Monday, 14 November 2011

Premature merriment.

(scribbling away in the background here, trying to earn some extra pennies in time for Christmas so excuse my apparent aloofness!)

Berlusconi has now been walloped out of the game, to be replaced by Super Mar-EU who will do exactly as he is told by the EU, thus avoiding all that messy democracy nonsense. Some time ago I wondered if the EU would ever refuse to allow a country to elect a parliament of their own. Italy will have no election following the resignation of their Prime Monster and neither will Greece.

Super Mario's mushrooms are already sprouting:

His government is expected to consist of experts from Milan’s Bocconi University, where he is president, but may also include politicians.

Now, I have no liking for politicians but they are at least elected. I can state that I didn't vote for any of them but someone did. Every politician in Wastemonster is someone's choice, even if none of them were, or ever would be, mine. They can eventually be voted out if the drones can be convinced of just how useless they really are.

Italy's new government is going to consist of academics who are pals of Super Mario, who nobody has ever voted for and who cannot be voted out. Some politicians will be allowed in. Some. A body that should consist entirely of elected representatives will now deign to allow some elected representatives a say. Only those who say the right things, of course.

That followed humiliating scenes when he [Berlusconi] was greeted by a jeering crowd, who threw coins and branded him a “thief, buffoon and gangster” as he went to hand in his ­resignation on Saturday.

The crowds laughed and jeered when their elected Prime Monster resigned to be replaced by a government of people they didn't vote for, who work for the benefit of the EU and the Euro, not for Italy and whom they can't vote out.

I wonder how long they'll keep laughing?


Anonymous said...

The last time the Italians worshipped an antiChrist, it was named Mussolini. This time they are worshiping an antiChrist who will be named mEUssolini. Different times, same difference, none at all really. And academics. That means for certain more smoking bans, forced healthism and carbon restrictions, guaranteed, since that's the new religion of academics, typically unthinking non-wise leftists, worldwide. It's the first European country to have fallen in what may be the fate of many.

Bill Sticker said...

Frying pan, fire. 'Nuff said.

Ed P said...

Does Remembrance Sunday now mean nothing? It sickens me to think of the many, including from my family, who died to halt & prevent this from ever happening again. For we are now seeing the rise of Fascism across Europe, swallowing countries without a shot having been fired.

george said...

I don't remember voting for Gordon or Dave to be our PM.
I'll give the new Italian dictatorship about a month before it's overthrown.

Elby the Beserk said...

I think you will enjoy this from our Italian Correspondent, Hatfield Girl

Elby the Beserk said...

George. We don't vote for a PM in the UK. We vote for a party, and if one does not win, a coalition is perfectly legitimate, however much it may piss you - or me - off

Elby the Beserk said...


Newsvulture said...

I doubt very much that they'll be laughing when the Italians find out that their country has just been taken over in the EU protection racket. It reminds me of something else. "That's a nice little democracy you've got here. It would be a shame if anything happened to it!"

English Pensioner said...

It won't make much difference in Italy or Greece. The governments, past and present, know what to do, that is raise the necessary taxation revenue to pay for their expenditure. Quite simple, except that no-one pays their taxes - in Greece people are driving around in Porches, have huge mansions and get away with declaring that their income is a mere 20-30,000 euros! There is no incentive for the tax people to do anything about it as they are doing the same. In Italy there is the added complication of the Mafia!
If they actually managed to collect the tax that people should be paying, there wouldn't be a problem.

Tony said...

"If they actually managed to collect the tax that people should be paying, there wouldn't be a problem"

Ha ha if only. The debts run up by the banks and the corrupt politicians dwarfs any tax liabilities of the people. The former Greek PM is alleged to have about £1Bn safely stashed abroad.

Fausty said...

As I understand it, Berlusconi's party still controls the Senate and can (so Berlusconi says) scupper legislative moves in their equivalent of the HoC.

Is that bluster, perhaps? I don't know.

If he succeeds in doing so, things should get interesting, as the EU Mafia is pitted against the Italian Mafia.

Anonymous said...

Reuters said that the newly installed dictator over Italy is the Chairman of the European Branch of the Trilateral Commission and also a member of the Bilderberg Group.

James Higham said...

I wonder how long they'll keep laughing?

Question of time.

Anonymous said...

Elby, We do not vote for a party we vote for a candidate and the MP that can command a majority in the house is invited by HMQ to form a government. The inclusion of party details on the ballot paper is a recent practice. In the good old days one was not allowed to provide any details of candidates' party affiliations in polling stations and therefore the window stickers were very popular. This move to include party affiliations on ballot papers was, in my opinion, a move down the slippery slope and probably introduced so as to make the practice of voting for parties in the EU Parliament elections not appear at odds with the British way. And now they want us to fund parties too!!

Leg-iron said...

Anon, they put the party identification on the ballot papers when they realised that every candidate was named T. Watt.

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