Thursday, 19 August 2010

Training the New Blackshirts.

The comments below this video on YouTube are enlightening. Even the member who posted it, the cameraman who shot the film, attempts to distance himself from it. Only those in the film don't see any problem with what they are doing. Oh, and the local police don't have a problem with it either.

Via Dick Puddlecote, the source of this sorry tale of hate and spite is here. Fuel Injected Moose has the story too, along with the contact details for the female Fagin who runs this merry band of thieves.

What is interesting is that the police were informed, by Fagin herself, exactly what they planned to do and the police were fine with that. Filming in the street? Anyone else gets stopped under anti-tourist laws but if they are going to film assaults on smokers, no problem.

Happy slapping? Not allowed. Oh, your targets are smokers? Well that's all right then, you carry on.

Theft? That's against the law. Oh, you're going to steal from smokers? That's fine, they don't count.

Try it here, and the first cry of 'ciggie busters' will be met by a response of 'thief thumpers'. Sure, I'll end up in court for defending myself from a street mugging but that little bastard will spend time in hospital and I know just what he's likely to catch in there. Prison is more hygienic. And I'll be able to smoke in there. Sounds like a good deal to me. It'll save time anyway, we're bound to be rounded up and imprisoned soon enough.

The State sanctioning of violence against smokers has never been more clear. Schools are moving on from getting kids to harass their smoking parents to teaching them actual street-violence against a group of people. Yet the State whines that we aren't paying UK duty on our tobacco, we aren't supporting pubs, clubs and restaurants in the recession and that we are a drain on the NHS that we have more than paid for while being excluded from it.

I'm still sticking little magnets everywhere. I'll have to print more.

The smokophobia goes further. A game is now available that allows you to shoot smokers. There have already been assaults and deaths due to smokophobes attacking smokers in the street - where they have been thrown to get them out of the sight of the smokophobic Righteous. Now it seems it's okay to shoot at us. Oh, it's just a game. For now. Those children show where it's heading. With police support.

We should never have let them have that first non-smoking carriage on the train.

It is no longer a war of words. The smokophobes now use open violence. The police don't mind. The medics won't mind either, because they won't have to stitch us up afterwards. As smokers, they can just let us die unless we conform to their dictated lifestyle.

Watch for the first smoker in court for daring to defend themselves against the indoctrinated morons of the Gorgon Youth. Yes, Labour did this and what are the Coagulation going to do?

Nothing. They are too busy looking at ways to cull the pensioner population.

You can be arrested for looking at a Muslim in a funny way in this country, even if the Muslim isn't offended at all but some random stranger perceives your look to be offensive. Yet tell the police you plan to start mugging smokers in broad daylight and that is perfectly okay.

Cleggeron, just put up the damn swastika flag and get it over with, will you? Then you can give pretty armbands to all your nasty little Stasi and arm them with smoker-bashing sticks. You might as well hand out the drinker-thumping steel bars and the fat-people cattle prods at the same time. We know it's coming. Just do it. Maybe then we'll see a reaction. Maybe then all those smokers who just shrug and accept every new restriction will finally say 'Hang on...'

No wonder they wanted us disarmed.


JuliaM said...

I think (hope!) this is the moment the anti-smoking brigade jumped the shark...

This has to be the most outrageous thing I've ever seen.

Paul said...

Like this, LI?

Altogether now!

Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!
SA marschiert mit mutig, festem Schritt.
Kam'raden, die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen,
Marschier'n im Geist in unser'n Reihen mit.

JuliaM said...

Thinking about this a bit more, and giving the police the benefit of the doubt (I know, I know...) maybe they thought the students were going to be acting this out amongst themselves?

I mean, if they'd thought they would be assaulting random strangers, surely they'd have grave concerns?

Anonymous said...

Even if this was acting,to start with,by putting it online it is obviously going to encourage retards to imitate.
Watch out for a wave of copycat attacks over the UK.
Well done ASH,bet your proud.

William said...

Just come back from the local Co-op where the tannoy was playing the in-house radio show with a guvmint change for life ad playing informing parents that there little ones should get little one sized meals.
Voice of wisdom was an 8 year old little boy!

What a righteous shithole my country has become.

Leg-iron said...

Paul - nice flag. Leaked from the EU planning committee, no doubt.

JuliaM - it's possible they told the police it would all be an act but as Big Brother watch quotes, they started with 'planted' smokers and moved on to random ones.

The 'plants' were there to get people used to the idea that it's okay to do this.

And as Anon says, it's going to spark copycats. Who might not stop at taking the cigarette...

Leg-iron said...

William - sounds just like 1984. Soon, we'll be questioned at the till - 'Are you planning to give these sausages to a child?'

Anonymous said...

I really hope this kind of thing does spread.

I've got a decent right hook.

Leg-iron said...

One day they'll snatch an Electrofag and smash it.

Hopefully, the lithium battery will explode under their feet.

Anon - it's on YouTube. That's how 'happy slapping' started. And 'ghost riding' and all the other fads.

It won't take as long as those others because this one is backed up by relentless smokophobia. And it's being done with the full support of a school.

Expect a few right-on teachers to think this is a good idea soon.

Next? Chase a fatty to make them exercise? Does that sound so ridiculous now?

Barking Spider said...

If any of those little shits come anywhere near me, they'll be picking their teeth out of their arseholes!

Quiet_Man said...

Jeebus, this happened in my town! I don't smoke but this is outrageous, interesting to see what happens if a smoker hits back, the usual defence of I was in fear of my life might no longer apply.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I believe, by my own standards, I've done a relatively decent job in keeping calm on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Looking further down the comments, someone has pointed out that the cameraman's hobbies include, "calling chavs and smokers idiots".

Twisted Root said...

I smell a rat here. I doubt very much whether the members of the public were unsuspecting. I've looked at the quotes in the newspapers and they appear to imply that they were. However, there is wriggle room and I would advise people not to give this the publicity it doesn't deserve.

The activity itself, the possibility of copycat attacks and the conditioning of young peoples minds by the various government agencies is disgusting, but only to be expected.

AntiCitizenOne said...

I go boxing twice a week, I might have to repartake of the smokes.

Anonymous said...

Seems the video has been removed now.

Angry Squaddie said...

Ooooh goody, I live in the Medway and I'm harder than a woodpeckers lips (albeit deceptively slim). When are they doing their next stunt? I've pretty much given up smoking in favour of the electrofag but I'll gladly stand in Chatham high street smoking for the day...

Anonymous said...

Yes, the video has been removed...

Leg-iron said...

Twisted Root - You mean, turn the other cheek? We've done that all along and look where it's got us. We're all out of cheeks.

Anon - yes, it was removed by the user and it's the first time one of these antismoking Nazis has ever backed down.

That's the first crack in the wall. The Dreadful Arnott won't be pleased with him at all.

There's another one, posted by the street yobs themselves. I wonder how long it'll last.

The Filthy Engineer said...

If a little scrote came up to me shouting "Ciggy Busters" I'd stop him dead in his tracks with a lighted ciggy down the throat.

Twisted Root said...

LI - No, not turn the other cheek. The whole concept is, as I say, revolting and those responsible need to be taken to task.

I'm just cautioning people not to get carried away with the criminal assault or theft angle as it may just be street theatre with everyone being a willing participant.

Just the concept is bad enough and I'm with you; it is not acceptable and it has terrifying historical resonance.

richard said...

Ireland's next.

JohnRS said...

Not knowing the exact legal position on this - if one of these little snot-gobblers really did come up to me in the street and push/hit me and try to steal my property how far does "self defence" take me?

A good hard punch in the face?
Kick in the nads?

How far is too far? (Just so I know)

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