Friday, 4 February 2011

Accept the unacceptable.

I hate that word 'unacceptable'. It's popped up in recent years and now everyone is at it. What does it mean? There's no sense in refusing to accept something that happened, because it's already happened. Saying you don't accept it does not have a ripple effect back in time to stop it happening. It happened. Deal with it.

The Cameroid is at it too.

As the running battles unfolded, Mr Cameron condemned the violence and warned that it would be "utterly unacceptable" if it was state-sponsored.

Oh? Is there any indication that there is State-sponsored violence involved in Egypt? Are demonstrators being kettled, beaten and arrested? It does seem strange that the Mooby supporters are armed and those who want him gone are not. There's also new violence directed against reporters. So maybe Mooby has a hand in this, but let's wait until there's actual evidence, eh, Cameroid? Don't rely on the newspapers. You don't want to start another war based on a lie, no matter how desperate you are to be seen as another Tiny Blur.

What the Cameroid is really concerned about here is not Egypt. What he's really saying is 'Oi, Mooby. Sort your lot out. Mine are getting ideas over here.' Barry O'Blimey must by now be thinking along similar lines.

Oddly enough, just as everyone is starting to think 'Hmm, maybe that's the way to get rid of an utterly corrupt and self-serving government,' up pops another mysterious terrorist threat. We don't know who they are or where they are or what they plan or when but the Americans are concerned that our security isn't tight enough. So we have to tighten our security in case of suicide bombers, and also in case those terrible 'anarchists' (that's you, by the way) get any ideas about protesting against our glorious leaders.

It was Wikileaked so it must be true. It couldn't have been planted and leaked through a useful sucker for the sake of credibility. It couldn't have been conveniently passed to the newspapers with anything other than completely coincidental timing.

It's no good, Cameroid. You're not going to avoid trouble by pretending it'll never happen. You won't escape the consequences of increasing oppression by calling those consequences 'unacceptable'.

Sooner or later, you'll have to accept them and deal with them.


Anonymous said...

Nice thinking, LI. In a way, it is the direct opposite of 'a good day to bury bad news', isn't it? In a way, in order to stop people having similar thoughts, the vague terrorist threat diffuses such ideas. Good thinking.

But I hope that you do not mind me bringing in this interesting novel idea.

It stems from some cogitations by Frank Davis about how communities are being damaged by the smoking ban.

The thought occurred to me that if there can be a "gay community" and a "gypsy community" and a "muslim community", why should there not be a "smoking community". I further developed the idea to one which could be described as a "Tobacco Lovers Community" (TLC for short).

But I prefer "The smoking Community" because the 'bad vibes' of the word 'smoking' are reversed by the 'good vibes' of the golden word, community.

I would have put this idea to Simon Clark on Taking Liberties, but, at the moment, I seem to be unable to get through. Every time I try to do so, I receive the message 'No access', which is very weird. Perhaps I have become 'persona non grata', although I do not know why.

I am going to copy this to Puddlecote. I feel sure that he will find it of interest.

Introduce the thought. Let it develop slowly. The phrase "The Smoking Community" adequately counteracts the phrase "Smokefree England".

Bill Sticker said...

Re the Heathrow Security Alert; the Angry Exile has an interesting take on the 'Terror threat'.

JuliaM said...

"Oh? Is there any indication that there is State-sponsored violence involved in Egypt? "

Well, the 'Guardian' pointed to the mob on horse and camel back charging into the protesters yesterday as evidence that Mubarak's 'secret police' were getting involved.

If so, I guess they must have forgotten what 'secret' meant...

Anonymous said...

Smoking Community sounds like a good idea. Smoking needs "re-branded" anyhow at this point the way anything else can and should be re-branded every so often. If the Smoking Community doesn't re-brand itself, then someone like ASH will just keep branding it for them. Plus, it's a pleasant sounding name that coincides with a pleasant smelling aroma and pleasant way to spend time together.

Will said...

I find authority based upon legitimised coercion unacceptable but, just like daves utterances on the affairs of people not even under his violent oppression, my labelling it unacceptable makes fuck all difference.

It is utterly sickening to see western politicians rushing to denounce Mubarak even when there is video of their chummy handshakes from mere weeks ago. You could say this is no different to my position. I wasn't against Mubarak's authoritarian regime before the uprising. That much is true but at least I can plead ignorance. I wasn't directly complicity in the way Obama and UK plc were.

microdave said...

"Is there any indication that there is State-sponsored violence involved in Egypt?"

Yes, read this:

"One day we had organized thugs in uniforms firing at us and the next day they disappeared and were replaced by organized thugs without uniforms firing at us. Somehow the people never made the connection."

Dick Puddlecote said...

'Unacceptable' is just one step up from the righteous's favourite word-nudge, 'inappropriate'.

Frank Davis said...

'Unacceptable'? Unacceptable to whom? That's what I always think.

I loathe the word too. There's something vacuous about it. Something deeply meaningless.

ArtCo said...

warned that it would be "utterly unacceptable" if it was state-sponsored.

So "if" it wasn't state sponsored he thinks it is acceptable does he.

Maybe he should rephrase that.

smokervoter said...


I think you're really on to something here. When you append the 'community' tag to anything, it suddenly gains acceptability with the politicians, works every time. In turn, it allows them to seek out our precious votes without getting that shuddery third rail electrical shock treatment.

Who knows maybe their strategists will run with the ball and develop smoke-friendly manifestos specifically designed to appeal to us. They will, in effect, go after building a voting bloc with galvanized smokers as the goal. Something we haven't done from within yet.

Thanks for this grist for the mill, I've had writers block for awhile now and your brilliant idea has broken the dam.

smokervoter said...

@Dick Puddlecote

Much agreed. The word inappropriate is like fingernails across the chalkboard to me. Especially when spouted from the bigheaded, arrogant mouths of the Righteous.

sixtypoundaweekcleaner said...

It implies that CallmeDave has welly with the big boys in world politics. But is this true?

More importantly, will it actually do anything for the poor peasants in Egypt?

Pat Nurse MA said...

The LibLabCon is both unacceptable and inappropriate

Anonymous said...


I really, really, really like the "Smoking Community" idea. Sheer genius! I shall pepper my conversations and my internet comments with it liberally at every opportunity. I like "TLC" as well, but it's maybe just a bit too close to "TC" for comfort ....!

Oh, and just for the record, I think that this spot and Frank D's are every bit as good as the Forest site for getting the ball rolling. Simon C at Forest is media-savvy and PR-savvy enough to pick up on it very quickly once it gets going.

Leg-iron said...

Junican - yes indeed, we should refer to the 'smoking community'. We should also acknowledge the 'tolerant nonsmokers' as distinct from the 'intolerant antismokers'. We don't need to refer to the latter, just let the inference hang.

So, Nick Clegg is attacking the smoking community now. That's not going to help his vote share.


Amusing Bunni said...

When I saw cam on the news saying this, I thought he was going to start stamping his widdle feet! What a putz, as if anyone cares he thinks it's unacceptable.

O'blimy is noticing too, he's orchestrating it with his weather underground and code pink bff's. Thats not all the traitor is doing either. Did you read in the telegraph how he gave UK nuke secrets to the ruskies! Wow, zombies are looking preferable to that clown.
Wish we could tazer him back to where ever he slimed out from.

TheFatBigot said...

"The word inappropriate is like fingernails across the chalkboard to me."

The word chalkboard is like fingernails across the blackboard to me.

Anonymous said...

Well, I accept smoking in a shopping precinct, therefore it is able to be accepted, and therefore acceptable.

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