Monday, 23 May 2011

Damage and lies exposed.

I have a post over at Orphans of Liberty, so this is just a short one before I fire up iPlayer for a bit of Dr. Who escapism.

The damage the Righteous have done becomes ever more apparent. Now it appears that 10-year-olds in 2008 have only three-quarters the physical strength of 10-year-olds in 1998. That's a hell of a loss over ten years. By 2018 they'll barely be able to lift their cellphones.

There are some shocking notes in that article. Here's one.

Meanwhile, the number not able to hold their own weight when clinging to a wall doubled to one in 10. A further one in 10 refused to try this exercise, saying they had never tried it before.

Ten years old and they've never tried to climb anything? What? Not just a few, but one in ten of them. Sure, we had kids who were crap at climbing, I wasn't that much use at it myself and I'm still not, but never even tried? Further, they refused to try. How do you get ten percent of children so scared of their own shadows that they won't even try hanging off a wall? Even the geekiest of us tried that long before we reached ten. Even if we fell off, we tried again.

This is what all those years of 'non-contact wrestling' and 'everyone wins the race even the kid with no legs' has brought us to. A whole generation of weaklings. It's not the fault of video games and TV. They spend too much time with those things, maybe, but that's because they cannot play any games that carry the slightest risk of even minor bruising. They cannot play outside in case the Glitterman is around. They cannot even play on a field that's not perfectly level. TV and Xbox is all they have left.

So that's the damage all those years of Righteousness have done to the kids they claim to protect. What about the lie? Well, the lie is the epidemic of childhood obesity.

The findings, published in the child health journal Acta Paediatrica, cannot be explained by burgeoning girths.
The study showed their body mass index was the same as that of children 10 years ago.

The same as a decade ago. No epidemic then.

However, this could mean that although children weigh the same, less is muscle and more is fat.

True. However, if they were not obese ten years ago, they are not obese now. Flabby and weak, yes, but obese requires considerable girth. So the 'protection' of children has turned them into feeble little weeds and the 'obesity' epidemic was a lie. This was obvious anyway from all the stories of perfectly normal-sized children being classed as 'obese' by idiots with clipboards, but now it's right there for parents to see for themselves.

It's all falling apart, Righteous. One mess after another, one lie after another, your made-up world is collapsing around you.

Time is running out on this cycle of Righteousness. I don't expect them to give up quietly. There will be more extreme madness before it's over.

I wonder if there's popcorn in the house?


JuliaM said...

"By 2018 they'll barely be able to lift their cellphones."

Worry ye not; that's being worked on right now.

Anonymous said...


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX A further one in 10 refused to try this exercise, saying they had never tried it before.

Ten years old and they've never tried to climb anything? XX

More to the point, what is this shite about "refused"?

They will do what they are fucking ORDERED to do, the fucking cheeky wee bastards!

Good caning is what they need to remind them of that.

George Speller said...

My six year old grandson grows on trees. Nobody has ever told him not to.

Macheath said...

'They will do what they are fucking ORDERED to do...'

If only, FT, if only! These days it would doubtless be infringing their Yooman Rights to make them climb up a nasty wall.

A propos of which, Leg-iron, what do you make of this?

Jeff Wood said...

The good FT is quite correct. However the Righteous, and the bloody lawyers, and the bloody parents, have conspired to make it impossible.

I think of the last century or two of the Roman empire, and despair.

Actually I now live in what was the heart of the Roman Empire, and the youngsters here are pretty fit, articulate, and well behaved. Considering that many will go on to climb reverse cliffs, sweep downhill in mass high-speed cycle races (think lemmings with steel thighs), play football and rugby - even our little village has a floodlit pitch - and drive like furies on Italian roads (the stories are all true) I despair of BritBrats.

Oh yeah, recall that in Britain, before a practice the teams have to check the pitch for glass and rubbish. Here they have to chase off the odd wild boar, and since the last ten days or so look a bit harder in case there are biting and venomous snakes in the grass.

Leggy, your find is a good one. For years I have been hearing about obese children, but never seen more than when I were a lad. You are right: they are not fatter, but they are flabbier. The stories were lies, but some have profited by them, all at the Taxpayer's expense.

Jeff Wood said...

After posting my whinge, I went over to Orphans of Liberty. Excellent piece.

vlad the invigilator (flat earth society) said...


hi macheath, leg-iron's obviously gone into apoplectic shock and, as i write, is probably being slapped around by a butch swedish nurse in the local nhs accident and emergency.

but to answer your question...

ipod-indulgence under national examination conditions?

special dispensation? i'd have taken it out into the school-yard and given it 30 minutes dedicated massage with the motorized cricket roller - then it would have been exam-friendly.

master grumble said...

probably a must-read for those with a specialist interest in the study of -to-muscle ratios, but not realflably one of your most absorbing articles. out of curiosity, do you prefer the larger lady?

master grumble said...


bugger. i fluffed my transnational debut on the world-wide-web. i'll try that again:

probably a must-read for those with a specialist interest in the study of flab-to-muscle ratios, but not really one of your most absorbing articles. out of curiosity, do you prefer the larger lady?

bigspread repackaged said...


i think you're being propositioned by a re-empowered dawn french, leg-iron, mate.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Hmm, several peeps are having a fun time on here, LI.

Steady on the old popcorn. Pour yourself another whisky.

wv: buity

Well, yes.

len said...


we'll see about that. first he'll have to deal with me and then he'll have to deal with her, but i don't rate his chances, especially in the second round match when he comes up against the's with pride i can say that i got to the 25th round...but the final reckoning...i lost on points.

a charitable donation in aid of comic relief said...


yes, sixtyquidaweekscrubber, très amusant, i'm sure...i think it's my ex having a bit of a larfff...he wasn't chubby of course...just 'big-boned'.

san pablo di gascogna (managed by said...


wey, wor canny lord an' savioor said: when in rum, dee as the romans dee - an' when in britain, stuff yor face full iv donor kebabs an' git completely ratarsed, man.

steve ovatt said...


when i were a lad, fatsos could run the 100m in 10 seconds flat and bang-out 60 squat thrusts in the space of a minute, and then still not break into a sweat. personally, i blame it on the conservatives - in the old days, they used to cut taxes, now fatty osborne's piling on the pounds.

master grumble (remixed) said...

definitely not one of your better moans, leg-iron, old pal.

Leg-iron said...

Furor - you're right, I missed that one.

Participation in any adult-run things when I was 10 was not optional unless you were physically incapable of taking part.

Even then, you'd try, because you wouldn't want to look like a failure.

Now it seems 'failure' is a badge of honour.

It used to be that anyone telling you you couldn't do something was a direct challenge. It would be met with 'Oh, really?'. Now it's met with 'Well I don't want to anyway, innit?'

It took me thirty years to learn to swim, but dammit, I did it. Unfortunately the bastard who said I'd never do it was dead by then. When the sea level rises above his grave I'll swim over it.

With a full bladder.

Leg-iron said...

Macheath - ack... spasms are starting... ipods not only allowed but provided by school... parents backing the idiot... I'm losing my nmind... I can feel it...

This must be how the HAL9000 felt when Dave took its brains out.

If it was here now, it would probably take its own out.

Leg-iron said...

master grumble - a) can't be Wordsworth every day you know and b) I like summat t'get a hold of.

I don't like 'model' women. I prefer real ones.

Dawn French - have her washed and sent to my room.

And have pizza sent up too. Lots of it.

Leg-iron said...

And a chocolate orange. She'll do anything for a chocolate orange, I hear.

Twice for a mint one.

Leg-iron said...

Alara - it does indeed look that way.

master grumble said...


ok, being someone who's prone to the odd 7 years blip in performance, mainly as result of (inadvertantly) breaking four 4 x 8ft mirrors in a single afternoon, i suppose, with great reluctance, i'll have to let you off the one day then. and to be fair, i also have to...grudgingly...admit that you did a pretty fair remarketing job on fat. what a wasted talent.


probably best avoid taking dawn to a premier inn - just a thought.

sir lancelot's bedside book of love tips said...


make sure you grease-up your helmet too pal

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