Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Don't work too hard.

What is it with socialists and databases? The EU now want a database of naughty people and you know they don't just mean the ones with guns and bombs. They don't mean criminals either. They mean everyone with a political opinion. That's me. And you. We are to be tracked. What a waste of time. They can find me any time they like through my IP address. Instead, they must have this information on a database and guess who's paying?

They have also decided that stealing tax money after it's passed through our own politicians is too inefficient. Well, they have a point - our politicians can't be trusted with money. Instead they plan to tax us directly. Will that lead to a reduction in the Government demanding money with menaces? Don't hold your breath.

If you get an education, graduate from university and subsequently become a highly productive member of the economy, Vinnie the Wire is going to punish you for it. Yes, you'll pay more tax than anyone else. For as long as you live. So the moment you have that degree in your hand, get out of the country quick. Vinnie, being a politician and therefore by definition an idiot, isn't expecting that to happen.

This is, of course, on top of the extra EU taxes and the Government's taxes and the 20% VAT coming up... better get some big pockets because there are a lot of hands going into them.

How can you persuade an entire country to accept all this? Well, here's one way.

The trouble is, all those graduates will leave, businesses will leave, and the loony Left will cheer as the ones who pay for their insanity close the door behind them. Then they'll tax the next tier harder until they leave too. Eventually they will have to do what East Germany did and stop any more people leaving, but by then it's too late. All they have left are the sheep.

There's no point being successful in this country. The government hates you if you try and will take more and more from you until you give up. Earn enough to live on and relax, or apply your intelligence to the benefits system where you can earn more for doing nothing and the Left will be happy with that. Try to build a business, try to innovate, to create wealth, and they will slap you down. The left still rail about 'Tories' but there are no Tories any more. It doesn't matter who you vote for because they just do as they are told by people you didn't vote for.

Until nobody is willing to lend us any more money because we are no longer earning any ourselves. Then, shouting abuse at bin men will be the least of it.

That EU database is going to become very, very large.


Chief_Sceptic said...

Yeah, well, saw THAT coming ! - which is why I decided to stay in Norway - and now more and more of the population are anti-EUSSR ! ...

Get out now, mate - Switzerland or Norway - European, but they will never join the bloody EU !!! ...

Dioclese said...

Personally I have always maintained that the EU is really the Fourth Reich in disguise. I have yet to see or hear anything that makes me change that opinion.
The sooner we leave, the better.
I was self employed for 25 years. I retired at the age of 52 because Gordon was hitting me with so many niche taxes that it wasn't worth working any more. My tax take went up from 22% to just over 60% - and don't tell me I'm talking bollocks, because I'm an accountant!

Anonymous said...

As for the EU being the Fourth Reich, theres this

Its the Daily Fail so I wouldn't take it as gospel.


Barking Spider said...

The beginnings of that plan took form in Berlin and were placed on Hitler's desk as early as 1942. ;-)

Leg-iron said...

It's funny, in a very dark humour way, to see the EU-supporting parties decry the BNP as 'Nazi'.

While all along, the EU is Hitler's brainchild and one of the few parties who want out of it are... the BNP.

Cue hollow laughter.

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