Friday, 6 May 2011

Drunken meddling. Risky, but fun.

Once, at a conference, I spent an enjoyable evening in the bar then went over my presentation and spiced up the graphics. It was Powerpoint, and it allowed me to make 'universal changes' to the style. It did not occur to me to check every slide. Anyone who was at that conference now knows exactly who I am because it was the talk of scientific meetings for a long time afterwards.

Long story short, halfway through I discovered that my drunken meddling had turned a flow chart into a series of solid black boxes joined by black lines. No visible text. I had to explain without the aid of the flow chart and through a hangover. There were guffaws. Very loud guffaws. Okay, I'll be honest, they fell off their chairs.

Not being the sort to worry about past embarrassments, I have now been fiddling with the cover and contents of that short story book. If you already have one, don't bother. None of the stories have changed. I've just added a 'proper' copyright notice and an advert for Jessica's Trap. The print one costs the same and the download is still free. If you do have one, the 'blue sky' cover version is gone forever. In the unlikely event it ever gets anywhere (since I haven't bothered advertising it beyond the blog because it doesn't make money) you'll have a rarity. So stop using it to fix that wonky table and put it away somewhere.

So with any luck, I have not managed to totally wreck the book which would require an entire re-upload. The download looks safe enough and I ordered a print copy to check. Credit cards, computers and booze are a bad mix too.

I'll look at the site in the morning. In the meantime, feel free to guffaw.

I also refuse to watch the election results come in. Better to wait for the final.


banned said...

" drunken meddling", that is the reason that I rarely do anything exacting on my comp when drunk.

Last time I did so I ended up locked out of my old Youtube account because I forgot which e-mail I had used and, for some reason, was unable to answer the test question "name of your favorite uncle" which can't be hard since I've only got three.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

No guffaws from me. Only a kind of wincing and a type of 'Oh God....' type of groaning, as I recall every single fuck up I have ever made.

As the famous saying goes:

I am always in the shit. It's just the depth that varies.

Anonymous said...

I bought your book, LI - I expect a good read and a future good read - which is the hallmark of a good book, isn't it?fam

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