Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Scary and complicated.

One great thing about never watching TV is that I can watch both parts of a Dr. Who story back to back on iPlayer. None of this 'tune in next week' rubbish.

The Silence were a good idea even if they did dress like bankers and had faces like Harriet Harman before makeup. Damn, I have just sent out a novel I first drafted five years ago that uses the idea of memory-loss caused by the monster. I really must get my act together on those stories. Apparently viewers are turning away from the new Dr. Who series because it's scary and complicated. Well I like scary and complicated.

Tonight's serious post went into the Orphans of Liberty queue and will no doubt appear at some point. It talks of something scary and complicated too.

Meanwhile, if you want a taste of scary and complicated, look at the new fine-income scam that pretends it has something to do with litter and just watch the suckered-in drones agree. They don't think it will ever affect them. One of them even thinks that cigarette ash is the worst form of litter, and that's one of the top-rated posts! There's not much that's scarier than human stupidity.

The Dr. Who monsters have nothing on our government. I'd feel safer if Davros was in charge.

But then, I'd fit in a Dalek. You'd know which one was me. It would be the one with smoke coming out of it.


Anonymous said...

I like scary and complicated. Moffat should have stabbed RTD in the neck years ago.

Woman on a Raft said...

Daleks come equipped with cigarette lighters as standard.

Anonymous said...

Due to sloppy editing, the Daleks actually have two genesis stories. First up is that they're a creation of a deranged (but scarily competent) genius by the name of Davros, who decided to take the dross of his peoples' army, chop off most of the bits they didn't need, add in a very effective mind-computer link and stick them in what amounted to a mini-tank complete with life support system.

The second one is that they were the offspring of a race who polluted their world so badly that they ended up having to adapt themselves to the pollution. Only a small group managed it, by going part-cyborg, and the pollution killed the rest off. That triggered economic collapse, industrial collapse and with nobody topping up the toxin levels, the world reverted to a near-wild natural ecosystem devoid of industrial poisons. Pity the poor old Daleks; they actually needed the pollution to survive and ended up in life support suits bathed in their own personal toxin baths.

Unfortunately, these mini life-support units were power-hungry, and it appeared that the Daleks had never mastered miniaturised power supplies, so were confined to one city with beamed power supply; cue Doctor working this out, concluding that at that time they were no threat, and promptly scarpering. Which just goes to show what a complete numpty said Doctor could be at times; one well-placed nuke and bye-bye Daleks forever.

petem130 said...

My wife commented that this weeks Doctor who was a bit scary for children. I was taken aback by that. I thought that was one of it's main selling points.

Back in the day when it was black and white and the scenery moved more quickly than the aliens I am fairly confident that I spent some behind the sofa. I think this was a good thing. It didn't affect me to the point of changing me. It did give me a very healthy appetite for Sc-fi. Real sci-fi that is not Star Wars stuff.

I'll be watching next weeks episode as well. I think the original Dr Who was the best followed by Christopher Eccleston.

The Daleks are almost the best aliens. Maybe the Borg and the "Aliens" aliens were better. Only because of steps tho. Pretty tricky to take over anything if you can't get up the stairs!

nisakiman said...

"Woman on a Raft said...

Daleks come equipped with cigarette lighters as standard."

Ashtrays, too...

Leg-iron said...

WoaR and nisakiman - they're evil. Of course they smoke. I'm surprised they aren't all nicotine-coloured yet.


Leg-iron said...

Dr. Dan - the pollution one was first in the William Hartnell series. Outside the Dalek city, the Thaals were normal humans, well, hippy-normal. The Daleks took power from their metal floors so couldn't leave.

Then they discovered solar panels. A triumph for Green Nazis everywhere!

Leg-iron said...

petem130 - it's all 'for the cheeeldren' these days. They are to be protected from anything that might scare them.

The sensible thing to do is to poke their eyes out at birth in case they ever get hold of one of my stories.

Dr. Who always wins in the end. In my stories, sometimes the bad guys win.

In real life, they always do.

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