Saturday, 28 August 2010

Drugs old and new.

Another long day at the lab (no I'm not just back, I've been browsing other blogs). 60 samples produces a hell of a lot of crap to clean up and a total (in this case) of 360 data points, half of which I picked up today and I'll get the other half tomorrow. The results and invoice will be in the appropriate persons' Emails on Monday morning.

Tonight I am not drinking, I only have half a bottle of brandy because I can't be fuzzy when I deal with the dangerous stuff tomorrow. Today was only coliforms and E. coli and the Stuff I now take every day will wipe them out easily. Tomorrow is Campylobacter and the Stuff is unproven against that one. So far.

So I have been thinking. Well, it's my job. I do it all the time which is why I can't sleep. This brain has no 'off' switch, even whisky won't shut it down. Tobacco and caffeine make it run faster, whisky makes it lose control of fingers (and often, social mores of which it has little grasp at the best of times), but nothing makes it shut up besides general knackeredness. Then it makes up stories and forces me to write them. Why can't I have a chav brain like most people have, that believes all the crap I tell them along with all the crap the Righteous tell them? Why can't I just sink into the torpor of Big Brother or Eastenders and worry about nothing more than whether my shell suit is on straight or my baseball cap is at the right angle? Why don't I care about cars or football or Page Three? Why do I have to critically analyse the Daily Mail instead of just accepting that some bimbo isn't pert and cellulite-free at 70?

Well, those aren't new thinkings. I am odd, I know that and have known for a long time, ever since the first drinking companion collapsed when we hadn't even reached half the bottle. I don't go to funerals because I will be the one to say something inappropriate such as ' You're sure he's dead, right, because it's really hot in there'. If I was mainstream and ordinary I might have more readers but I probably wouldn't like them.

No, what I have wondered at lately is the push to legalise drugs.

Tobacco is legal. Alcohol is legal. Ganja, smack and horse are not. I don't want those last three, personally, but I don't care if other people do. Sure, make them legal and let those who enjoy them be free from arrest and make the products quality controlled. But really, it's obvious what will happen next.

As with tobacco and alcohol, the drugs will be legal to buy but illegal to use anywhere. You will pay evil levels of duty on them (with VAT as a tax on the tax on top) but if the Coagulation Youth see you, they will steal them. You have no recourse to the law because you are filth. Conveniently, druggies have already been defined as such.

You can have them, you can pay exorbitant taxes on them but try to use them... oh, no.

As soon as they are legal, the No Snorting and No Injecting signs will go up.

This is how the game is played. We can't win if we don't play by the rules.

The other side recognises no rules. Game on.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

I've been having great fun, bullying those who wish to bully us.

Seems to me they made the rules, and bullying is very much a part of it.

I merely play by those very same rules. I don't like it, but I'm getting used to it.

joe said...

Another great post L.I.Short enough for me to read before i go to work.
I hate the mainstream,and i loved football when everybody hated it,before the time women were forced to have a favourite football team and middle class were still playing rugby..

Curmudgeon said...

I've often thought in the past that those advocating the legalisation of certain currently illegal drugs need to be careful what they wish for. As soon as these substances are made legal, they will be so hedged about with restrictions that it will be impossible to enjoy them, and they will lose the glamour of illegality.

Currently, no employer says "we won't employ stoners" because it's already illegal. If legalised, it would make them think and implement a "drugs and alcohol policy". If legalised, it brings it out into the spotlight, where it is far easier to control.

Dave H. said...

They actually like addicts, provided they remain suitably obedient. Dependency makes victims and is to be encouraged.

WV=grappedu (isn't he the one who landed Carole Bouquet?)

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

If you are odd LegIron (which you are not) then I am too.

I code in my sleep. It's brilliant. I have a problem that I can't solve in my head during the working day, just before I fall asleep my head runs through code patterns, then I awake with the solution.

It's brilliant, I actually get paid for sleeping during the night and paid during the day for writing out my dreams!

That Campylobacter is nasty stuff. I lost two stone and was crapping blood for weeks. All because some Chinese waiter was using his hands in the ice bucket to make our drinks, apparantly. Although it could have been chicken chow mein.

wv: parth. parthogen? Nice!

Anonymous said...

The Establishment makes millions already out of illegal shite, no need to rock the boat.

Although one day, I can see the ban of tobacco, alcohol and even sex, all because us 'idiots' can't be trusted.

On a personal note, if weed was ever legalised, the government wouldn't make an extra penny. Reason: A few lamps and a dozen plants would keep me going all year round. Forever. Or so long as I looked after the plants.

Anonymous said...

If weed was legalised then the penalty for growing your own would be 20 years gaol time. Only purchasing through government outlets allowed. Control and taxation.

You want to smoke, drink, jack or snort? Fine. You'll be registered, barcoded and become a non-person. You will carry an ID card at all times. You'll be refused treatment at every hospital or doctors surgery unless you pay the extra rate for the denormalised.

You will be entered onto every state database, cross referenced and have to undergo mandatory 'Persuasion' clinics. Where you'll be treated as the lowest of the low. Failure to attend will result in your ID card being blocked at the government store. No card, no buy.

You will be banned from all but the most menial jobs. You will wear a badge stating your pathetic, weak willed non-person status. You will be subject to assaults. You will be spat at and on. You will be viewed with complete contempt.

Eventually you will be an affront to their very senses.

When they can tolerate your vile, weak, filthy person no longer you will be herded onto train carriages.

The rumour is that you are being taken to a new place, a place where they don't have all these restrictions. A place like it used to be when you had your individual freedom.

You even get a luxurious shower when you arrive.

That's the rumour.

timbone said...

Alcohol and Tobacco are legal by accident. By the time the bansturbaters wanted to ban them, there were too many people enjoying them. Others like cocaine and opium were easily banned because only a few people like Sherlock Holmes used them.

If pleasure giving, stress relieving drugs were legal they would be cleaner and affordable.

Tobacco is definately on the hit list now of course. As Tony Blair said, "we will make legalise things which should never have been banned, and ban things which should never have been allowed".

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