Sunday, 8 August 2010


Kitchen floor is coated with cement and I can't go there until the morning. Most of today has involved shard removal and delumpification of the floor. I have a bottle of whisky and a bed within range.

So I have to call 'knackered' on the night.

Tomorrow it will be sorted.


subrosa said...

Are you leaving the classic grey or do you intend to be slightly more daring and cover it with something exclusive? I won't rest until I know. :)

Leg-iron said...

At the moment I'm thinking vinyl tiles. Easy to put down, easy to replace and no pain.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be anonymous, but I can't work out how to use any of the other options cos I'm posting from Greece and everything comes up in Greek. Just call me "Lysistrata" for now.
a) good luck with floor. Years back invested small fortune in proper ceramic tiles - best thing. Had replaced vinyl 3x before, has been cheaper to go ceramic, 20 years now and still solid.
b) recent lurker, love your writing. Am longtime smoker/drinker. Don't like pubs now, except our local West Yorkshire village ones have "Smoking lock-ins" instead of the old "Drinking lock-ins" of the 70's and 80's. Sad, so sad.
c) Wanted to post something positive on Pat Nurse's blog this evening, but stuck with fact I don't have any "identity" via Google blog or anything, and she doesn't have anonymous option like you, (and everything comes up greek, and everyone's wounded, and my staceys are soaking wet.....) And I'd rather not be anon, rather have name! In between your kitchen floor and other stuff, any help on how to post on her site? Or could I just say here please continue, ignore Baz, and hope she picks it up. *waves* to Pat.
Thank you. Greece is trying yet again to ban indoor smoking from 1st September. It didn't work last 3 times. Fingers crossed. I live here when I'm not living in Yorkshire.
And goodnight Matilda too.

Dioclese said...

For gods sake resist the temptation to put down slate. I have slate. One hundred and fucking two 500mm square slates.

You use quick drying cement, acid stripper (three times), grout, sealer (twice) - it takes forever! But they look great at the end for about five minutes...

And then I helped my son in law do his. NEVER AGAIN!!
...and you are constantly sweeping the bloudy things!

Smoking Hot said...

The joys of diy! We are also paying homage to the diy god. However it is an ongoing process with no completion dates set or even thought of. We do it when we please. Word of warning ... don't try this approach if you're married. Our diy project has a strict 'no women allowed' policy in force. :)

Leg-iron said...

I have a flat floor again and it's tile-less. Now I have to get some easy flooring. I have fought vinyl in the past and it always wins, so I'm thinking stick-down vinyl tiles. Vinyl a bit at a time. I can cope with that.

Or I could just paint it, I suppose. Just pour the paint on and get the broom...

Dioclese - no more stone tiling for me!

Smoking Hot - no woman could possibly tolerate my DIY impulses. They can come at any time and be aimed at anything. There's no warning at all.

Even I don't know when they're coming.

Man with Many Chins said...

Good work! Today I helped my brother in law plaster my head and the floor instead of the ceiling. He did a cracking job, especially as it was his first ceiling and as a general builder he is the first to admit he is not a plastering expert. A bottle of good whiskey is heading his way tommorrow after I finish dry lining the new wall I have erected!

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