Friday, 6 May 2011


I've been at a post-voting smoky-drinky so expect no sense. Good thing we did it in that order or the huge sheet of candidates for the regional list might have been a problem. I put an X next to UKIP on that one.

Then there was the short MSP sheet. All that had on it was Tory, Lib Dem, SNP and Labour. Well I don't like any of them so I considered returning it blank. But with the amount of electoral jiggery-pokery that goes on these days, that would be a gift to the corrupt. So I voted for the no-hoper. The Tory. He'll be grateful to get a vote here and there's no danger of him getting in so all I did was reduce the winner's majority by one. Well, there was nothing else for it.

Finally, the little paper for the AV. Looking at the short list, it seemed to me that the means of voting for the dross available was irrelevant. One of these buggers is going to win (it'll be Oily Al. It always is here, no matter how many smokers and drinkers you explain his hatred to) so how the votes are counted is of no consequence. I put an X in both boxes because there wasn't a 'don't care' box.

There is a Tory candidate who owes me a pint tonight. Because of me, he didn't get zero.

Don't get any ideas, Mr. Tory. I still don't like you.


Anonymous said...

Andy Kerr, architectof the smoking ban up here, is out.

Bye, bye Andy, get a nice directorship...

Leg-iron said...

Hmm... maybe all those chats with outdoor smokers weren't completely in vain after all.

More likely, I wasn't the only one furious about it.

JuliaM said...


Anonymous said...

Sadly that monumental bell-end Iain Gray kept his seat last night, although his "majority" went from 2000-odd to 151.

Wonder if he's getting the message yet?

Anonymous said...

"It always is here, no matter how many smokers and drinkers you explain his hatred to"

You, a pubished author, should be ashamed. It is " whom you explain his hatred."

Anonymous said...

With the AV vote I did much the same as you to register a protest at being asked the wrong question. It now seems that protest votes will not be counted, they didn't happen. There will be no record of our protests. I consider that a crime against democracy.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what happened to Stuart Maxwell MSP, the seed to Kerr's egg and McConnell the midwife?

Maybe he died of 4th hand smoke?

I fucking hope so.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear he didn't get in, came third.

Tough titty, BTW I spelled his named name wrong it is "Stewart" not as I spelled "Bastard".

No doubt a job working for a well-known anti-smoker charity beckons eh, "Stewart".

Here's his laughable re-elect me please I didn't really mean it, honestly page -

Anonymous said...

An interesting thought - in the same way that most footballers are, in their minds, no older than fourteen, so are voters, generally speaking, ignorant (in the sense of 'lacking in knowledge').

Isn't it weird that the means of communication can become so sophisticated so rapidly, but the stuff being communicated can become so unsophisticated so rapidly? I suppose that the 'availability of the means' must 'de facto' reduce the thought which goes into the message. The horrible thing about that scenario is that any sensible communication must get lost among the dross.

This is something that we should be aware of. Tricky.

Leg-iron said...

Kynon - he won so he understands nothing. I hear he has to endure a recount though.

Henry - write drunk, edit sober ;)

Anon 20:59 - I thought they were meant to count and report the spoiled papers or does that noy apply when they just mkake it up?

Leg-iron said...

Anon 00:29 00:40 - heh, he'll never work out why.

Junican - in the other direction you can now get any of them to believe anything.

That is something the unscrupulous have played with for years.

Fortunately some of our side are unscrupulous too ;)

Anonymous said...

Clegg - definition - "the shit on Cameron's shoe"

Anonymous said...

Dear Real Leg-iron

I only had an AV vote. I amended the AV ballot to read approx:

"A cast iron guarantee in or out of the European Union"

and crossed out the 'yes' and 'no' and replaced them with 'out' and'in' and placed my cross in one of the boxes (I can't tell you which - it's a secret).

My local farmer opponent won the seat I contested, ousting the DimLibs.

Even I would have voted for him, had I been in the ward.


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