Monday, 10 January 2011

The son of Thatcher is for spinning.

Nodded off for a few hours there. It'll happen periodically while I'm off nicotine, fortunately my working hours are currently random and can be dealt with just as well in the middle of the night. Electrofag usage is still low. It might be more if I didn't already know it was nicotine-free. No matter, there's no sign of panic or terrible cravings so all is well. So far.

Anyway. The 'gosh-I am-so-suprised' news today is that Cameron's fuel duty adjustment idea was another load of bollocks from the Arnold-Daley-used-car-salesman we allowed to become Prime Monster. So far, what do we have from the Coagulation? A promise of an EU referendum which was as real as Labour's, a promise to listen to people that was censored and finally deleted, a Great Repeal Bill that was lies, a promise on immigration that was lies, a promise on restricting the EU robbery that was lies, a promise on no more powers to Brussels that was lies (including another referendum promise that was lies), and more control over the minutiae of our lives.

What the hell happened to that promise of an end to the war on motorists? This is what they really meant - not so much an end, more a final solution.

We still have all that green investment in windmills that haven't moved in two months and solar power in a country that doesn't get enough sun in winter to run garden lights, we are still being taxed to the eyeballs for heating even though it's the coldest winter for a hundred years and crabs and even penguins are dying in the cold, we still have antismoking teetotal average waist size enforcement officers in councils while binmen are told to take pay cuts, we are still being ordered to eat as directed, children are still learning about organic fairtrade mung bean growing and how we are all evil because we're not black, and they are coming out of school filled with PC but unable to spell it.

They also no longer count on their fingers. They can't. They can't learn how many they have because some people might be missing one or two and having ten is elitist.

No wonder people vote BNP. I mean, look at them and ask yourself - could they possibly be any worse than what we have? Vlad the Impaler wouldn't be worse. At least he wasn't two-faced. When he hated you he didn't mince around making promises he had no intention of keeping. No, he rammed a pole up your jacksi and left you on it. I'm sure we can find 650 ten-foot poles somewhere.

The Coagulation feel they can do what they like and why? Well, look at the alternative. Moribund the Burgemeister and his gang of drooling imbeciles, including Kerry 'I can haz yr DNA' McCarthy. So we have the option to swap one load of drooling, dishonest imbeciles for another. That, after all, is all we did last time.

The Cameroid wants IPSA to back off from his lads while they are at the trough, meanwhile the police have started jailing the filthy wasters and Cameroid's token blonde bimbo, Nadine Dorries, has found time among her caseload to shag a married man. And to get herself in the papers slagging off his wife. Who is right and wrong in that matter is none of my business but for an MP to slate her married lover's wife in the newspapers is beyond the pale. She won't be sacked. No matter what they do, the party pats them on the shoulder and lets them carry on.

At some point soon we will have another King Charles and a Parliament filled with corruption and self-serving, vile, reprehensible scum who believe themselves above the law and who delight in making up stupid laws just to make life difficult for the proles while stealing the pennies from dead men's eyes. We've been here before.

No wonder they don't want history taught in schools. Who knows how to form the Nu-New Model Army? Should we start at Naseby or Marston Moor this time?

The Tories can unseat a leader in moments. If they don't do it soon, they won't have a vote left in the country.

As for the Lib Dems, well, they're finished already. Labour? If they ever get back into Parliament I'll hire one of those cars with loudspeakers and tour the town playing the theme from 'Dawn of the Living Dead'.

Actually, the local chavs have Corsas with sound systems that could do a better job and they'd probably do it for a case of Stella. They can't be politically motivated but they could be antipolitically motivated... hmm.

Thatcher once famously said 'The lady's not for turning'.

Adopted Son of Thatcher, actually the son of Mr. Blobby and a bucket of warm gunk after a particularly drug-fuelled Noel's House Party, isn't just for turning.

He's for spinning.

Get him the hell out of there, Tories. Or you won't have a Tory party in five years.

You'll be the Torywhiglabour party. And you will have five seats if you're lucky.

This country has had enough.


Dr. Brian Oblivion said...

There's certainly some good analysis in what you have said previously regarding the perception that nicotine is as addictive as heroin, which is crap on its face. Take an individual off their heroin cold turkey or a person who is able to live a normal life that would otherwise be maddeningly painful using opiated pain medication and it's clearly a lie.

While I doubt the power of belief in the positive direction is as strong as in the negative, such as believing that vanilla extract will clear cataracts will result in a miracle, certainly a strong belief in the addictive power of nicotine can have a varying level of effect on one attempting to quit cigarettes for the wrong reason (an external one).

This isn't to say that the power of belief produces hypochondriacs per se, which is yet another reason to pile on and dehumanise for no cause. The power of belief can have a very real biochemical effect in the brain.

All that is very complicated and only scratches the surface of reality.

How can that which approaches a rational explanation possibly compete with:

"Nicotine is more addictive as heroin."

The lie is easy to understand and internalize, more difficult to entirely dismiss subconsciously, so the damage has been done to damn near everyone. The seeds of doubt cannot be erradicated entirely.

But enough rambling. I look forward to continuing to read your observations regarding your own personal experiment and whatever else you write about along the way.

I'm glad I stumbled upon your site awhile back quite by accident. I'll keep coming back for the insight. I'm sure to learn something here, some things I agree with others I may dispute. I can handle that, I'm an adult. Time well spent.

Thanks, leggy!

V4V said...

I say we start at Smithfield peasants revolt style and when they come out to meet us take them out first.

Kynon said...

*Arthur Daley

WV: iment (and I'm sure we knew what you meant!)

Neal Asher said...

They need to be dragged out and strung up from the lamp posts. It won't happen. We're just not hurting enough yet.

will said...

It won't happen here but it has just happened it Arizona

Dioclese said...

Normally I agree with you - but hey! every time would be unhealthy.

The problem is that if you get rid of Cameron there is no-one to replace him and, to be fair, he is a good front man. I feel for the guy in as much as there are things he really wants to do but - and I agree with him - the Tories didn't win the election.

I would equally argue that this could be a good thing in that it curbs their worst excesses. Coalitions are difficult and there is no doubt he is not able to do everything he wants so it looks like a U-turn.

If the people of this country wanted strong leadership and decisive policies, then they should have given the guy a mandate. My old friend Lord Sutch formed his party to represent the people who do not vote. At almost every election, the 'did not vote' party gets a majority.

If we don't want watered down coalition politics, then maybe we should introduce compulsory voting?

The other thing that pisses me off is all this bullshit about Thrsday's by-election being a test of the governments popularity. It's no such thing. No government is ever popular at a by-election.

dave chandler said...

He would have had a mandate if he was a true conservative and not a closet liberal,UKIP offered not to stand in some seats and their vote lost him others.
He thought he was home and dry after Labours monumental disaster of a government,and he bloody well should have been but even then people saw through him.Bragging about being heir to b-liar didnt help the fool either.

microdave said...

"They also no longer count on their fingers. They can't. They can't learn how many they have because some people might be missing one or two and having ten is elitist."

If there is an award for paragraph of the year this should get it!

And the W/V is (unbelievably) "fingthee"

Anonymous said...

At some point soon we will have another King Charles and a Parliament filled with corruption and self-serving, vile, reprehensible scum who believe themselves above the law and who delight in making up stupid laws just to make life difficult for the proles while stealing the pennies from dead men's eyes.

At some point Liz will die, and, unfortunately Chuck, sorry, George is next up to bat. However, the description of our political masters already seems uncannily accurate...

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