Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pink numbers and fluffy words.

If a man cuts wood into planks at a rate of x planks per hour, seven hours a day, and if it takes 12x planks to make a shed, how long does it take the man to prepare enough planks for four sheds?

That was the sort of 'practical' question we used to see in maths classes. They were never ever worded as 'A properly butch bloke, married, with kids, and not even slightly camp, not even a bit of it, was cutting planks...'

Nor were they worded 'A man minced to work at a walking pace of three miles per hour, but stopped at every shoe shop on the way...'

Most of the time, the 'man' in the question didn't even have a name. He had no religion, no skin colour, no age, no sexual preferences of any kind and for all I knew, no teeth and no hair. He was just a generic human whose only reason for existence was to give the question a focal point.

So I was a little mystified by this statement:

"When you have a maths problem, why does it have to involve a straight family or a boyfriend and girlfriend? Why not two boys or two girls?

Well, where there were two fictional characters in such questions, they were usually two boys or two girls. There was no suggestion they were shagging each other into a frenzy, they were usually passing apples around or sharing out sweets. I recall no questions involving boyfriends or girlfriends. They were all very platonic and all focused on the point of the lesson. The maths. Not the social engineering, just the maths.

Children apply very simple forms of logic to life. If they are in a maths, English or geography lesson and their teacher starts insisting on bringing sex into it, they are first of all going to forget all the maths, English and geography and concentrate on the sex. Here's what will go through the mind of the teacher while writing up a quadratic equation in rainbow colours:

"I'm being really right-on and politically correct and all these children will now understand, through the medium of numbers, that being gay is a valid and noble way of life."

Here's what's going through the mind of every kid in that room:

"Whoa. My teacher is a poof."

The quadratic equation? Forget it, they aren't listening to that any more. They are now speculating on whether Mr. Maths is getting hot and bothered with Mr. English, whose new rendition of Romeo and Jeremy they have just had to read. Or maybe they have a threesome with Mr. Geography, who insists they speculate on why gay people move from the countryside to the town while ignoring the straight people who do the same thing for the same reason. It's where the jobs are. In teaching, apparently.

This goes all the way down to four-year-olds who have only just worked out how to use those bits for peeing and have not yet dreamed of any alternative function for them. They know nothing about sex, straight or gay, and care nothing about it either. Which is just as well since they aren't supposed to be doing anything about it for another twelve years yet. Show them video of Larry Grayson's show and they'll laugh, because it was funny. Mr. Grayson's sexuality will simply not occur to them, he's just a funny man doing a funny show.

Start putting gay scenarios in front of them and they will just be confused. Whatever lesson was supposed to have been taught will be lost among the random noise in those small brains, which are now trying to work out why the man selling planks to the shed-maker gets paid in kisses. Lessons will, as usual, not be learned.

Then they'll go home and little Dwayne will explain to his dad, Tattooed Dave, about this new and strange lesson format and Tattooed Dave will phone Hairy Bob and Tumbleguts and the entire estate will explode in homophobic rage. Then the producers of this insanity will purse their lips, tut loudly and say "See? Told you they were all homophobic." Ah, the glory of the Righteous, creating and then exacerbating the problem they claim to solve.

How can this have come about? Didn't the Coagulation say they would get schools back to teaching things kids actually need to know rather than baffling and distracting them with irrelevancies? Well, here's a clue, tucked neatly into a corner of the text:

A spokesman for the TDA said the funding was secured last March and that £20,000 was to go towards the lesson plans, with the rest spent mostly on the website.

Last March. So it's not the Coagulation's doing. It's one of the Brown Gorgon's little time bombs, with funding already placed and the fuse lit by the blob in charge of education at that time. A certain Ed Balls. The bug-eyed globule of lard who insisted that children must be taught about sex from an early age, for reasons upon which we can only speculate because they were never defined.

How many more pre-funded bombs are waiting to go off, I wonder? How many more of these land-mine groups are sitting on a pile of money, waiting just long enough to ensure the Coagulation get the blame for their lunatic actions? Should we expect the 'Delights of Divorce' group to pop up next, or will it be the 'Get your Parents Arrested' consortium, or maybe they managed to get as far as the 'Maths makes your eyes bleed' and 'Spelling gives you cancer' and 'Why learn geography when you can't afford to go anywhere' syndicates?

This Labour-produced rubbish will not 'enhance children's understanding of gay issues' at all. It was never intended to. Like all Labour's meddling, it is a distraction from lessons, a means to disrupt learning, to produce more dependent drone voters who spend all day in front of the TV soaking up propaganda. If it has any effect on anyone's opinions on matters of gayness, it can only make things much, much worse.

But then, that's all Labour's meddling ever did. If only the Coagulation could see that.

UPDATE: Quiet Man has noticed another issue here:

I just wonder how they believe our resident Muslim/Islamic community are going to react to this?



Anonymous said...

If it takes two skinheads 15 minutes to beat up one poof, how long will it take three skinheads to beat up two poofs?

Woman on a Raft said...

This was not directly Labour meddling; this was because Labour has a very large gay constituency.

They provided a reservoir of activists to the Labour party. In return Labour diverted considerably public funds to umbrella groups such as Stonewall.

Stonewall then kindly took in Labour functionaries as employees, who did various things such as drafting the statutory instrument which caused all the trouble in the guest-house last week.

This was a similar model to the RSPCA one, except I doubt the gay groups were anything like the direct donors to the Labour party that the RSPCA were.

It's the Fake Charities Act all over again, which is very often the ultimate source of rubbish policy and legislation.

The quango - prime money-saving territory - was just one of the holding-tanks for the Labour faithful, paid for out of public money.

Rusty Dave still hasn't had the nerve to slaughter nearly enough of them because they were quite well disguised. He thinks they are sheep. They are wolves.

Chris said...

So, Free Schools it is then. Better that than *yet another* decade of worthless Lefty NUT-funding scum wrecking the chances of a generation.

What was it last year? 20% of children leaving primary school functionally illiterate and innumerate?

Anonymous said...

Re your link: Why, oh why, do we always have to “celebrate” things these days? It’s no longer enough to accept alternative sexualities, or alternative family set-ups, or different cultures, or diversity in our community, and just get on with the business of living and working and socialising with each other. Even just liking having lots of different people around us in society isn’t good enough any more – we have to actively “celebrate” them, now.

I thought that celebrations were to mark special events, like weddings, or birthdays, or baptisms, or retirements. And in any case, how does one actually “celebrate” something that just sort of IS on an ongoing basis? Crack open a bottle of champagne every morning (sounds like quite a good idea, actually!)? Take a “congratulations” cake into the office every week and present it to the first member of an ethnic minority or of the gay or bisexual community that you see?

It’s like the trend these days of starting every funeral with “We are here today to celebrate the life of …….” when the place is full of broken-hearted people snuffling into their hankies. No, we’re not “here to celebrate” anything – we’re here to have a damned good weep over the painful loss of a friend or a family member. If we didn't have the time, inclination or opportunity to "celebrate" his/her life when they were alive, it's a bit bloody late to start now, isn't it?

Celebrations are meant to be enjoyed on special, happy, one-off occasions – they aren’t supposed to be to be used to force us all to walk around with communist-China-type artificial smiles on our faces to maintain politicians’ delusions that we’re all constantly ecstatic, living in their would-be Utopian, happy-clappy, politically-correct world.

Anonymous said...

An erudite comment that, Anon. (Do you not have an 'alias' or 'atavar' or, simply call yourself something so that we can recognise and refer to your comment easily?)

My daughter is a primary school teacher. She is devoted entirely to teaching the little ones to start reading, writing, etc. She also teaches science to these little ones. She has me did up weeds and plants of all sorts so that she can teach the kids about root systems. And so on.

I think that the vast majority of teachers are like her. The political correctness is ignored. In fact, I would say that all the stuff LI refers to is just political window dressing, specially designed for MSM publicity.
Also, possibly, a distraction from the real indoctrination which is going on. You know, the 'Healthist' agenda.

Am I becoming overly suspicious? Maybe.....but the indications are that surreptitious indoctrination is actually happening.

But we can be confident that, eventually, it will fail, and then there will be much gnashing of teeth.

microdave said...

I wouldn't get your hopes up that the Coagulation will manage to change anything. I saw in the paper this morning that another half a million people have had their weekly bin collections scrapped, and replaced with fortnightly ones. This is despite Fatty Pickles claiming everybody would have weekly collections. Not entirely unsurprisingly, eight of these councils are Tory controlled....

New boss, same as the old boss....

Eddie Willers said...

Anthony Burgess was spot in with the celebration and promotion of the gay lifestyle way back when in 'The Wanting Seed' (1961). Only the gays got ahead in that story.

Foreign Entity said...

OT, All Pary Initiative...on Peak Oil...

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I've been wondering for a while why the Militant Gay lot go heavily for christian bashing and yet ignore the Militant Muslims. Christians don't tend to fight back and so are an easy target. Seems like pure cowardice to me.

Interesting idea is that it is all a smokescreen for bringing in the New World Order, headed up by youknowwho. Shh...the 666 man of sin, that son of perdition.

I bet you a bottle of Laphroig that it'll be Tony Blair...

smokervoter said...

@Anonymous 01:20

Your concluding paragraph is literary genius. I especially loved "communist-China-type artificial smiles" and the term happy-clappy, too.

Brilliant. Take a bow.

Styx said...

I'd just like to echo Smokervoter's sentiments - 100%

Johnnyrvf said...

hi sixtyquids, it is not cowardice that Christians do not answer back, it is in the theology of the teachings, in fact Christians ARE encouraged to speak out but in a considerate fashion which has no impact on rabid minds; militant gays are just as violent as militant straights and one of the 10 commandments is thou shalt not kill, otherwise the situation would be very different.

Anonymous said...


I’ve tried – really I have. But these “naming” thingies on the computer don’t seem to like me at all, and I always get told that my “name” has been used or that my e-mail address has already got a “name” (which I know it hasn’t). And requests for a new password simply fail to materialise in my inbox. So “Anon” I must remain! I like to kid myself that it gives me an air of alluring mystery, though, rather than just indicating the truth of what a computer dummy I actually am …...

Smokervoter and Styx,

Thank you both. (Takes bow to rapturous applause sound-effect!) Memories of that overblown opening of the Beijing Olympics have clearly made a lasting impression on me ……

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...


Sorry, the way I've worded my comment is misleading. I meant the MGs were cowards in picking on christians who always 'turn the other cheek.' I can't see MMs doing that!

FrankC said...

Anon @18:53 - you could use the "Name/URL" option as I do.

Leg-iron said...

Anon 01:20 - absolutely. I refuse to celebrate things that are of no interest to me. I will not celebrate diversity, I will put up with it. I will not celebrate homosexuality or Islamic or Buddhists or any other beliefs because I have no interest in any of them.

I have no objection to them, I just don't see the need to raise a glass and screamn Hooray every time someone declares themselves part of a group I have no interest in joining.

Oho, someone joined the trainspotter club. Crack open the champagne. Someone changed from one religion to another. Time to open the caviar. Sod it. All of it.

I am a Christmas Humbug and I intend to stay that way right up until the government find a reason to kill me.

I won't make it too easy for them.

Leg-iron said...

Microdave - I have no hope that the Coagulation will even try to change anything.

The organ grinder is in Brussels. All we have are the dancing monkeys.

Leg-iron said...

WOAR - Labour bought Stonewall for their own agenda. Stonewall are the only ones who don't see it.

Leg-iron said...

Anon 18:53 - get yourself blogging. I can't use my own name because it's so damn common all options are already taken. What you need is a crazy persona.

Anonymous said...

Our country is like person having a nervous breakdown and acting in a most peculiar way.

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