Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Minus One.

My grandmother was wiser than I ever knew. She was square-shaped and permanently annoyed and hung around with other senile deliquents, but it turns out she was exceptionally clever too.

She only ever recommended one film. One. She was most insistent that we watched it. My parents dismissed it as a black-and-white silent film, as did my brother, but I was riveted. It's a brilliant film.

The film was 'Metropolis'. Which has suddenly become expensive.

In that film, the workers are treated as cattle while the elite atempt to move from humanity into an eternal robot form. All fiction but incredibly prescient.

Probably as close as a year ago I would have laughed off talk of Common Purpose or One World Government or the Bilderbergers as tinfoil hattery. I'm not laughing now. I've just gone though all of the film 'Endgame' and it is Metropolis made real.

The film mentions transhumanists, who are just trying to live long enough to have their minds translated into machine code so they can live forever in robotic skins. Even now I would laugh that off as the ramblings of the deranged if it wasn't for the fact that one of these transhumanists was recently the subject of a New Scientist interview, No, they didn't treat him as a crank, as they do with anyone who disagrees with the 'settled science' of global warming. They presented him as a real option. Not one of these apparently intelligent people, anywhere along the line, mention the words 'Borg', 'Cybermen' or 'Dalek' but that is exactly what they propose. How many warnings will it take?

The scientific community is dangerous. There is an article in New Scientist this week that show how dangerous they are, which I will deal with separately. Not dangerous in what they know but in what they don't.

The New World Order is not political. It is scientific. It is not the Orwellian Party striving for power but the cold and calculating world of pure logic and numbers. If Science says only one million people should be on Earth, then the rest must die. It's not personal, it's not ideological, it is pure statistical analysis. You cannot appeal. You are surplus to requirements, so get in the truck.

You think Stalin was bad? You think Hitler was bad? You think Pol Pot was bad? You think this can never happen again? Look into the mind of the Dalek for a moment. It does not want to assimiliate you or help you or even control you. You are in the way so you will be exterminated.

You know, all those killed by the Romans probably thought that it was the last extermination mankind would suffer. Those wiped out by Vlad Dracul probably thought this was it, it couldn't get worse. They were wrong and so are we.

Science has decided that there are too many people and science has decided to reduce our numbers and then control us at that number. The DNA database is more than a record, it is an interview. Fail and you die. Science will do this with a dispassionate ease that would make Chairman Mao cry with envy. We are not free men to science. We are numbers.

And numbers are easily subtracted.


banned said...

I'm surprised that it has taken you so long to come across Alex Jones and Endgame.
It's what has kept me lurking around the blogosphere, waiting to see what happens next along this rout.

JuliaM said...

" You think Pol Pot was bad? "

Didn't Pol Pot kill all the scientists..? ;)

Willliam said...

Didn't Pol Pot kill all the scientists..?

Yes and every other 'professional'.

Johnnyrvf said...

LI, the problem is that although the U.K. establishment have spent 100 years to foist the false apparition that guns are evil and dangerous, when in fact they are inanimate objects and deliberately make obtaining them very difficult and tedious and are changing the ethos of the law from "an Englishmans home is his castle" to "a burglar is a citizen and therefore has the same right of protection under the law that the house owner has", other countries still allow people to own arms, France has thrown a hissy fit over pistols but rifles for hunting can easily be purchased and the permits to go with them. As for the U.S.A. it still has an ammendment to allow their citizens the right to bear arms and in certain states has no problem with house owners shooting people on their property ( Texas for one ) AND only require a firearms certificate for AUTOMATIC assault weapons. In the U.K. there is a firm called Accuracy International who sell games target rifles that are used by the British armed forces for sniping duties, they hold the distance record for killing with the record established last year in Afghanistahn, according to the A.I. website they cost less than £3K and books on proffesional sniping are easy peasy to find, it won't be long before someone gets peed off enough to test their accuracy on "non military" targets.

Oldrightie said...

Welcome aboard, Buddy! I, too, used to think it was all bollocks but not any more.

Chris said...

Technocrat != scientist and technocracy != science.

Look at the products of the French École Polytechnique - they're technocrats, most of them aren't worth a damn as pure scientists.

State-sponsored science ("What would you like the conclusions to be minister?") is just the same old top-down, totalitarian $#!% that got H.G.Wells priapic, but that Huxley and Orwell cautioned us against.

outcasts said...

Coincidentally 'Outcasts' has been on Pravda this week.
Earth is dying so dozens of shuttles full of the 'chosen' ones take off for a new planet. On the new planet the man in charge has to take the 'difficult' decision to murder anyone who might be a carrier of a mysterious virus.
The murder team flinch and let the 'outcasts' escape.
Turns out the 'outcasts' aren't the carrier of the virus and start to breed faster than the 'chosen' ones. They're also mightily pissed off at getting chosen for elimination and are about to attack the 'fortress.
Sounds like a story that might turn out to be more truth than fiction.

Nightwatchstate said...

I'm right now reading Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near, which is about Genetic Robotics Nanotech development of the human and writing my disseration on a similar area. This was touched on in the video I posted "The Opiate of Peace".. where Kurzweil is called out as illuminati and we are reminded "They have the plans to turn us into the borg."

microdave said...

As OR says "welcome aboard". However it's not JUST scientists who are the danger - have a quick scan through this site:

Prince Philip, and Ted Turner agree with depopulation, and neither of them are scientists. Many of the other names have dubious credentials, anyway. Al Gore is just plain dubious....

Anonymous said...

Here's a good channel to watch Alex Jones movies Leg Iron. Just go to the channel, select Playlists>Full length Documentaries.

Saves all that messing about trying to find the different parts when a movie is split up into parts.

Chalcedon said...

Ah yes, I saw this idea of downloading a person'r brain contents and conciousness into a silicon equivalent brain discussed on a TV programme the other day. the idea was to inhabit a robot or certainly a hard drive forever (or as long as the power stays on). An interesting concept but one that has not yet been perfected. But you do need a fully functional artificial body for this to be any fun.

the Borg and Cybermen are cyborgs and a melding of a man with machine will surely die at some stage. Now your dalek is a war machine housing a tentacled little monstrosity that needs a protective shell and a gun but which is mortal.

Mind you, silicon based intelligence is the kind we may enounted first out there, as it has the potential for immortality. But it must be horribly boring being cooped up in a slow starship for a million years.

Span Ows said...

Well this and the news that robots are going to get their own Internet means that Judgement Day isn't far away!

microdave said...

Let something connect to the internet and it quickly becomes at risk of infection. That's one thing for a TV, but could be very worrying for semi autonomous robots!!

Anonymous said...

If you want Alex Jones stuff, I have everything of his on my hard drive, its about 35 gigs worth.

I actually subscribe to his site now, its worth far more than the Pravda license fee IMO.

Yes, he does get a bit ranty sometimes, but a lot of what he says is nail on the head material and if you watch his older videos where he warned about a lot of this police state shit, its clearly come to fruition now.

In fact, you could subscribe for a month (5.99 USD), download ALL the movies and video reports and then cancel.

I don't have many blank DVD's at the moment LI, otherwise I would send you some over.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

New World Order, One World Government, One World Church, ruled by the false prophet and the Anti-Christ. Even the Bible says this will happen.

Leg-iron said...

The Bible also talks of a time when none shall engage in any form of commerce unless they bear the sign of the Beast.

I'm going to have to re-read my Bible, I think.

Also, consider how useful a DNA database would be to eugenecists bent on breeding that elusive Aryan race.

Or, more likely, Eloi.

smokervoter said...

You're right LI. It's not an externally imposed Orwellian future anymore. It's the trendy thing now to become a transhuman robot. Kewl Kids with Kash camp out to buy i-phones and wander around with those blinking contraptions in their ears as major league status symbols. It is eagerly self imposed, i.e. where do I sign up to become a walking javascript? And Facebook/Twitter is like Big Brother Please Watch ME!!!

Foreign Entity said...

There is a Sci Fi story every kid should read..

Foreign Entity said...

Lost in translation? I'll try again.Interesting Sci Fi story from my childhood...

Amusing Bunni said...

I used to think AJ was a bit of a nut, until I started reading and watching his channels and such. He makes a lot of sense, and has been given a bad rap so people won't believe him.

Thanks for putting the link to the channel where we can watch the movie!

Stewart Cowan said...

I've been listening to Alex Jones' show since about 2003. I'm afraid he tends to be right. He even said that elements of the US government were planning to attack the USA and blame bin Laden about six weeks before they did.

Yup, dust off those Bibles.

Derek said...
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Derek said...

Try again (I left something off).

Question: How does a One World Government deal with Islam?
Advert precedes.

Bibles a modern storybook. What you read within is not what is written in code so I'm told. Few can decipher it.

Blow your mind/have a laugh here:

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