Thursday, 27 January 2011

Life, but not as we know it.

The civilisations of ancient Egypt and Greece were spectacular, the ancient city of Ur was possibly the first human construction that could be called a real city, the Romans brought their civilisation to many other countries. All great civilisations, and where are they now?

Dead. Gone.

In their passing, they set the seeds of other civilisations. Like those of the past, every civilisation grows into adulthood and spreads itself across the globe, as many of the European civilisations did.

After adulthood comes old age, and the current Western civilisations are no longer fit and wise adults, but are old and demented, living in a tree, taking offence at a sidelong glance and shouting obscenities at passers-by. Western civilisation is senile and dying.

It's not the end of the world. After this one there will be another. What form it takes is up to us. Islam? Get real. That particular mode of life has not moved past the sixth century. In any Islamic state, the lunatic fringe who believe that nothing invented since Mohammed's day counts as 'real' will eventually get into positions of power. Then the state moves back to washing clothes in the river and grinding your own corn between two rocks. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk knew this, which is why he made Turkey secular. So no, the next civilisation will not be Islamic. Certainly not in the UK. There are nowhere near enough of the radicals yet, and the signs are that the collapse will happen long before they can be ready to mount a credible takeover attempt.

I don't know what the next civilisation will be like. A lot will depend on the way this one fails, peacefully or violently. One thing I very much doubt is that any of those currently enjoying the high life while everyone else pays for it will survive the transition.

The death throes are in the news every day. Try to bring legal tobacco through Britain's borders and you will be treated as if you had a ton of cocaine. Carry sixty handguns in your suitcases and they wave you through. The government are, one by one, being arrested and jailed for fraudulent practices, the medical profession and all of science is now held in contempt by a population who have been consistently and ever more blatantly lied to, we are told to eat healthy food but we are told to accept GM food or watch prices double.

We are told that banning safer forms of smoking, including inhaling flavoured steam, is a good thing. On the other hand, we are told that eating less and, instead... um, inhaling flavoured steam, is a great thing. The antismokers will lap it up because their brains have been pickled with propaganda.

Shouting is the same as violence, you go to jail for seven years for being a pissed idiot and the same for stamping on a dying man's head. If you are accused of rape and completely innocent, and acquitted, you still lose your job, your name and photo is in the papers and your accuser is granted anonymity. So we don't know who she is, so she can do it again to some other poor sap.

Hypothermia is at record levels because of global warming and yet we are to face energy rationing to stop the planet unfreezing. One day we will cast the entire Westminster staff loose on an ice floe in the Thames. I say we don't wait for the ice floe.

The government has nothing important to do so busies itself with trivia and interference. Like that retired pensioner who keeps popping his head over the fence to instruct you in whatever you are doing in the garden. There is nothing important to occupy their time so they poke their noses into what you're doing and tell you you're doing it wrong.

Unlike that lonely pensioner, the government make their 'advice' law and then leave with your bank card and PIN number. Instead of governing, they play childish games, run tit-for-tat smear campaigns and line their pockets. When something important crops up, they roll out a suitable idiot to complain about it but nothing is done. Why? Nothing can be done. Eric Pickles cannot override EU directives. He's going to need more than 80 rubbish bags just for his annual pie-wrappings, but guess who'll be paying for the extra bags? Pickles blames the councils, not the EU, but Cameron can't blame councils for this one.

Nobody takes personal responsibility for anything. Not even themselves. Everything is someone else's fault. Overweight? The NHS must sort it out even if it means getting yourself even more overweight to pass the criteria. The idea of simply eating less just never even occurs. Suggest that maybe he could consider getting this operation privately and expect a whole raft of abuse from the Righteous and the professionally offended.

If you're overweight, you could embrace global warming. If you have a hankering to go on a killing spree, join the Greens. They're laying the groundwork for the next holocaust now.

Making a profit is evil, holiday companies 'hike up prices' during school holidays because of greed, say the BBC. Oddly enough, no holiday company has ever demanded I pay for their services on threat of prosecution, whether I want them or not. The BBC does. Those holiday companies don't hike up prices during peak times. Those are the real prices. They offer discounted prices for off-peak times to keep some cashflow going. If they ran with the discounts all the time they'd go bust and then where would you get your holiday?

This civilisation is ending. Should we prop it up and try to keep it going? Why? One thing early humans did was invent fire, which provided heat and cooking and protection from predators. Now, this civilisation is afraid of fire. This cannot possibly be seen as progress by anyone other than the most deranged. Afraid of the very thing that let this small-toothed, clawless, furless, weak little creature survive? There is no deeper dementia possible. No, this civilisation is finished. Let it go. It offers nothing worth saving.

When will the end come? I suspect it already has, we just haven't accepted it yet. There is no way back to sanity from here, we just have to get through to the other side and hope there's another patch of sanity waiting for us there. History says there usually is.

I don't fear the coming changes because they will clear out the dross. Those who only exist because the government are stupid enough to give them money will cease to exist. If the changes don't happen I can expect further and more intimate controls on every aspect of my life until I am forced to clench and wait for Green botty-emptying hour. That's assuming they have not already 'cleansed' me from the planet as imperfect and non-Aryan. There is nothing for me in the further development of the current civilisation. I have no place in the Green Immortal Coagulation's vision so as far as I am concerned, the sooner it all falls apart the better.

When it does, by whatever means, expect the streets to be full of the permanently enraged and the permanently terrified. They are the same people.

Game over.


Stewart Cowan said...

I agree, I think we are in the death throes of western civilisation. I also believe it has been engineered to happen much faster than it would have naturally, due to the “sexual revolution” with its controlled music industry; cinema and television; feminism; ‘gay rights,; abortion – in fact the whole sex “education” business, which is now so “in your face” that the government wants children as young as four to be brainwashed as per your recent post, “Pink numbers and fluffy words.”

Mass immigration to change society and “rub the right’s nose in diversity” (advisor to Blair, Straw and Blunkett, Andrew Neather).

As I wrote the other day, and many agree, Islam does pose a tremendous threat to the UK. Islam has a raison d’etre – a global caliphate under sharia law – there is already no choice but halal in many places in Britain – it’s already underway. Islam is organised, brutal and unapologetic.

Like the Nazis, only Britain isn’t as it was in WWII. Not in terms of military capability, patriotism, work ethic or even in a position to make decisions independent of the EU.

We have become a nation of Quislings. The politicians’ records speak for themselves. The militant humanist-secularists, ‘gays’ and feminists have conspired to deconstruct the foundations of our culture: Judeo-Christian laws, the family and normal, healthy human relationships.

I think we may be just about finished because most people now appear to be ignorant of the truth, or have given up hope so don’t try to turn things around, or actually revel in living this lie and believe if they stay schtum they'll be fine.

If we can’t change things back, then what? What fills the vacuum? A United States of Europe, itself controlled by a global government, or Islam?

It looks to me like one or the other at this stage.

And all because we have spent the past 50 years trusting the politicians; being ignorant of the astroturfing fakecharities and other re-engineering agents; falling for “diversity and equality”; trusting the “scientists” and sitting in front of the telly for five hours a day.

Can we deprogramme enough folk in the short time available before it is too late?

Anonymous said...

What'll take it's place? Anarchy, with any luck. Authority figures are ludicrous and the only power they have is what we give them. It's time to walk away from this species of idiot. Then it will stop.

JuliaM said...

I thought yesterday was full of examples of insanity (my favourite being the 'Come Dine With Me' contestant who thought getting mean comments from people on FaceBook was a police matter) but you've done a great job of pulling them all together and finding a few ones new to me...

subrosa said...

Oh LI, you make me appreciate that being nearer the end than the beginning is perhaps a better place to be.

Time I nipped out to hang over the wall and tell that young whipper snapper next door that you don't cut your grass in January. Just trying to be helpful...

will said...

Excellent post!

For an interesting view of the beginning of the end read 'alongside night' about the gradualism of an agorist revolution into anarchy. It's taken a hundred years for the tax slaves to realise they can't rely on the government to empty the bins - hopefully taking back responsibility in every other aspect of life won't take quite as long.
Bad - coercive solutions, the state, democracy
Good - Rothbard, mises, D. Friedman, hoppe, polycentric law, voluntary society,

William said...

Well argued sir. Western 'civilisation' has been taken over by a class of people who are so wealthy and so bored all that is left for them to do is 'control & meddle' for a while in Westminster and Inner London, the nerve centre of their Universe, and then hit the strictlycomexfactoronice circuit in outer London, the edge of their universe or enter the bizarre world of 'the consultant' and go on a 'Grand Tour'.

I am beyond caring if its end is violet or peaceful. All that matters is that it is quick.

Manu said...

Great post LI. Always nice when someone says what you are thinking (albeit far more eloquently than I would have done)...

Anonymous said...

Agreed, but I don't care, I want this to end.
I now no longer like my Country, I have no loyalty and at times even depise it.
I will do my utmost to avoid paying taxes, I refuse to pay the game and fund the destruction of this Country.

I am Stan said...

Yo Leggy,

I don`t know, it`s not all doom n gloom, most Brits work and have aspiration`s in life, yeah the culture has changed all cultures do don`t they and yes some say its changed for the worst but some always will.

We as a nation are not under threat from a Barbarian hoard ready to sack the country and carry off our daughters, science and tech continues to make our lives more comfortable, in fact the West has never had it so good in many ways.

The main threats are the pecksniferous and the Bankers I believe, but with focus and determination you can still if you desire build your own alternative lifestyle with minimal resistance from the mainstream if you wish.

Western civilisation? not perfect but a damn sight better than everywhere else.

In decline?, when the oil runs out and there is no energy surplus then the whole world will change, and I`d still rather be here than anywhere else....apart from Hawaii maybe..;)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Wow! So much foolishness linked to in one post, excellently put together, LI. I think the old adage "the lunatics have taken over the asylum" covers it.

That Le Whaf is interesting, it rings a bell because they were talking about something similar a while back.

Snakey said...

"the lunatics have taken over the asylum"

It's an old adage that is absolutely true, as verified by the insanity pointed out in this excellent post.

Western civilization is run by psychopaths and due to it being a top down system they infect everyone below them. I too will be glad when the whole corrupt edifice ceases to exist. Humanity is finished if we don't get off the road we are currently traveling on.

microdave said...

I've been arm twisted to take up blogging (albeit as a contributor at Max Farquar), on the grounds that I come up with some good points in my comments.

However I've a hell of a long way to go before I am ever likely to produce a post as good as this one.

Leg-iron said...

Just had a quick browse of the news and found that you could write one of these every day, with fresh examples every time.

I have a copy of Romero's 'Survival of the Dead' in my to-be-watched pile. I think I'll run it tonight and get some tips.

Leg-iron said...

Stewart - I don't think the plan was to wreck civilisation. It looks more like a whole mass of sepcial interest groups all trying to remould us into their own image, and tearing civilisation apart in the process.

You can't defend both 'Islamic rights' and 'Gay rights' in the same country. They are simply not compatible. You can't sack one man for being sexist and then make Jo Brand comedian of the year. You don't scrap major new defence equipment while we're in the middle of two wars. Yet all these, and many more contradictory rules and laws are happening, and it can't hold together. The government keeps trying to push two north poles of magnets together and trying to make them stick. They'll stay as long as you hold them but relax for a moment...

I don't think the collapse is planned. I honestly don't think any of these groups can see it coming.

Anonymous said...

Here's what might happen. The whole game's been rigged on purpose, take away everyone's rights, put everyone in the poor house and raise everyone's taxes until everyone is miserable. Then everyone will hate their respective sovereign states because of the big stick they've been beaten with. Eventually, after everyone demonstrates enough disgust and disloyalty to the lying thieving political elites within each country that banged the stick while be rewarded for doing so from their masters higher up, then the masters higher up take the larger federalized unions, such as the EU, eventually the AU, 10 regions in total - and they start relaxing the restrictions within the framework of those 10 regions, until it becomes apparent that if one wants freedom, liberty, truth, justice, a return to normal living standards and financial reward, then the displaced loyalty to the former nation-states will be pledged over to the 10 regional super states - since those will be the source from which the carrots will be given. It could be a lot of what is rotten now, coming from national sources, is on purpose, as a stick, to get everyone to switch loyalties over to the super states, which will one day soon begin offering carrots, for all those who get on board with it. Then the evolution from national to world government will have taken place, engineered perfectly by people who know how to engineer such restructuring. It goes beyond all the more obvious day to day things people can visibly see and has a larger purpose in mind, a bigger picture behind the obvious.

will said...

i dont think anonymous @ 17:40 is too far wrong. i dont think tptb are deliberately fucking up the nation state - i think that is the innevitable result of systems based on coercion. but tptb mistakenly think they have just got the scale wrong and as soon as the concept of the state goes trans continental they will have 'stability' for their slave farms. perhaps they know that even that cannot last and they dont care. just squeezing the slaves one last turn before armageddon.
there is a very slim chance for human freedom and that is that as the nation state dies if enough people were awake we could realise a stateless society. this would have to be quick and would have to occur in at least the majority of the UN security council states. for example if the uk went into anarchy tomorrow who thinks some peace keeping force wouldnt materialise to restore order / protect their loan repayments? if we cant exploit the tiny window of opportunity between the nation state and the world state then we are fucked.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say, Anon 17.40, but if the EU (and their planned wider-spread bodies) want to ensure that they are seen as the guys with all the goodies then they’d better start acting like it, and acting fast. Because from where I’m standing, pretty much everyone despises the Government and the EU. Even those of my acquaintances who are Europhiles can’t actually come up with any definitive reasons why they think “Europe” is a good thing. Vagaries, yes – the normal ones: “Avoiding another war,” “easier trade,” “greater mobility.” But challenge them to come up with anything which has emanated from the EU which has resulted in a real, tangible improvement in the everyday lives of its citizens and they’re genuinely stumped.

So unless they change their game radically, there’s absolutely zero chance that the Eurosceptics who outnumber the Europhiles in this country ten to one (or thereabouts – I’m guessing, using only personal experience as a guide!) will suddenly start flooding to support the concept of the EU in preference to being governed by the bullying morons in Westminster. Promises won’t work – we’ve had enough of those from both levels and only the genuinely thick, the irretrievably brainwashed or those with vested interests believe anything that any politician says – ever. If their “great plan” is to work out the way they want they’ve got to stop telling people how wonderful they are and start acting like it.

Luckily, none of them are sufficiently in touch with reality to recognise this fact. So, we may get riots, anarchy and bloodshed on the streets, but it’ll be with a view to replacing the powers-that-be with something at least different, and hopefully better; it won’t be with a view to replacing it with more of the same.

westcoast2 said...

Philp Atkinson makes this chilling remark in A Theory of Civilisation

The growing imposition of restrictions cannot end the stream of complaints or the activities resented, so the prohibitions will increase and the penalties must become ever more severe, but there will never come a time when the community feels there are enough rules, or that the penalties are sufficient, until everyone is a law-breaker and the penalty is death.

Many other points he makes (mainly about Australia) are similar to your observations. His account was written mostly around 2000. In some cases things are much worse. Is a reset past due?

Dioclese said...

overpopulation->starvation->war->destruction of infrastructure->dead people->destruction of resources->collapse of civilisation->nothing to eat->more dead people->not many survivors->subsistence->lotsa shagging->higher birth rate->new civilisation->overpopulation...

...then we start over. Simples!

Loki said...

absolutely top posting LI. Keep up the good work.

Chief_Sceptic said...

Well put - and terminally depressing ! ...

Seriously, I'm now stocking my house \ garage with a ton of long-term 'durables' and fuel ...

Not to mention the application for a weapons licence ...

All I need now, is an old Land Rover and a cave in the mountains ...

Pogo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pogo said...

Rage, rage against the dying of the light...

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Your lead story brings up an issue that has been bothering me. It's the process by which, when a law has been enacted, often for justifiable reasons, those whose job it is to enforce it push it beyond the limits of its intended purpose. cf Walter Wolfgang.

The idea that the ordinary folk are being turned into crims is not a new one, but increasingly we fall foul of "laws" that are so arbitrary and so peculiarly local that it is not possible for people to walk about without coming to grief.

The wider public must be confused by the reductio absurdam, but they are also brainwashed into identifying new scapegoats, for these scapegoats are targeted by people in uniform, and so it must be right.

Well, it isn't. The steady creep of a nasty, curtain twitching, speciously offended society makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading blogs and following politics and the 'way of the world' with interest for well over 5 years now. I have read your blog for over 3 years. There are a lot more smoking related blogs in the last year, and I understand the frustration that precipitates such postings. However, for me, your best postings are on more general observations, and this, for me, is your best ever post. It absolutely mirrors my view that we have, as a society, crossed the event horizon, and are merely awaiting the 'new world'.
Our collective Western governments, and vast swathes of disinterested 'citizens' have gone completely barking. The significance of trivia, and ignorance to important matters display a mind-set of insanity. I too beleive that great societies die, just as we humans do. We are in our dotage in developed Western societies. Gone are the concerns for justice, freedom, clean water, free trade, recognition of property rights etc.. Now replaced by meaningless worries over nothing. We truly deserve what is coming. Likewise I hope [hope - the atheists version of praying] that what awaits is something where real human values are worthy, and that the pointlessness of the 'professionally inadequate who yearn to be made special' type of world in which we now live, is gone.


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