Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Search box added.

Some folk have asked for links to old posts. As you know, I tend to babble on a bit and am dreadful at keeping track of what post is where. This isn't like the tax stuff, which has to be kept in some kind of order (it all goes in a box labelled 'misc' which will, one day, reduce an auditor to tears). Nor is it like the day job, which involves nasty bacteria so you can bet I'm careful about keeping track of where they are. It's not even like writing fiction, which involves surprising amounts of research because you'd be amazed how many readers will pick up on details about the setting, or the things available at the time of the story.

This is rantspace. If I had thought about it I could have used tags but I didn't. So, when someone asks about a past post, I'm stumped.

Therefore I've put a search box in the sidebar. This one only searches this blog, a sort of electronic internal examination, but even if nobody uses it, at least I'll be able to find the things myself.

Still have to sort that blog list. It's a daunting job.


kitler said...

cool. you had a really interesting dialogue with a christian about evolution ages ago and i'd love to read it again. i'll see if i can find it but if not, don't suppose you remember where i could find it?

Leg-iron said...

Hmm - might have been on the old Livejournal blog. I'll see if I can root it out.

kitler said...

Thanks. Wish i'd bookmarked it now. You wrote stuff that i'd not read before or since and i'd really like research more :)

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