Tuesday, 31 August 2010

No oil, eh, Greens?

Greenpeace, the apparently tolerated new pirates on the high seas, have decided to perform another act of sabotage. Since they are acting in international waters under nobody's laws, and since they are deliberately attacking another vessel, I still don't understand why they escape charges of piracy and are not summarily sunk.

They claim that if they halt drilling for a short time, Cairn will struggle to meet the deadline to complete exploration before the winter conditions set in, forcing the company to abandon the search for oil off Greenland until next year.

That'll be because of the ice that doesn't exist any more due to global warming, right?

Sim McKenna, from the US, who is one of the climbers, said: ''We've got to keep the energy companies out of the Arctic and kick our addiction to oil, that's why we're going to stop this rig from drilling for as long as we can.

Kick our addiction to oil? So what does the Greenpeace ship run on? There's a picture of it with the article, and despite studying it closely I can see no sails, nor can I see where they'd put out oars. No solar panels and no wind turbines. It runs on fossil fuel and they use it a lot. We are to give up our use of oil but the Greens using it is just fine.

If they were truly Green, they'd have something like this. Ships like the Potosi sailed around the world carrying hundreds of tons of goods and guess how much fuel they used? None at all. The wind took them.

The reason we don't still use such ships routinely is that the wind can stop, leaving the ship stuck, and also that operating them was bloody hard work. Dangerous, too. A fouled line in a topsail meant some poor sod climbing right up there and risking his life. If he fell from that height, it wouldn't matter too much if he hit the deck or the sea.

Yet it was the purest form of Green transport. No oil, no coal, just the wind. Greenpeace don't use Green transport even though it has been available for a very, very long time. They use the oil they claim the rest of us are 'addicted' to.

Isn't it funny how that word 'addicted' has come to mean 'I don't like it so you can't have it' in so many Righteous arguments now? Whatever we like that they don't like, be it salt, fat, smoking, booze, anything, is defined as an addiction.

Oh, and if you object, you must be in the pay of big oil/big tobacco/the booze companies/the Russian salt miners or whichever industry they are trying to destroy today. I object to all of them. Where's my mansion?

Greenpeace want us all back in the Middle Ages, burning tallow candles in mud huts. Well, not all. They get to keep their oil-fuelled ship and their home comforts. They aren't the problem. The rest of us are the problem.

When the Greens live the way they want the rest of us to live, then maybe they'll get some respect. While they make use of artificial fibres made from oil, while they go home to their electrically-powered houses with their gas central heating, while they act as pirates in an oil-fuelled ship, they are hypocrites and should be derided.

They are also pirates and should be treated as such.

I would like to see an end to the dominance of oil. I would be delighted if solar power were viable as a replacement and I would be content to tolerate those windmills if they were any use. I would be happy to see cars run on plant oils but none of that is ready to completely replace oil, and won't be for a long time.

If Greenpeace expended as much energy in looking for alternatives as they do on their piratical jaunts, they might come up with something. They won't. That would be hard. Being violent is easy. For the same reason, they use oil-powered ships because it's comfortable and easy. They will never be seen under sail.

Violence is the only socialist answer to anything, no matter what colour flag the socialists gather beneath. 'Do what we want or else' is their core mantra. Oppression and control are their sole intentions.

There was a time when Tories took a different line.

So, what will the Coagulation do about this act of piracy? My money is on... nothing at all.


RantinRab said...

Splendid post Leggy.

JuliaM said...

"...nor can I see where they'd put out oars."

I'll volunteer for the Greens if they ever do! I beat out a mean tattoo with the drums and I'd love to try out the bullwhip!

naturalnoble said...

I disagree about Greenpeace being pirates, since pirates are cool.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Greenpeace aint pirates, they're nancy boys.

Pogo said...

The four campaigners are now hanging from the rig 15m above the icy Arctic ocean in tents suspended from ropes, halting its drilling operation, Greenpeace said.

One would have thought (hoped) that in the interests of "Health and Safety" of the rig's crew the dangerous ropes etc (presumably affixed to non-certified points) should be cut away as soon as possible.

Either that or they should just shoot the fuckers for committing piracy on the high seas.

Pugh said...

Sim's undoubtedly got a satellite dish so he can record the 40 different news clips of his work.

As it happens, I resent being bathed in microwave radiation from these bloody things, so I'm off to California to take your one down Sim.

With an SPG-9 Kopye.

Fair's fair mate.

Mr Civil Libertarian said...


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

OK - some professional experience here - these assholes are by and large dimented half wits who are endangering the safety of the rig's workers - who'll eventually likely have to prise the dumb fuckers frozen fingers off whatever they're clinging onto.....

We had some of these gits jump on our seismic gun buoys - when they were rescued (by us) they refused hot drinks and food and called us names. Shrill little useful idiots parroting dogma.

God, I wanted to throw them back the oggin....

Gweenpiece are a bunch of cowards too - there's plenty of places where the environment and people are self evidently being damaged horribly but these gits won't go near these places as they might get their asses kicked and more to the point can't stage manage things.

Photo-ops to keep the Guardian reader contributions coming in so they can wag their fingers at us and jam their control freak, ill informed skewed dogma down our throats.

Oh yeah - and if one of them falls in - who'll get the blame?

Bunch of cunts.

deadaccount. said...

Smashing post.

That is all.

Sit in the dark gazing at windmills said...

The Russian solution applied to Somali pirates seems appropriate. They died ...no further comment required.

If that solution is too robust might I suggest a continuous stream of seawater applied by high pressure hose for twenty four hours.

microdave said...

I wouldn't mind so called "Green" tariffs if the power was only available when the wind was actually blowing (or the sun shining if solar power ever makes any meaningful contribution).

Checking with Neta just now shows that these sanctimonious gits would not be enjoying the fruits of modern living, as Wind is currently (sic) providing just 49 MW out of a total UK demand of 38479 MW


selsey.steve said...

Now I'm in agreement with what the French did to the Rainbow Warrior.
This present lot should have been greeted with a 40-gun broadside of mixed canister shot and round shot.
Would make a splendid You-tube segment!

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I'd just settle for a water hose pipe played on them - up there, that'll curb their enthusiasm - yup, that'd do the job.

What gets me is why Cairn got caught off guard? I knew a couple of weeks ago that Gweenpiece were headed off to Greenland... and there's only one company I think, with any drilling activity up there.

Ed P said...

Do they have on-shore bank accounts to impound? Piracy (or whatever it is classed as) is a serious offence, so cutting off their financial support would be very effective.

Leg-iron said...

Perhaps 'pirates' isn't the right word since there's nothing jolly about them, they can't handle a proper sailing ship, there's neither hook nor parrot among them and not one has ever publically said 'Arrr!'

How about 'pestilence on the high seas'?

They'll go for British companies because the French won't play their way, Japanese whalers simply ram them and the Russians would blow them out of the water.

British companies know that if it goes to court, the criminals will win. So they can't fight back.

That's the kind of enemy Socialism likes to take on.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Amuse yourselves with a few potential legal plank traps for eco-warriors here. See Maritime Lien section.

No special forces ninjas required - some determination, a ladder and sellotape can put a spoke in their wheels.

Gweenpiece really are tiresome bunch of ticks. Down in West Africa there's a rape of the seas in progress off Mauritania where there's a "mining the ocean biomass" multinational fishing goldrush - which is utter unsupportable and self evidently damaging. Are they there ? are they fuck ...

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


A stick through their spokes is what I meant.

Must learn to read before clicking publish :-)

Seen this done - astonishingly effective.

Anonymous said...

Perfect post. Spot on. Pirates they are.

JuliaM: "I'd love to try out the bullwhip". I think I need to go and lie down somewhere quiet for a bit now...

PT Barnum said...

Bullwhips are all sound and fury and cause almost no pain. If you're after something to ginger them up a bit while they row, a studded cat o' nine tails has much more impact.

Cris R said...

why all the hate towards greenpeace?

Don't any of you have children? Don't you want them to grow in a planet that is still able to sustain life?

You people are monkeys.

English Pensioner said...

Its a pity their ship didn't hit an ex-WW2 mine which just happened to be floating by. If it can happen in Korean waters, it can happen elsewhere!
Otherwise, perhaps the oil companies need to talk to the Israelis about some security guards; most European ships (except the British) seem to have them when sailing through the west African pirate zone - they board and leave the vessels in international waters and bring their own weapons!

Leg-iron said...

Cris R - don't spam here with investment links. It just shoots your credibility into atoms.

As for Greenpeace, they pick soft targets for publicity and do nothing to advance any sustainability agenda.

They are all about violent self-promotion. Their aim is to increase their income, no more and no less.

If they were in any way serious, that ship of their would have sails. Even if it had an engine as backup, they would use the sails as much as possible to minimise their use of fossil fuels. Ask them why they make no attempt to do that.

They are not going to give you a 'sustainable world for the cheeldren'.

They are going to give you a mediaeval existence in which they will not, themselves, partake.

Because the elite don't need to live the same way the serfs do.

Greenpeace, like all green movements, are totalitarian in nature and socialist by creed.

They don't like me, Cris, and they don't like you either. You are useful to them, I am not, but when the time comes, you'll be in the fields shovelling shit right next to me.

Up in the Big House, the Greenpeace elite will be opening another bottle of champagne.

I will be able to say I didn't help put them there.

subrosa said...

I had professional dealings with these people some years ago.

All I will say is that if I got my hands on them the only thing green they'd have about them would be their gills.

As someone said, why weren't Cairn on the alert? They had plenty warning.

WV: fughters

Leg-iron said...

I suspect Cairn realised they couldn't do much. The courts supported the Greens when they vandalised a power station. Any attempt to repel these loons would end up as Cairn in court charged with assault.

The best thing Cairn can do is let them freeze to death below the rig. An overnight dousing with seawater, or moving the latrine to just over the tents, might speed the process.

It would be nice if the Coagulation were in any way different from Labour but there's no sign of it yet. The cuts they are making are cuts Labour would have had to make anyway. As for policy, no change.

JuliaM said...

"JuliaM: "I'd love to try out the bullwhip". I think I need to go and lie down somewhere quiet for a bit now..."

You'll be in your bunk..? ;)

microdave said...

I remember reading recently that Greenpeace need $700k a week just to stay afloat (pun intended).

Or was it a DAY???

Anonymous said...

When my rig was boarded by Greenpeace years ago in the Arctic, we thought about turning the fire hoses on them. But it was decided it would just play into there hands about evil oil people.

They didn't last very long before being frozen off and coming onboard. They were all arrested and their ship impounded by the Norwegian Navy.

That ship had sails if I remember correctly. Nine of them were up for the time I saw the ship though.

That oil company took environmental concern quite seriously. They stopped us drilling for two weeks because fish were spawning and they couldn't be disturbed. Maybe lady fish get headaches alot too??

Chief_Sceptic said...

I had dealings with Greenpeace, when they were protesting the proposed 'scuttling' of the "Brent Spar" ...

For every 1 rational person who actually seemed to believe in what they said, there were 19 bloody manic 'eco-loons' who were against EVERYTHING ! ...

If we all went back to an Amish-type 'weave your own hemp sandals' existence, these cunts would just start denouncing the wheel as the work of Satan, and demand that all wheel-users are Witches who should be burned ...

Yes, we SHOULD diminish our need for Hydrocarbon fuels (they are too valuable to burn !) - Nuclear Power whenever possible ? - not for the 'loons' !!! ...

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