Sunday, 29 August 2010

Real life is about to take a break.

Sixty samples earlier than expected, six tests on each sample, three different test methods, two incubators groaning under the weight of Petri dishes and bucketfuls of crap-coated glassware to clear up. It's all done, all counted, all calculated, entered into a spreadsheet and sent to the only man in the country who knows which sample was which. I won't know before Monday what the results mean so tomorrow I have a day of rest, in which I will recuperate and recharge the rage.

Was it worth it? It cost me nearly a grand to set up for the first set, a couple of hundred to set up for the second set (most equipment can be re-used), and I charge these at £40 per sample. So yes, it's worth it.

It is, all the same, knackering. Tonight I have a bottle of the Penderyn, sent up by a friend in Wales, and a selection of DVDs to watch until I fall asleep. Normal service will resume tomorrow.

One thing I've noticed lately has been mutterings about blogrolls. There seems to be a perception that they are some kind of 'club'. A sort of elitist thing.

I hadn't thought of it that way. I use my blogroll as an easy navigator. Rather than bookmark them all and search through each one every day, the blogroll automatically brings any with new posts to the top. So I scroll down until I find one I know I've already read and work back up from there.

That's what the blogroll is to me. Other people's blogrolls are where I find new people with new points of view. The threads lead everywhere. It's like, oh, how could I describe it, like a sort of web that covers the whole world. A world wide web. That's a catchy title. I wonder if anyone's bagged it?

The blogroll stays, not because of any elitist or 'club' thing, but because I find it useful.

And now, it's recuperation time. I've ignored the whisky for so long it's threatened to file divorce proceedings, so it's time to make up.

Back tomorrow.


Smoking Hot said...

Agree entirely Leggy. At the moment l'm trying to tame an 8yr old Wild Turkey. l'm losing. :)

Anonymous said...

'I use my blogroll as an easy navigator.'

Exactly, and I use your blogroll for my navigation. Cheers.

Dioclese said...

Intrigued to know what your're testing???

g1lgam3sh said...

I can confidently say that you will like Penderyn...a firm favourite of my son and I as we carry out our current contract trolling around nationwide depots and having Wetherspoons* in the satnav.

* I have other issues with them but meh.

Anonymous said...

£40 per sample? You need to charge more for that kind of stuff, LI.

Little Black Sambo said...

£40 per sample? You need to charge more for that kind of stuff.
Is that the Penderyn or something else?

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