Monday, 17 January 2011

Israel helps the New Nazis.

I try to space out the smoking posts so this doesn't turn into the daily rantings of a 'nicotine addict' but having seen the most appalling bit of so-called science I cannot help but rip it into tiny bits and ram the bits up the nose of the nearest ASH representative. Then light them.

Not only is it another attempt to impose controls, it contains no valid science of any kind whatsoever. If they still taught proper science in schools, a 14-year-old could rip it apart. I remember physics, chemistry and biology teachers who would have laughed until they cried at the nonsense it spouts.

It is, of course, third hand smoke (thanks to Billy the Fish and others for the link). I could end up doing a line by line trashing of this study, it's that bad.

Only recently have scientists have begun to measure and understand the dangers of exposure to thirdhand smoke.

They are not scientists, as evidenced by this study. They are propagandists, paid to invent stories to support a pre-written conclusion. There has never been any kind of illness that could be traced to second-hand, never mind third-hand smoke. There is no problem to address, but they want a solution anyway.

“There’s nicotine in tobacco smoke, obviously. The portion of that nicotine that’s not absorbed by the human body, that nicotine goes someplace, and one of the places it goes is that it sticks on the surfaces of the room that you’re in,” says James F. Pankow, PhD, professor of chemistry and civil and environmental engineering at Portland State University in Oregon.

Nicotine? Nicotine is a precursor to nicotinic acid, renamed niacin in order to pretend it has nothing to do with nicotine, which then becomes nicotinamide (niacinamide), an essential part of the biological processes in every living cell. It's not poisonous unless you concentrate it and drink a lot. All at once.

Of all the chemicals claimed to be in tobacco smoke, why pick the most harmless one to study and pretend it's a poison? Why? Well, Electrosmokers, what's in those Electrofags? No benzene, no formaldehyde, no particulates, no tar... just nicotine.

Which is harmless to the smoker, even more harmless to secondary smokers (aka cheapskates) and utterly harmless to third hand smokers. Yet now, it's a poison. If that is so, anyone who has been prescribed a nicotine patch should sue their doctor at once.

So let's look at the extent of the lies pretending to be science here.

“Nicotine can come back off of that surface to react with ozone,” says Pankow, “It forms particles.”
Those particles, known as secondary organic aerosols, are so small that they may be inhaled deeply into the lungs, where they are hard for the body to clear.

If I was this man's employer I would be sacking him at once and demanding the return of all salary payments. He knows absolutely no chemistry at all.

Nicotine is water soluble. It will dissolve in the wet lining of the lungs and be absorbed. Then it will be metabolised into nicotinamide. It cannot persist and accumulate in the lung otherwise no active smoker could live longer than a year after starting. Their lungs would be full of nicotine 'particles'. Yet he expects us to believe that one molecule, which has conveniently sat around in the environment for months without reacting with anything, will spontaneously pop off a surface which has (presumably) never been cleaned during that time and kill someone. If you believe that, I have a farm on Mars I'll sell you cheap.

And now, the methods:

For the study, Dubowski and her team impregnated three different kinds of materials, cellulose (a proxy for plant-based building materials like wood), paper, and cotton, with nicotine and exposed them to ozone under dry and humid conditions.

Cellulose is not a proxy for wood as used in building. Wood is more lignin than cellulose, and in buildings it is coated with preservatives, varnish or paint. Cellulose is a white fluffy substance that will absorb anything. Think cotton wool or kitchen towel - that's cellulose. Treated wood, in buildings, isn't even porous. So no, cellulose does not mimic wood. It mimics cotton buds.

Cigarette filters are made of cellulose. If nicotine absorbs so well to it, no smoker has ever inhaled or exhaled nicotine because it's all stuck in the filter.

Paper and cotton are also largely cellulose, you know. Both are good at absorbing things. Especially things like nicotine in solution. Nicotine in smoke, not so much, which is why they didn't do it that way. For absorbing smoky substances you need something like wool. Tip: Do not wear anything expensive made of wool if you ever visit a piggery. It sucks in the stink and keeps it for weeks. Cotton doesn't unless you spill crap on it.

They were able to see that nicotine remained on the surfaces to be wiped off onto skin or clothing.

These scientists found that if you drop nicotine solution on to absorptive surfaces, it stays there and if you poke it with your finger, you'll get some on you. Next they plan to demonstrate that the sky is blue and that it gets dark at night, and if they can get the funds they will extend that to prove that it stays dark until sunrise. Who the hell is paying for this crap? If this is what passes for research in Israeli universities, Iran might as well nuke them now. There's nothing in there worth keeping.

Even the bloody Jews hate me now. If there is one race on the planet who should understand exactly where this leads, I'd have thought it would have been the Jews. Oh, but it's fine because it's only the smokers this time. Shall we sew the badges on now? Idiots.

They were also able to measure, however, that nicotine could “desorb” off a surface back into the air where it might be inhaled on its own or react with other indoor air pollutants like ozone to form particulates.

I once taught basic biochemistry to organic farmers and basic microbiology to HND Agriculture students. None had any scientific background. Any of them could have grasped that a small molecule could become airborne with no trouble at all. These 'scientists', having proved that touching stuff gets it on your fingers, have now proved that a tiny harmless molecule can become airborne.

They have also proved it can react with ozone. Ozone is a form of oxygen with three atoms instead of two. Why choose ozone? Because it reacts with every bloody thing! That's the thing about ozone. High in the atmosphere, it's safe enough but down here, it bumps into things and reacts with them. That's why there isn't very much of it down here at all. Not very much ozone plus not very much residual nicotine equals not very much incidence of this crap happening at all. When it does happen, the nicotine will be oxidised and the ozone will turn into oxygen. That. Is. It. A B-vitamin precursor and oxygen. That's what you get. No 'particles'. Still believing all this third hand smoke stuff? How would you like to own a seafront property on Titan?

The researchers also found that humid conditions appeared to be somewhat protective against exposure to the products of thirdhand smoke.

No shit, Sherlock? Evaporation is slower in humid conditions? Just how far behind real-world science are these people? Alchemists knew this. I'll bet a few cavemen worked that one out, and here we are at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, where they have just discovered it. What's next on their list of discoveries? The wheel? Fire? Flint tools? This is what they call a university. What's school like? Drooling lessons followed by banging rocks together?

“This may not be very significant under normal indoor conditions where relative humidity is governed by comfort and kept around 60%,” says Dubowski. “However, in airplanes, where relative humidity is particularly low, less than 20%, and ozone concentrations can reach higher than 100 parts per billion, the potential for exposure to products of thirdhand smoke products may be greater.”

As Dick Puddlecote points out, this will be used to bar smokers from flying. It will also be used to stop Electrofag use on planes and to stop Electrosmokers from flying. They are pretending nicotine is the poison here, not smoking. That catches the electrosmokers too and it won't be long before it includes all forms of chewing baccy.

Look at those numbers. In planes, where ozone is really high, it's at 100 parts per billion. That's one part in ten million. So, take the internal volume of the plane, divide that by ten million, and that is the possible volume of ozone in there. It's not going to be very much. It's going to react with everything it hits. That little amount of ozone is not all reacting with the tiny bits of nicotine that might be about, it's hitting everything. The chances of you inhaling a molecule of Vitamin B are really, really, really small. Sorry, you'll have to rely on dietary sources. Guinness is a good one.

I have long watched the sad decline of science from a genuine search for knowledge into a pitiful scrabbling for money. This is a new low. This is research that the cleaning staff would have performed more diligently than the so-called scientists. To see this coming from a university is disgraceful enough, but to see the denormalisation of a particular group of people facilitated by, of all people, the Jews, is beyond shocking. I am absolutely stunned both at the appalling pseudoscience of the research and at the stupidity of those reporting it.

Listen up, Israel.

'First they came for the smokers, and I helped to round them up for I am not a smoker and they gave me money...'

How quickly your history is forgotten.


JuliaM said...

"I have long watched the sad decline of science from a genuine search for knowledge into a pitiful scrabbling for money. This is a new low. "

I'm confident in our scientists. Like limbo dancers, I'm pretty sure they can go just...that....bit....lower!

Anonymous said...

No doubt at all that the credibility of all scientists and all researchers will suffer because of ludicrous claims.
Its not just the insane claims they make on certain topics its also the absence of remarks on the obvious one.
For example no-one will be surprised when 4th hand smoke rears its head next week but you will hear nothing about diesel, aircraft pollution etc.

Snowolf said...

I'm actually very disappointed, I was hoping they'd use the word 'miasma' in there, or at least the term 'ill humours'.

Timdog said...

Much like Longrider's longstanding interest into how low the Graun can stoop, scientists will find ways of hitting new lows that will make this seem like rigorous intellectual research.

Do keep plugging away at this, I'm not a smoker (gave up years ago) but it speaks to a wider issue about science falling apart. Your knowledge helps me, as a Languages graduate working in a bank, take the argument to people I speak to about these subjects. If people start to see how the smoking ban has been manipulated, maybe some of them will be able to apply this logic to other parts of their lives and wonder what else needs to be questioned.

The answer is, of course, everything.

smokervoter said...

Psychology is a science too, last time I looked. If the scientific community wants to study something really relevant, they should look into the causes and cures for this insane phobia that some people have with a green plant that one-third of the planet finds so pleasant.

I've truly never seen anything like it. It tops all ethic and racial madness. It tops the ideological battles of the Cold War in intensity. It almost tops religious enmity. It's serious, it's pervasive and it's getting completely out of hand.

Scientist study thyself, you are really, really sick.

Anonymous said...

errr if any of that tripe were true then surely nicotine patches and gum become lethal weapons too?

Little Black Sambo said...

I think I remember this chap. Wasn't he the one who discovered how to extract moonbeams from cucumbers?

Dr Evil said...

I'd be rather more concrned by radioactivity sleeting through me on a plane than by the oxidation products of a tiny trace of nicotine by a tiny trace of ozone, a gas that reacts with anything organic and which does not seek out molecules of nicotine specifically. This type of scientific research sounds like one where the conclusion is written first and the experiments set up to prove it. This quackery shouldn't get past the editor let alone make it to peer review. Ignobel Prize anyone?

Anonymous said...

Yes but politicians will love it.
Ticks all the boxes--science, university, health, control, tax, tax, tax ,and then their attention wanders off to the bar, subsidized menus for lunch, claim forms to complete. Done and dusted

Amusing Bunni said...

Yup, they are using this crapfest of lies to go after the electrofag smokers, LI.
These commies can't stand to see anyone enjoying themselves AT ALL!

You sure ripped about their crazy science.

john east said...

I think this is a brilliant piece of research from the point of view of the researchers. They will be very well rewarded for their efforts by their paymasters - the bureaucratic control freaks who pay their wages with our money.

It is already accepted practice for officials and state busybodies to refuse to enter the premises of an individual who is smoking. Pretty soon, based on this research, it will be decreed that smokers must revive the old plague custom of marking their front door with a red cross. And in time, such toxic properties might even be seized, condemned as unfit for human habitation, and demolished.

Ed P said...

Ignobles all round!

The (linked) WebMD site appears to be in bed with Boots. Would that be the same Boots that promote homoeopathic "remedies" as medicines? What else would you expect from purveyors of nonsense?

David Davis said...

There is now so much power concentrated here, in the Dreadful Arnott and friends, that the Britart-State could easily demolish the "tobacco companies" or at least their Uk operations, without much protest from them, for Chindafro-Brazilia will stay smoking for a long time yet.

So, why don't they do it? Look, all the counters are on their pile! They can at one stroke hugely increase the total of "crimes to detect", such as the satanic use of tobacco in the "sick, evil rites" of child-abuse via "tobaccophilia", peddled as "grooming" by "tobaccophiles".

The seizure of "white vans coming from channel ports", and the arrest and summary-execution of their drivers and passengers by HMRC, followed by public-vehicle-crushings in Kent and Sussex "pedestiranised-precincts", would be a useful add-on, but would provide the necessary "security-theatre", to quell the ire of "the people". If the People got shirty about this, had thus to be dissolved and a new non-smokist-(and anti-drinkist/anti-motorist) People elected, it could be done with guns, of which the People already have none.

They CAN DO IT! Why don't they?

Leg-iron said...

David D - if they ban tobacco, who will they rail against, and how will they justify their funding?

There have been attempts to ruin the poor, small scale tobacco farmers in Africa but none of these groups have ever flown a crop-spraying plane full of Agent Orange over the big American tobacco plantations. They never will.

They need tobacco, they need smokers, because without their target they no longer exist. Like tapeworms or vampires, they need the host to survive.

Health has nothing to do with any of it. It's all about control and money.

Anonymous said...

Leg-iron, I agree the do-gooders need victims to persecute, but I'm not so sure this guarantees the smokers will not get driven to extinction. The parasites are very adaptable and will simply move on to new hosts - the obese, polluters, the unfit, free thinkers, people with money, gingers, left handed people....

I could go on, but the list is probably endless.

Zippo said...

This would be funny .... a group of smokers standing outside the ASH headquartes smoking. They all take a nice big deep drag on their ciggies, put them out then walk into the office and exhale. Nobody was smoking in the office .... and they'd probably have to demolish the building instantly :)

Anonymous said...


Got me could always sit inside a pub (or, indeed, ASH HQ) and smoke via a long (and preferably) flexible, fag holder with the fag stuck on the end outside. Basically, a slightly modified hosepipe. You would, of course, need an accomplice outside to light it (and also to stub it out and dispose of the butt responsibly).

English Viking said...

I am an ex-smoker, (around 20 a day, for around 20 years).

I stopped because I came to believe that smoking was bad for my health, and those around me. (I had small children at the time, two of which had asthma).

I still believe those things, but I have been thinking about this subject a lot, recently.

Being a smoker, I knew an awful lot of other smokers.

I have an arbitrary figure of 70 years in mind as a reasonable expectation of the natural life-span of a man. I asked myself today, 'Of all the people I have ever known that have smoked, how many died, from a disease related to smoking, before they were 70?'

Answer: One. Really, only a single one. Perhaps it will all change in a few years, and they will drop like flies, but I know a fair few people in their 70's and 80's that have smoked all their adult lives as well. They cough and hack, have heart problems, asthma, bronchitis, etc. Just like non-smokers.

I would not want anyone to read this comment and think it was a healthy thing to smoke. I think that science has proved that it is not, but I also think the bullying, nannying, threatening, grossly over-taxing, war-mongering (I could go on, but I'll get to the point) scum who laughingly call themselves a 'Government' (red or blue, don't care which) have shortened no end of people's live with their interfering shite.

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