Tuesday, 17 August 2010

No nudes is good nudes.

Certainly for North Norfolk District Council. They don't like the Unclothed on the walls, and have taken down an artist's work because of 'complaints'.

Those mysterious 'complaints' seem to crop up a lot, don't they? All it needs is one and the thoughts of the remaining population can be dismissed. One complaint and the politicians swing into action. Well, when it suits them. If it doesn't, then entire online petitions can be ignored. Yes, Little Nicky, I do mean you and your 'great repeal pretend consultation'.

Here's Norfolk's council spokesthing with the usual trite nonsense:

"Whilst respecting the fact that art, by its very nature, is open to subjective interpretation, on this occasion the council made the decision to remove the paintings from display.

Forgetting that the council had already agreed to the display and had seen samples and approved them.

"This is not a case of political correctness.

I think you'll find it is, you know. Just saying 'oh no it isn't' no longer works as an argument ender. Ask the Climatologists.

Rather, it is a balanced reaction to some members of staff finding the artwork offensive.

No, it is pure political correctness. Did those who were offended, those who liked the work and those who didn't much care either way get a chance to have a say? Or was it just 'Ooh, a complaint, ban them'?

Was there any point where the council officials might have said 'Oh grow up. It's not porn, it's art.'? I very much doubt that such a reaction would even have occurred to them.

"It should be noted that artwork has been removed from display for similar reasons in the past and clearly, with artwork being displayed in publicly accessible areas, if we receive complaints in the future, we may decide to take similar action again."

No doubt. As long as the complaint involves banning something and does not involve a complaint about a ban, you are all fine with that. Complaints that something has been banned unfairly are just sneered at, even if thousands complain. Complaints calling for further bans are supported fully, on the basis of just one complaint.

Pretty much how it works at all levels of government these days.


Anonymous said...

Would the paintings have been more acceptable were they neo-classical depictions?

When you hear the term "artwork" you know you're dealing with a cretin.

These people deserve only walls hung with notices and "No Smoking/Esting/Drinking/Living" signs.

...and I really do wish that someone would just burst out laughing in the face of a bristling, self-important Righteous instead of taking their complaint seriously.


Complexmessiah said...

Unfortunately that's not going to happen seeing as those snivelling little shit-licking bastards who receive the complaints are the real fucking problem. We've always had nut-jobs that are 'offended' by everything around them - they're not going away - but we've installed due process that means that every time one of these pathetic retards opens their gob it's taken seriously.

Little Black Sambo said...

The complaint were from "staff and union members" - i.e. from those for whose exclusive benefit the gallery is run.

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