Friday, 11 February 2011

If they win, they lose.

Parliament have now stated their case. Prisoners won't be voting. Well, surely that's a good thing, we wouldn't want them voting in criminals like the rest of us do.

To me, the issue of whether or not prisoners get to vote for the X-box party or the Playstation party is of little consequence. I agree with both the Boiling Frog and the Quiet Man and pretty much everyone else - no, they shouldn't get the vote - but in the end it doesn't really matter all that much to me. I mean, look who gets in now. Could the crims possibly find anyone worse?

Then there is the EU, which is run by people nobody votes for and who run it in a way that would get any UK business owner arrested. Criminals voting are of no concern when criminals are running the whole system anyway.

What is interesting here is what will happen next. It would be nice to think the EU would kick us out for non-compliance but they won't. There's still a bit of money left and until that's all gone, the parasite will continue to feed. No, we won't be kicked out for non-compliance because the Cameroid will do as he is told.

Our elected representatives are free to vote however they like. The Cameroid is not obliged to take any notice of them at all.

He is in thrall to the EU, not the House of Commons. We don't matter to the Government and we're about to see that those we elect to the House of Commons don't matter either. The Cameroid thinks he still matters but he doesn't. He's just the message boy for creepy monsters from the shallow end of the gene pool.

Those prisoners will get the vote. Europe has decided and what the British Parliament wants, what the British people want, are of no interest to them.

David Nuttall - For me this issue is about who governs Britain. Is it our democratically elected House of Commons or is it some un-elected judges in Europe.

John Redwood - If Parliament cannot decide these matters for itself, then it is no longer sovereign.

John Hirst - You know as well as I do that control is now in Europe.

Ken Clarke - We have to fulfil our obligations but we are not going to give the vote to any more prisoners than was necessary to comply with the law... What we can't do is just defy the law and pretend we are going to go wandering off.

We are about to find out, once and for all, without a shadow of a doubt, who governs this country and who decides what our laws are. Is it us? Is it those we elect? Is it a Cleggeron Dictatorship? Is this country run by faceless, nameless people from another country? Is our Parliament worth anything at all to us? Does it - can it - do anything without approval from the puppet masters?

It's all about to become crystal clear. Then there might be a bit more pressure for that EU referendum.

There is a perfect irony here. Prisoners want the vote, and if they get it, it will prove that the vote means nothing. Not even the votes cast by the House of Commons will have any meaning any more.

I wonder if the prisoners, the government, the ECHR or even the EU realise this?

I bet John Hirst doesn't.


JuliaM said...




Anonymous said...

It's a toughie

Comply with ECHR ruling or pay out millions in compo as ruled by the ECHR.

Westminster might as well own up to being a 'civil service' department.


The Boiling Frog said...

Ta for the link UBU, it's much appreciated.

Chalcedon said...

If Hirst had been hanged like should have been then this matter wouldn't have been prompted

Uncle Gus said...

Good on yer, Leggy. Exactly what I was thinking!

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