Friday, 20 May 2011

Thinking is tiring stuff.

I am knackered.

The next book, the one that is a follow-up to Jessica's Trap, is now assembled into its final-editing form and now the real hell begins. I'm going to take a few days off and work on Ghosthunters while the microbiology work is quiet. In the horrible future I imagine, the mantra 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' becomes 'when there is nowhere to hide, there can be nothing to fear'.

It's logical in a twisted, socialist way. Don't worry, it will make sense when your chips are implanted. Where would you like the USB port fitted? They're really really small now.

The 'proper' job is quiet because the Stuff is being tested elsewhere. I cannot be involved in those tests because, as an originator, I can hardly claim an unbiased position. Word is that it's doing even better than predicted but while it's going through testing I have to keep my distance.

Those tests are in farm animals. It's curing all sorts of horrible things in there. It has also cured several hospital acquired infections but that research has stopped.

The doctors are very keen on the Stuff and delighted with results so far. The NHS admin don't seem interested at all. They just want an ethical assessment the size of a PhD thesis and then they want it amended and sent in again. And again. This frustrates both us and the actual medical staff. But then, if your aim was population reduction, you wouldn't tell the frontline medical staff. You'd cut the frontline medical staff and boost the morons in admin. But hey, ignore me, I write fiction, remember? It's probably all just imagination. It's just the seed of a story.

Tonight I put up a post at Orphans of Liberty. They way it works over there is this - we contributors add posts to a queue and it comes up either when it's its turn or at a time when it's topical. I was tickled to note that its URL ends in 1666, the date when London was ravaged by a plague on all their houses, although I only have two large houses in mind (and all their second houses).

Now I have a character in coversation with their child, who is explaining what School taught them today while the father tries to come to terms with a vague and uncertain memory of when School was a place, not a person, and the place taught more subjects than just 'Citizen Obedience'. Then the ambulance arrives, triggered by an apparent malfunction in his mind enhancement chip...

So, I'm off to write about things that could never possibly happen.

Or maybe about things that might happen.


RobT said...

1666 also the year of the Great Fire of London, which could also have a beneficial effect on a couple of houses. Perhaps the same ones you have in mind.
OT but I've recently read a novel titled "Single to Westminster via Berlin". I would describe it as being a Fairy Story of contemporary Politics.Thoroughly enjoyable to read and which made me think "I do wish it could come true". Available on Kindle.
I also recently read Jessica's Trap on Kindle. Really enjoyed that also. It would make a good movie,particularly with CGI effects as good as they now are.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leggy

I've been following your involvement and commentary on progress with "the stuff". Please continue to update any progress with this, it is a fascinating story.


Expat Brit Living in Canada

Chief_Sceptic said...

Oohhhh - 1666 reversed is 6661 - and those are the last 4 digits of my home phone number ...

(Rushes off to consult learned tomes about numerology !) ...


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...


No guessing who that reminds me of!

Leg-iron said...

RobT - I hope it's a movie one day. That's where the real money is.

And I'd be first to buy a model of Bifrons!

Expat Brit - I have to be careful on details because it's commercial, but I'll let out what I can.

Chief Sceptic - You realise what this means? You can expect the antifire and the antiplague at your house any day now.

£60aweek - Tony Blair?

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