Sunday, 8 May 2011

Laugh or die.

"You will be happy or you will suffer the consequences."

Tomorrow is Europe day. Celebrate! Cheer! Dance in the streets! Be joyous!. Because if you don't, the EU will impose fines and will continue to impose them until you cheer up.

Luikkerland has found the elusive little story and advises that we let it happen. Let the proles see what they have allowed to happen. Let them question their town halls and council buildings about the mysterious blue flag that now flies above them.

I can see the logic in that. Try to engage anyone in conversation about the EU and they aren't interested. It's Europe, it's nothing to do with them. Some older ones have vague memories of a common market but otherwise, the whole thing has passed many people by. There has been no vote on the treaties, so there has been little discussion in the news. For many, it's just something in Brussels that doesn't really have much effect on their daily lives. There are grumbles about new laws and stupid rules but few really bother to trace their source further than their own line managers.

When this foreign flag appears over every official building in the land, then the face of the invader becomes clear. No more Union Flag, Saltire or Dragon at the top of the pole. There, for all to see, is the dominant force in the country. The EU flag trumps all national identity.

Maybe that's why No. 10 and some other departments will be avoiding this blatant display of EU supremacy. Maybe they've realised what a wake-up call it could be.

What caught my interest in Luikkerland's article was this -

EUROCRATS were last night facing a revolt over a bid to force Britain to celebrate “Europe Day” next week.

Scores of public buildings are being ordered to fly the European Union flag to mark the occasion.

Officials will be expected to ensure it remains hoisted for a week from Monday. And those that disobey could be fined.

Incredibly, they are even expected to take a photo of the flag and email it to the European Commission to ensure the rules are being observed.

Forced to celebrate. Be joyous or pay a fine. Take a photo of your flag to prove you are enjoying yourself as directed. What kind of twisted mind could have come up with that?

It puts the Cameroid's 'happiness index' into perspective, doesn't it?

"You. You there. Are you happy?"

"No, not really."

"He confesses! From his own lips he damns himself! Officer, take him away and torture him until he chuckles."

Many years ago, Monty Python ran a sketch about a fairytale happy kingdom where everyone was happy all the time, because anyone who wasn't had been put to death.

It was funny at the time...


Captain Ranty said...

I had a wee pop myself:

I used my very best Anglo-Saxon.

Too much?


Anonymous said...

Can I propose a spot of mischief, fun for one and all?

We need an MP with an evil sense of humour, who can be trusted to promote a Private Memeber's Bill with a mostly straight face. The Bill shall be just this:

"The British Government shall not engage in any transaction over the value of £500 000 with any organisation, corporation or company whose financial accounts have not been accepted by independent auditors".

Simple, sane anti-corruption legislation; thou shalt not do deals with crooks, or at least not with crooks too stupid to give the appearence of legitimacy.

Now, which large organisation which is regularly in receipt of huge sums of our money has not had its accounts accepted for the last 16 years? That's right, the European Union. Any Westminster drone will see that one coming, but with sufficient publicity behind the campaign, a lot of politicians can be made to feel extremely uncomfortable on camera as they are forced to explain why they won't be voting for a simple anti-corruption bill, and why our money is being given away to a corrupt organisation.

Of course, were it enacted we would have to withold our contributions to the EU, until such time as their accounts were audited and found to be good. Simple anti-corruption, nothing more, nothing to see here. And then, thus endeth a political empire...

microdave said...

IIRC the Monty Python sketch went along the lines of "I sentence you to be hanged by the neck until you cheer up"

W/V "appluors" - how very apt...

biffo said...

Today is Europe Day with the fascists of Brussels (and Strasbourg) ordering that their rubbish flag should be flown from all public buildings in the UK. As I live in England I have the biggest St George's flag I could find hanging from an upstairs window. FU EU!

vervet said...

Had a gentle walk around the town today.
Hugely cheered by the lack of a single EU flag on any building, governmental or otherwise.

PeterJ said...

Given the source of the story, you might have considered checking whether it was true or not.

Which it isn't.

Anonymous said...

What is the big catch 22 with the whole EU project?

OK. Imagine you're Gordon Brown. Your advisers tell you that you have to sign the Treaty (you yourself know little or nothing about it in detail). They suggest that you nip over to Portugal quick and get it over with. So you do it.

Imagine your horror when you find that, in the small print, is a provision for fines to be levied for failure to comply with EU edicts! The catch 22 is that you cannot possibly admit that you knew nothing about the fines proviso! How stupid would you look (especially politically) if you did! The only thing that you can do is hum and haw a bit, and hope that it goes away. Which is exactly what happens.
That is the big problem. Changes cannot be made without admitting ignorance, and, in any case, all countries have to agree to changes, and changes are only likely to be made after months of horse-trading and compromises. Impossible!

I don't want to leave the EU unless it is unavoidable. What aught to happen is that the 'big players' should see that the whole concept has been derailed, and renegotiate the whole thing from the beginning - starting, of course, with representation.

Leg-iron said...

Captain R - I thought you were quite restrained.

Dr. Dan - what we need is an honest MP. He'll probably arrive on a flying pig during a blue moon...

Microdave - yes indeed, the line delivered by Terry Jones, I think.

Anonymous said...

"Many years ago, Monty Python ran a sketch about a fairytale happy kingdom where everyone was happy all the time, because anyone who wasn't had been put to death."

I seem to remember that the ultimate test for the Prince's worthiness was to "go down the newsagents and bring back 20 Rothmans"

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