Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Energy is bad for you.

It seems, at first glance, that the new front in the war against the motorist is aimed at petrol but look again.

The committee has proposed a weekly ­“electronic energy rationing system” called TEQs (Tradable Energy Quotas) that would be ­distributed for free to all adults.

Energy rationing. Not petrol rationing.

Under the move, all adults would be given a set number of free energy “tokens” which would be offset against any fuel burnt in a vehicle or at home.

Who heats their home, or cooks, with petrol? Petrol is just the excuse. You'll see homes go dark in winter and just as the antismoking, antidrinking, antifat zealots have crowed, there will be those who will crow 'Ha! They used too much energy and now they will pay for it!' It'll be the same cerebrally challenged individuals, no doubt, because they are easily programmed for the task at hand.

The tokens will be free but the energy won't be. The tokens only determine how much you can get. You still have to pay for all of it. Run out of tokens and (unless you're an MP or one of their pals) and no matter how much cash you have, the lights go out.

So will it really happen?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change said the Coalition Government had “no plans to implement such a scheme”.

As Paxman would say through twisted face, 'Yeeeesss'.

This comes from the same people who promised us a vote on Lisbon, no new powers handed to the EU and the Great Repeal Bill that somehow increased the number of laws. The ones who increased immigration while claiming to slow it, who claim to be cutting the deficit while watching it rise and who define the concept of personal choice as 'the choice to do as you are bloody well told or pay the penalty'. In simple terms, liars just like the last lot. Get ready for the ration books.

Rule of thumb - if it gives the monkeys a chance to rattle their cups while the elephant in the room stands on your head and the starry blue gorilla empties your wallet, they'll do it.

In every instance so far, that analogy holds true.


Anonymous said...

I think this has the makings of a brilliant idea, it should go further, ration food, ration alcohol, ban tobacco, ban foreign holidays, increase green taxes, ban freedom of speech, limit children, abolish pensions, declare a dictarship. The quicker these fuckwits cross the line the better.

The Great British sheeple need a wake up call urgently, attacks on individuals and minorities are not doing it. Political correctness is not doing it, multiculturalism is not doing it, the gradual erosion of out heritage and culture is not doing it. Nobody cares enough to react so we need a universal straw, one that breaks everybody's back simultaneously.

Enough ranting, off for a coffee and a smoke.

Anonymous said...

If we do get anything resembling a summer later this year the minions may start revolting. Every day in every way they are pissing me off more and more.

Anonymous said...

It's getting near the time for action.
This gross incompetence of the ruling elite must be punished.
Who the fuck do they think they are kidding.
If it was not for the thieving pigs green taxes energy would be affordable.

Anonymous said...

First they create a disasterously wastefull energy policy based on windmills that cost a fortune and do not work .
Then they realise that they are heading for an energy shortfall.
Then they consider the solution to be rationing of energy probably hand in hand with even more price hikes.
No wonder the EU is now the only place this cretinous policy is still to be implemented the whole thing is obviously run by cretins.

Anonymous said...

Under the move, all adults would be given a set number of free energy “tokens” which would be offset against any fuel burnt in a vehicle or at home.

The tokens will be free but the energy won't be.

I think you may have missed the point. A number of free tokens would suggest that other tokens might be available but at a price! Yet another tax creeps in because you can guarantee the free tokens wouldn't light a two up two down for a year!
I can heat my home with wood, bring on the Department for Hedgerow Protection. The Twig Police will be lurking behind every bush. Maybe they will have child informers (Twiglets?) reporting on every whisp of smoke?
This scheme will arrive with the installation of the electricity Smart Meter. You saw it here first!

Anonymous said...

Sod it - just read Frank Davis. Wood smoke is going to kill us all!

Oldrightie said...

In seeking a drop in the polluting behaviour of the species I have no concern. In manufacturing a false creed of Climate change I rage and rant all day at the idiocy of it all. The continuing growth in population can only reduce the shares available and create a world where the larger nations mop up the smaller. It's happening as I type! EU expansion is little different from Sino grabbing such as Tibet.

steam showers said...

This country is becoming a one way method of taking as much money off everyone as possible!

It really gets to me that low to middle wage earners have to suffer in such ways.

And what happened to all the MP's who helped themselves to all our money!

William said...

A report produced by academics and fed to the masses via the MSM in a classic 'lets see how far THE PROLES are wiling to be pushed' exercise.

In much the same way as the Crims In Action promote fake terror attacks to keep people scared and talking about terror and therefore justify government by force.
Although the Russian airport bomb is a genuine suicide bomb attack which we know because it hasn't been 'linked' to Alky Ada by the supine MSM!

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX steam showers said...

This country is becoming a one way method of taking as much money off everyone as possible! XX

Aye. Never have so few given so much to so many.

And, what happens to all this money?

Because all we hear, year after year, is that "We can not afford....", And it had nohing to doe with the fictitious "financial crisis", these "savings" have been order of the day for a good few decades now. Yet the more they "save" the less they appear to be able to afford.

Anonymous said...

It's because this country can no longer generate the wealth needed to prop up the bloated "pubic sector".
The moronic politicians just see what's left of our industry as a cash cow ,in a nuthshell we are fucked.

Chief_Sceptic said...

You don't go far enough ! - when i first read about this, it made my skin crawl ...

Fortunately, as an ex-pat in Norway, I have 2 wood-burning stoves in my house - and lots nice dry logs in my large wood store ...

And if "push comes to shove" - there's always the woods about 1km from my house ! ...

Also, a lot of candles, and a Tilley lamp (with LOTS of spare fuel stored in the garage) ...

View from the Solent said...

New York legislature to vote on banning e-fags.

Leg-iron said...

Anon 9:57 - true, the free tokens won't be enough and we'll have to buy more.

Then, every year, the allocation of free tokens will decline 'to save the environment' so every year, we'll have to pay for more.

And every year the price will go up.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

A large part of the reason "they" are getting away with it is the cultivation of suffocating apathy in the masses and their distraction by trivia and scares manufactured on an epic scale.

Reality is going to intrude at some point and I don't think it'll be the point that the political classes or the "establishment" judge most advantageous.

"They"'are just carrying on like "public debt is just soo last year daahling" and thinking they can continue to feed the bloated dysfunctional state forever.

They need reminding about Mr Creosote

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