Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dishonest criminals? Say it isn't so!

Scottish criminals are claiming to be Muslim when they're not. No! Surely not? Criminals being dishonest? How can this be? They aren't all politicians. Yet.

Why? Well, because Muslims get special treats. Spicy food, lots of time off for holy days and prayers and so on. The criminals don't take the line favoured by the public (I can't have it so he can't have it either), they take a much more sensible approach (You get special food and breaks? How do I get them too?).

I can't help chuckling over the shock-horror realisation that prisoners might be running a scam. What do you think most of them are in for?

One prison guard said: “This is a growing problem and it is really getting a lot of staff down.

Put me in prison and I'll pretend to be Muslim. I like curries and long break periods. Who would opt for hard work and gruel other than a complete idiot? Sure, someone scrupulously honest wouldn't put 'Muslim' on the form if they weren't Muslim, but if they're so steadfastly moral and law-abiding they're not likely to be in prison. A clue for the clueless: prisoners are, on the whole, less likely to be honest than the general population (excluding politicians).

The problem here is not the dishonesty of criminals. That's pretty much a given. The problem is that certain prisoners are getting preferential treatment. If that wasn't happening there would not be a problem. Oddly, nobody in the press seems to have picked up on that.

All those non-Muslim Muslims are doing is what the Lefty loons have been calling for all along. They are arranging their own 'equality' and they are not doing it by demanding Muslim prisoners lose their treats. They are sidling up to those Muslim prisoners and finding out what they can get if they put 'Muslim' on the form under 'religion'.

As long as one group is favoured over another, everyone is going to pretend they're in the favoured group. Those who are naturally dishonest have a head start in that.

It's not rocket science.


JuliaM said...

I can't type because I'm too busy wiping tears of mirth from my eyes! :)

Anonymous said...

Hasn't your country figured out yet, how cruel and unusual it is to put people in jails for committing mere crimes. At least you don't have too many bimbos like this guiding your public policy:

Bill in Sd

Anonymous said...

Dear Real Leg-iron

” ... but if they're so steadfastly moral and law-abiding they're not likely to be in prison.”

That may change. With most if not all of that nice Mr Blair’s 4,000 odd brand new crimes still on the statute book, the chances of Honest Joe being chucked into jail for something that wasn’t a crime a week last Tuesday are quite high. The european arrest warrant will guarantee a steady growing stream of inmates awaiting deportation to foreign parts for alleged acts which are not even a crime in this country.

I am sure the crimes of ‘being a blogger’, ‘thinking without a licence’ and ‘writing in a joined up manner’ will appear soon courtesy of some eu directifs.


Amusing Bunni said...

This is to be expected. Criminals are liars anyway, so why not get special treatment.
Since the moose limbs get favored over everyone, why not pretend!
When people fly out here, they should wear those hideous tents, then they won't get groped.
They are even going thru babies diapers now, I kid you not.

Keep up the funny, LI, and have a nice week.

MrAngry61 said...

One survival technique in prison is to join a group or gang. Apparently muslim gangs are prevalent in many UK prisons, so it might be protection rather than take-away food that attracts so many converts.

FrankC said...

A "short arm" inspection would sort out Muslims from non. Sand dwellers tend to go for circumcision.
Are curries too expensive for the general prison population?

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