Thursday, 13 January 2011

Experiment, day 4.

No further change. I'm eyeing up those cigars and the unopened pack of tobacco and wishing I'd said four days instead of seven. Otherwise, nothing new to report.

Well, I have proved to myself (if to nobody else) that if I should ever become bored of smoking, it will be no effort to just stop. I'd like to light up now but I fixed the experiment to 7 pm Friday and I'll see it through. Because of bloody-mindedness more than anything else.

Yes, I'm missing smoking but I'm not frantic about it. I miss it in the same way I miss eggs when there are none in the fridge. I want to smoke but I don't have to.

Friday night is cigar night. If it's a nice evening I'll fire up the chimenea too.

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Pat Nurse MA said...

Good for you LI - so far you're experiment matches my own experiences.

The only thing smokers need to quit is the desire to never want to smoke again.

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