Monday, 9 August 2010

Iron those legs.

Before I give the link, a word of warning.

Ensure that your mouth and hands are empty and that you have a clear route to the bathroom or a handy bucket. Put anything you might be able to use to poke out your own eyes well out of reach. Check that your tray is in the stowed position, that the ashtrays are closed and your seat back is in the upright position. (I remember the days when the 'no smoking' lights used to go out, you know).

Ready? The image doesn't appear until the end, so you have time to brace yourselves. Okay. Go!

Brings a whole new image to the idea of a 'leg iron', doesn't it?

And now, the same image, after ironing.

Modern laundry technology is truly amazing.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Leg-iron your, ahem, helmet fascinates me; did you make it yourself, or is it some sort of fantasy production made by a renaissance faire yank?
I must admit, wearing it backwards foiled my internet research...

(I know it's backwards, as there is no hole to poke an electrofag through...Unlike a a proper Great Helm.

Conan the Librarian™ said...


subrosa said...

Very clever! Thanks. :)

Leg-iron said...

Conan - the hat came from here -

but they haven't stocked it for a long time. I doubt it's a one-off or it would have cost more but there aren't many around.

Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - if I was clever, I'd be called Trevor ;)

Leg-iron said...

If I was magical I'd also be called Trevor.

These Trevors have it made. The weird part is that the only Trevor I have ever met was widely known as 'Trevor the Cunt'.

What is it with these clever magical cunts called Trevor?

Chris said...

@Conan: try googling "Moria goblin helmet".

It might not be a perfect match, but I can't watch the mad, skittering, pasty-fleshed, behelmed goblins in the Moria sequence of LOTR without thinking of Leggy now. ;) has a make-your-own howto for the Leggy hat if you don't want to pay full market price.

(yes, I know. "NERD!!!")

subrosa said...

Jings LI, I'm so pleased I've never had a friend named Trevor. Doubt if I could take him seriously.

Conan, there's incognito and incognito. Folk will still recognise you - your dogs are the giveaway. :)

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Now L-I, I'd defy anyone from a modern day, Righteous-controlled council estate (or a plush pad in Holland Park) to do what you just did ;)

Leg-iron said...

My hat is heavy-gauge steel. A cardboard or plastic one is interesting because it would be street-legal. In these days where everyone is terrified of everything, I'm sure the steel hat would be considered an 'offensive weapon'. It's also seriously heavy.

It wasn't advertised as 'Lord of the Rings' but then if it wasn't licenced, they wouldn't be allowed to link it to the film.

Now I'm going to have to dig out those DVDs and watch my cousins again.

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