schillings really should have explained about the Streisand Effect.

It was interesting, too, that on Twitter, the most outraged about the public contempt for the superinjunction (and thereby, the justice system that imposed it, in the teeth of the real world) were lawyers.

Qui bono indeed...

David Davis said...

All this would not matter at all if millions and millions of hapless, blameless people had not been infantilised by socialist education. This has caused them to regard with orgasmic interest and compulsion to know, the extra-marital sexual doings of "celebrities" and "role models". All these "role models" have been shagging whom they could (which was, functionally, everyone available) since God was in short trousers. Look at Henry VIII for example, a "role model" for another time.

If people had been allowed free reign to their natural curiosity about important matters instead, through a proper education sysytem and not one designed by stalinists to render them uncurious helots interested only in the transient joys of reproduction, then all this kind of information would be of no interest, and "papers" like the NoW would have folded.

Oldrightie said...

Brilliant post and brilliant reply from Mr Davies. As for "Go and do something useful like counting the dust particles on Gordon Brown's Commons seat.", that's a pretty unsavoury place for anybody to go and now frequented by Nasaled.

James Higham said...

Battle royal here and the winner is going to be the impracticality of prosecution for any of us.

Slamlander said...

The one point that everyone misses is that you can get censorship via injunction in the UK. That is by no means a free-press. As an American, I am flabbergasted that you can even get such a thing and call yourselves free.

Anonymous said...

@ Slamlander.

Americans - free! Are you joking? Fat slobs terrified of a whiff of tobacco smoke? Free! Quel comicality!

timbone said...

I actually taught the guy, well, he wasn't a guy then, just a year 11 yoof. All I can say is this, the guy has good taste.

Anonymous said...

I think that we forget something, here.

Have you seen the 'glamour' pictures of this strumpet, Imogen?

It seems that she was trying to blackmail him. So maybe, from his point of view, it was better to go for the injunction to stop the potential blackmail rather than go to the police. The police would want to investigate, but the judge doesn't. Maybe it was anticipated by Giggs's advisors that the truth would out, but no great harm has been done to Giggs - the police are not investigating his conduct. As regards the MSM, all he has to do is keep shtum - it will be yesterday's news in a fortnight. That would not be the case if the police were involved. Isn't that what Terry did? Does anyone give a damn about Terry's little bit of fun with a strumpet anymore? For that is what all these footballer events are - some bird makes it clear in no uncertain terms that she wants to shag (women are just as 'lusty' as men, when they want to be), and the little devil takes over. IT IS VERY COMMON.

So Giggs has paid his lawyers £50 grand. If he has not arranged a refund, he is a fool. But now he can report the blackmail attempt. Note that the matter now becomes 'sub judice', which is a different matter altogether. It will be interesting to see whether or not a report appears that Imogen has been 'questioned' - once the fuss has died down. BLACKMAIL IS A VERY SERIOUS OFFENCE.

Giggs (and his advisors) might be a damn sight cleverer than they are given credit for.

JuliaM said...

"It seems that she was trying to blackmail him. "

Shouldn't that be 'it is CLAIMED she was trying to blackmail him'..?

Anonymous said...

If you say so, Julia.

dak said...

Actually, what Squeeze were referring to in that song was this

But he was a stupid git to take out that injunction. Now there are two things I know about him: he pays football for some team, and he's a stupid git.

Leg-iron said...

There's an issue beyond whether the woman planned blackmail or any of the rest of the injunction story.

Now that twitter are being sued (it's not likely to work), Dommie the Grieve is in a difficult position.

If he doesn't prosecute those Twitterers who broke the injunction, he allows all futue injucntions to be ignored.

If he does and fails, he's going to look a right twat.

If he does and succeeds, he's going to look a right twat.

If I was him, I'd resign quick and hand the job to some sucker. In fact, if I was an MP of any party now, I'd resign quick before the whole lot blows.

It's only a matter of time.

Leg-iron said...

Hm. It seems Glen Orchy is typo-inducing.

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