Friday, 28 January 2011

See the funny people dance.

I'm ignoring the bad news today and concentrating on the merriment.

The Brown Gorgon has risen again, not so much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, more like an unflushable turd popping back around the bend when you think it's gone. He is, it is alleged, fuelling the phone-tapping claims against Genghis Murdoch's empire. Would he, once the Prime Monster of twice as much as he could see, stoop to such petty and vindictive vengeance? Well, he is a politician after all.

Jacq the Ripper, former Sister's Home Secretary, has embarked upon a new career in porn. Fortunately for those of us who prefer to keep our digestive systems operating one-way only, she is doing it on the radio.

Dai Cameroid has blamed the economic crisis, in part, on immigrants. Yes, he said the 'I' word. Deep breath, Lefties, and... "Racist-Nazi-Bigot!" And breathe. On second thoughts, don't. Cameroid seems under some delusion that he is in control of immigration and that he can actually do something about it while his border agency is obsessed with tobacco. Non-smoking illegal immigrants will have no problem. In fact, illegal immigrants, not genuine ones, are the issue and they are unaffected by immigration caps because, guess what? They never apply.

Genuine immigrants who come here to work are the only ones he can stop. So, there'll be fewer working immigrants to help support the legions of illegal immigrants who will ignore 'we are full' signs. That's about as sensible as anything else that's come out of Wastemonster for at least thirteen years.

It's better to laugh than cry. I mean, the whole rotten edifice is crumbling, we might as well enjoy the spectacle.

Anyway, back to work for me. I am inspired to write about a new form of zombie. One capable of reasoned argument (and sufficiently erudite to persuade you to just hand over 50% of your brain because you have more than you need). I think I'll call it a Political Zombie.

Actually, I've already called it Vince.


Anonymous said...

Quality. If you were a lighter you'd be a Zippo, and not just any old Zippo either. You'd be one with the little marks on the base, indicating quality: ///

(thought you might like a smoking related compliment for a change)


joe said...

Jacq the stripper,what a disgusting thought?

Anonymous said...

From the linked article;

"Miss Smith has since secured a role as a consultant for KPMG, which won lucrative contracts when she was Home Secretary.
She has also applied to be a vice chairman of the BBC Trust.
The two-and-a-half-day-a-week job comes with a £77,000 salary – far more than an MP’s with shorter hours."

You scratch my back and after your political career is in the toilet............

winston said...

I see Jacqui porn is also a regular on Brillos 'This week' show. Takes Dianne Flabbots place perfectly. Both hypocrites and full of shit.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Why do these people think they're worth so much? They really expect to be worshipped.

David Davis said...

When I shall be made Principal-Secretary-of-State-for-War-and-Foreign-Relations-including-the-Interior-Money-stry, all these people will be made to pay back what they stole.

KPMG had better watch it also, for it will be made to fund my Defence Budget to the tune of:-

(1) The full Sterling value of the contract(s) it got from Jacq the Stripper, plus...
(2) The equivalent of what it paid her to be a "consultant".
(3) Plus interest at, oh, I'd say, about 42% apr.

I shall buy Nimrods and Submarines, and will use them to deter people like Hermann von Rompuy from "conferring with the United Nations about resolution 43,567 to apply military sanctions to the UK for leaving the EU".

And the spambot said "unquel", whatever that may signify about my intentions.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a recipe for order out of chaos.

Meanwhile, e-fags are in the firing line.

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