Thursday, 12 August 2010

If only there were time for a proper rant...

Tomorrow, or rather later today, the sixty pots of chicken crap arrive. They are said to be arriving 'by 1 pm'. I hope it's earlier than that. This is not a job to leave until lunchtime. I'll get there mid-morning, no need to be earlier because all 360 plates are already labelled and stacked. I just get the samples and start. Saturday will be the worst - all those confirmation tests on hundreds of colonies!

I also have two tip-offs in Email. Subrosa alerts me to the news of the new superbugs that infest those hospitals where we're not allowed to smoke in case someone might happen to catch something imaginary through a discredited mechanism called 'passive smoking'. Seems to me the best way to deal with a heart attack is aspirin, whisky and bloody-mindedness. Going into hospital is far too dangerous, especially if you're ill. Mark Wadsworth has some history on the subject. I have a rant too, along different lines, but it will have to wait.

John Walker (he has granted permission to use his name) pointed out that Westminster City Council has spent just shy of fifty grand persecuting their local smokers. Antismokers pay council tax too. That hate comes at a price, you know. Did you think it was free?

I'll answer Emails later. For now, I'd better get some sleep, and hope I don't dream of chickens with the runs.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link.

Anonymous said...

I thought it might amuse you to know that in their report about the new “superbug” on the news last night, the reporter was explaining that these new beasties were so dangerous because of a genetic mutation which renders them resistant to many antibiotics. All well and good, but – get this – they then went on to say (and I kid you not) that: “however, when these bacteria mate, there is a chance that this mutation will be passed on.” (my emphasis). Seriously. On national TV news. Sometimes I despair ......

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Look what we have to put up with here in Wigan - Might give you the urge to write something:

I think I'll attend ... with my e-fag (and my baccy and papers ... and arguments).

Thomas Hobbes said...

I see you've been visting that London

Leg-iron said...

Anon - the end of education is nigh. I've just read a Mail article that claims to have a picture of... enzymes that infect people. They talk about DNA and bacteria as interchangeable and the picture is of no bacterium mentioned in the article.

I'm glad I am not involved in education at all now. At least I can;t get the blame.

Leg-iron said...

Sir Henry - that takes it to a whole new level. Infections caused by smoke? Smoke has, by definition, been burned and is therefore sterile.

Bacteria, fungi and viruses cause infections. None can withstand burning. Smoke from any burning source cannot possibly cause any infection at all.

There is not one shred of evidence to link smoking with cot death. To make bereaved parents feel guilt in this way can only be described as absolutely evil. These vicious lies are perpetrated by people the world can well do without.

Asthma is an autoimmune or allergic disease (there is more than one form) and none are caused by smoking. Some forms are irritated by smoking, some are alleviated by smoking. None are caused by smoking.

I would refer you to the medical profession but we don't seem to have one any more. Only witchdoctors.

Oh, and if they plan to spend all day in the town centre, good luck to them. They'll inhale more deadly stuff in an hour than any smoker could manage in a week.

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