Thursday, 19 August 2010

Is that tide about to turn?

Corrugated Soundbite points out that the cameraman responsible for the 'ciggie thugs' video has this listed as a hobby on his YouTube account:

'calling chavs and smokers idiots'

Interesting hobby. My latest hobby is 'scaring smokophobes to death with psychology' and I think it's a little more creative than just sneering and saying 'idiot'.

So he is happy to sneer at smokers and declare himself a superior being. Yet, on the posted video, faced with a few comments, he backs away and attempts to claim that all he did was film the event. Interesting how quickly the bullies back down, isn't it?

The thing is, if you read through the Emails posted at Fuel Injected Moose - copies of which have been sent to the relevant people - more information comes to light.

A local quango known as 'A Better Medway' (presumably they'll count it as 'better' when it is occupied only by the Aryan race) were involved, as were the council and local NHS. The camera equipment was provided.

So, the cameraman wasn't just a random observer. He was an integral part of it. Now he seems to be worried that it might affect his reputation as a photographer, he's trying to play it down. I note that he has no concerns about what this does to his reputation as a human being.

No compromise, smokophobe. Don't complain when we play your game by your rules.

Anyone overweight had better learn the rules too. In the Telegraph, some slaphead denounces fatty foods as the cause of all the world's ills.

There’s something about the dish known as bacon explosion that’s typically American. If you haven’t come across it, the recipe comprises Italian sausagemeat and syrupy barbecue sauce all bound up in a sort of roll with a lattice of fatty bacon, then smoked on a barbecue at a rate of one hour per inch. The whole thing contains about half a kilo of fat.

It is not a meal for one. That 'half kilo of fat' guess only applies if you eat the whole thing and those that could are rare indeed. Personally, I'd quite like a slice, but there's no way I could eat much more than that and certainly not every day. It's not the food, Mr. Extended Forehead. It's how much you eat.

And then there’s the obesity question.

Ah yes, the obesity question. It all depends on how you define 'obese', and if that definition is 'anyone fatter than me' then the world's your oyster. Unless you're the fattest man in the world in which case you're pretty much going to get the blame for everything. So that's the question. What's the answer?

The bacon explosion looks like the kind of dish that you need to be fat already in order to enjoy.

Only if you plan to eat all of it yourself at one sitting. I can enjoy a cream cake without getting fat because I don't eat many of them. See? It's not hard. You don't need to be fat to enjoy fatty food and you don't need to get fat if you eat it. Only if you eat a lot of it regularly.

Here’s a website – This is why you’re fat – which is entirely devoted to this special category of foodstuffs. If you can cope with this kind of menu item ... you’re liable to have a massive stomach in the first place. Truly, it’s no wonder the website carries the sub-heading “where dreams become heart attacks”.

The picture of 'nacho pizza cake' is not the reason anyone, anywhere is fat. It could be the reason someone spent all night throwing up but fat? No chance. Nobody could keep that down. As for tinned chicken, why is that particularly fattening? It doesn't look like a one-portion can to me, it just looks like a means of storing chicken long-term. Chicken isn't a very fatty food either.

It's made-up nonsense. It's fatophobes making up ridiculous food combinations in huge portions and convincing themselves that it's what fat people eat. It bears no resemblance to reality yet fatophobes everywhere will nod in sage agreement because it suits their particular bigotry. The idea that nobody but a fat person can eat fatty foods, the implication that anyone presented with an entire meatloaf will instantly devour it all, leads to the denormalisation and finally dehumanisation of fat people.

Listen to the smokers, fat people. We've seen the same methods. Soon they'll hide their children from you because they'll be convinced you'll eat them, and if you don't, they might catch obesity from you.

Eventually, you too will be attacked in the street by teacher-encouraged thugs while a cameraman films you and calls you 'idiot'. Probably the same one.

Turn on them now, fatties. Right now. Don't sit back and think 'well, perhaps they're right' because they're not. They aren't even bothering with the truth. What you are facing is pure, unreasoning hate. Turn on them, vent your anger at them, and when they harass you, harass them back. Ignore any attempt at compromise because they don't want compromise. They want it all. If you let up even for a moment they will surge forward again.

It's what we smokers should have done a long time ago. It took children attacking smokers in the street to really get the rage going. There have been smoker comments on smokophobes' articles for a long time but they were generally an attempt at reasoned debate. The smokophobes dismissed them all. They don't care about reasoned debate.

Then, that video changed the mood. Smokers and non-smokers raged at the YouTube posting and the smokophobe photographer backed off sharpish. He's been kicking the dog for a long time and all it did was yelp. Now it's barking and baring its teeth and he's looking for a way out. Well, there isn't one.

I considered contacting You Tube and reminding them of the 'happy slapping' craze they were blamed for. They are about to get blamed for another one. Then I thought no, leave it there. Let that craze happen. There are too many smokers who will just sit back and accept whatever is thrown at them. Let's see if they'll accept this.

Let's see who the police arrest when the inevitable happens and a smokophobe gets beaten to a pulp for attacking a smoker. Let's see how the press can spin that one. Let's make it public.

Many smokers are unaware of the conversations on the internet. They won't hear the arguments, they never know where the next restriction has come from, they will be surprised when some spotty youth snatches their cigarette and they will be enraged. Good.

It's about time.

UPDATE: The photographer has removed the video. That is a historic moment. it's the first time a smokophobe has backed down. However, the little Nazis have one of their own, and here it is -

I wonder if they'll back down too?


Angry Squaddie said...

Fucking good tits on her though!

Paul said...

That's the thing - I'm 25st yet the amount of people who see it as their god-given right to lecture me on my weight is obscene. It's none of your fucking business and it's my life and I will live it as I choose.

I actually want to lose a sizable amount of my fat because it's not doing me any good but that is my choice and mine alone. My weight is about as much business of yours is your smoking is business of mine - i.e. it isn't. As long as I am not harming or impinging on anyone else's liberty, fuck off and leave us alone.

Bucko said...

Im hoping today is going to be the turning point in the war against smokers. Im hoping these little hitlers have finally crossed the line and the anti's are going to get a huge counter attack.
Thats why I'm pushing it for all its worth.

You can but dream...

Leg-iron said...

Angry Squaddie - yup, well-developed smoker's lungs there.

Paul - beware of the patronising Righteous. If a smoker quits he/she can expect a pat on the head and a 'well done, little pet'. It's enough to drive them back to smoking.

If you're trying to lose some weight, don't let them 'help'. They always make things worse.

Leg-iron said...

Bucko - it has to start somewhere. One of them backed down today. That's never happened before.

They are not invincible.

Paul said...

Leg-iron: I was actually thinking of having surgery done, privately (the cunts in the NHS will take forever to do my operation, and I have to go through 'dieticians', those hectoring, precious twats - and fucking 'counselling'). I have the willpower of your average paedophile in charge of a kiddies home when it comes to food. What do you think? No Righteous that way and I get what I want - a belly I can't shove so much food and beer down.

To be honest, the idea of waiting for the NHS to help me is getting less appealing by the day. By the time they get round to booking me in it will be about as appealling as eating an afterbirth.

One more question: can you still get Ardbeg up there? I can't find any down here for love nor money.

Leg-iron said...

Paul - private is costly but clean. They don't have all those 'interesting' NHS infections in many private hospitals. I don't think they have professional hectorers either.

Ardbeg is still around. About £30 a bottle but once in a while Morrisons put it on special offer.

Paul said...

The cost (in the £10,000 neighbourhood) is no problem to me. There's a cracking place in Manchester that will sort me out. Thanks, LI.

I've looked in five different local supermarkets and there are none to be found. None. It's like it has disappeared. Which is a pain.

Ah, well, this bottle of Bowmore will have to do.

What's that Bunnahabhain like? I took up single malts on your recommendation - the Islay ones - I've tried others but they don't appeal. Laphroaig and Bowmore are my favourites, Bowmore as it's smoother.

Are you indulging tonight or are you up working tomorrow? :-)

Paul said...

Ah, now there's an idea. Morrisons. The home of probably the best sausage rolls (11" long, I think! - veritably Mandingoesque!) known to man.

Barking Spider said...

I just left this message over at You Tube.....


If you lot like your teeth the way they are I would suggest that you don't try that for real - you have just stepped over the line! The smoking ban is bad enough the way it is now - people aren't even given a choice so don't think for one minute that you will get away with this shit!

Fascist Hippy said...

I'm with you on that 'Barking', if they come my way I will treat them as I would any other mugger, that means they will get hurt and hurt bad.

Bill Sticker said...

What is the legal position if one of these 'Ciggy busters' pulls a stunt in public, and is a) Run down while breathlessly running away, or much less likely b) has their lights turned out by a bystander who takes exception to muggings in broad daylight?

Whose is the legal liability here if some parents little darling is hurt during one of these silly escapades? Who would get the lawyers bill in these litigious times?

Just asking.

PT Barnum said...

@ Bill Sticker

Unless this really is a watershed moment,I think the smoker would be charged with provocation, conspiracy to commit theft and assault, and gross negligence, if not manslaughter and child abuse.

On the other hand, the little brat might run under the wheels of an ASHite.... Now that would be fun!

Anonymous said...


In terms of police action, quite a lot would depend on the degree of “damage” sustained by the little brat and how “reasonable” it would seem to be as a reaction under the circumstances. Swinging an instinctive punch at said “mugger” might be seen as a natural response to what you believed to be a genuine mugging attack; chucking the little b*gger on the floor, ripping down his baggy pants and sticking your cigarette lighter up his a*se, on the other hand, might seem a little excessive.

But, even with the police’s disgraceful sanction to this activity, I think the school is being very unwise to place their students in a position whereby they might very well sustain some kind of injury. Parents are funny animals and seem to have a need to blame someone else for everything that happens to their little darlings – and I bet all those anti-smoking parents who thought this was a jolly good wheeze (‘scuse the pun) for Jeremy and Felicity to get involved in would the first in the line to sue the school if one of them ended up with a broken jaw or no front teeth.

I also think that it would be a salutary lesson for the school, the teacher concerned and the students (and for someone like me, with reactions that don’t even startle snails and the punching power of a newborn kitten, a better option) for any member of the public “targeted” in this way to report to the police that their purse or wallet or mobile phone "somehow seemed to vanish at the around the same time as one of those youths rushed up and grabbed the cigarette." They'd have to investigate, and they'd have to investigate those particular kids, being as they had been informed in advance who they were, what they'd be doing and which school they were from. Believe me, the teacher in question would have more than a few sleepless nights for instigating such a foolish escapade - and rightly so. And this, too, might well be a recipe for legal action by the parents against the school, for putting the students in the position of being accused of a "real" crime by mimicking one. (Not that this isn't real, but that's how the parents would see it). That'd give the Headteacher some sleepless nights, too. Good!

It might even be a sufficient embarrassment to Kent Constabulary to prevent them from adopting a similarly “lenient” line in the future when warned in advance of proposed criminal activity.

I just hope that one of the victims will be angry enough to do it. As Leggy says, the gloves are off now and what's sauce for the goose ......

Anonymous said...

Good on yer mate. Let them get some of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

(Not anon, I am Lysistrata.)

Anyone noticed they have a Facebook page? I've just added to think of exactly what to post in the discussions...!/group.php?gid=135367909827483&ref=ts
(or given that I can't do the link, just search for "Ciggy Busters on Facebook.)
Perhaps regular clever bloggers could pass this info on?

Anonymous said...

Notice on the Facebook profile posted by Anon 03:32, They also have a Fatbusters, a Bad Art busters and a Alchohol busters.

All edited buy someone called Carol about an hour ago.

Unknown said...

I've just posted in the comments over at our place the facebook page of these fuckers. And, believe it or not, they have a Alcohol Busters and a Fat Busters page there also.

Bucko provided the facebook link over at his place.

Twisted Root said...

Ok, LI you were right, from their own mouths, "The Ciggy Busters are a group of students who are taking a physical act against smoking. At locations that will only be revelaed at the time of filming unsuspecting smokers will be swormed (sic) by a group of students and have their cigarrettes (sic) confiscated from their hands". ref Facebook Page above.

Clear criminal intent, Plod needs to be invovled, they are going to be unwilling because several government bodies fully and financially supported this.

I am Stan said...

Its WAR!!!

Anonymous said...

It's back up here:

defender said...

Left a comment to the wanker, suggesting that according to their logic it would be perfectly reasonable to torch his car with him in it for messing with my atmosphere.
I kinda like this anarchy game, I am good at it.

cornyborny said...

One-post discussion thread on the Facebook page linked to by Lysistrata above: Facebook thread

which links to This blog

"My SS Youth, 100 of Hoo Division, Medway are actively targeting smokers as l have decreed that smokers have no rights and are to be denormalised, harassed, humiliated and robbed."

This is a put-on by an anti-anti-smoker, right?

Corrugated Soundbite said...

L-I, the video is back.

Unknown said...

It is CS and I've duly updated our blog to accommodate it.

And now the NHS is going after oil rig workers.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Thanks TBY. I've added the Scottish Freedom2Choose blog to my RSS reader. Cheers ;-)

Unknown said...

No, thank you CS.

Scotland, and I'm an expat jock living with the enemy english lol, thinks itself as the vanguard of all things good and proper and the english parliament looks at Scotland and start wetting themselves thinking "hey, why didn't we think of that first?" And we are not just talking about smoking here.

I am fast becoming a dissident from the cuntry of my birth, (no typo there.)

I laugh inwardly when I think of both LI and Captain Ranty, both englishmen living in Scotland.

I, for one, would never, ever go back to Scotland.

BTW My mum, a moderate drinker and smoker and well over her eighties still lives in Scotland, Cumbernauld, with my youngest sister. She is on Facebook and sends me regular emails, the only problem I have with her is she tells me to give up my fight for the smoker. God I love that woman!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

TBY: To be honest, I'm starting to get the distinct impression that Scotland is little more than a testing ground for Righteous proposals. Especially from what L-I and Subrosa have said (and from what our "overlords" have done, with a little financial appeasement thrown in to keep the chavs quiet).

I'd happily go to rural Scotland with a tent, but I think if I had to have anything to do with anyone in "authority", I'd sooner find a cliff to dive off ;-) It'll be England soon, and is...

northern smoker said...

I'm chuffed that I was part of that little fight back there.I'm tonedial over on youtube - I was the guy who quoted his own hobbies :D It was Leggy who sent me there.

Soundbite on Scotland being used as a testing ground - I've felt like that about all government policies since Thatchers day.Perfect the method on the peasants at the edges of the empire before you slide it effortlessly into the lives of your core voters.I feel the same way about our police force.We get all the new toys to play with before they use them on the southerners.Thats possibly been influenced by Ray Mallon being a bigshot round here for decades.A connected friend told me he is Godfather to the son of one of the biggest criminals in the area.

Last point I promise- I got my titan e-cig last week - you should get comission for bringing in customers for them,Leggy.I like it actually - I'm only using tobacco for reefers now.I should have got some fluids,but I couldn't make a decision in a timely manner.don't know wether thats down to their layout or just too much choice if thats any kind of fault of theirs and not just me being thick.

Leg-iron said...

Paul - Bunnahabhain and Bruaichladdich are good ones. As a non-smoker you can still sample them in the pub before forking out for a whole bottle.

Look out for the Glenfarclas if you have a good whisky pub. I haven't seen that one in the shops yet. If it's the '105', don't be driving.

Leg-iron said...

They have drink busters and fat busters too? Salt busters must surely be just around the corner, and deep fried mars bar busters and car busters and chip busters and sweet busters...

When they snatch sweets from small children, you'd think that would be the end.

But they already do. Schools already confiscate packed lunches they don't approve of.

Why aren't there riots in the streets now? Oh, that's right. It's banned. If it's banned we can't do it.

Sometimes I just despair of this country.

Leg-iron said...

BigYin - Welsh with Italian ancestry and pretty much everything else thrown in. I'm an immigrant everywhere.

Mongrel and proud of it ;)

Unknown said...

Leggy, I have it on good authority that the Alcohol Busers, Fat Busters and even Art Busters is a spoof by one of our own. The Smoke Busters is kosher though.

PS: How the f*** can you be be proud of being part Welsh? And as for being part Italian...That's it, I'm outta here before you give me a smack in the gob, or should I have said 'gub'?. Lololol. :0)

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