Thursday, 12 May 2011

Spot the odd one out.

The UK Border agency, that bunch of no-hopers who wave to illegal immigrants as they pass through and who help people-traffickers load their trucks, have declared that they have managed to stop 2800 'possible' criminals and seized five tons of tobacco.

Here is the list of what they have achieved -

It said that 18 of the suspects were apprehended in connection with murders, 27 with rapes, 29 with sex offences and 25 with violent crimes. It also claimed to have helped seize half-a-tonne of drugs, five tonnes of loose tobacco and nearly 7 million cigarettes since 2005.

So what's the odd one out in that list? Why, it's the one that isn't illegal, of course. There is no legal reason to stop anyone buying as much tobacco as they want in any EU country and bringing it here. It's only illegal to sell it when you get here (without paying tax and duty) and in the absence of any proof that you intend any such thing, it's not legal for the border highwaymen to steal it.

But, as Smoking Hot repeatedly points out, they do it all the time.

So how many of those 2800 were actual criminals? Looking at the figures, it seems the UKBA is far more concerned with anti-tourism than anti-terrorism. If you leave the country you are a suspect now.

The antismokers must feel so proud of themselves.

As for me, as I said before, oblivion beckons.


Smoking Hot said...

l just won another appeal for one of these shoppers mugged by the UKBA of 10kg of tobacco. It may not mean much to some people but tonight l feel really good.

So good l've had a few JD's to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Well done, SH! Keep it up.

It isn't necessarily difficult to contest with the Borders people. Before my Prague trip (on my own - always dangerous) I wrote to my MP (recorded delivery) describing my personal circumstances and stating without doubt that any duty purchases which I made were for my own use. I said that I wanted her to be a witness that this was so, in principle, and that I had declared it to be so. In other words, Customs would have to prove otherwise. I also took with me bank statements to prove that I could afford to lay out £1000 or more, if I wish to.

But the Borders people are intent upon reducing the 'recommended limits' to 800 fags. We must wait to see how this squares up with the EU principles.

Smoking Hot said...

Too many JD's :)

5 ton = 5000kg equates to 1666 cross-border shoppers carrying the guideline of 3kg.

How much was confiscated and not documented? ... and taken home by UKBA robbers? :)

Smoking Hot said...

Junican ... e-mail me

Anonymous said...

Border agents probably take all their ill-gotten tobacco stolen from innocent travelers then sell it out the back of an unmarked van to earn a few quid on the side.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX If you leave the country you are a suspect now.XX

Considering the things the Westminster dictatorship are up to, and have been for over 15 years, that are so much like the DDR and Maos China it would be a laughable case of plagiarism, if it were not so serious, I can see the day coming when it will be actualy an offence to attempt to leave.

James Higham said...

They're making it more and more difficult now, more and more unpleasant. Need to blow smoke in their faces.

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