Saturday, 12 November 2011

Clegg stubbed out.

Off to Smoky-Drinky this evening.

I see Nick the Clegg has finally stopped smoking. Note that he did it with no patches, no gum and no withdrawal synptoms. Yet he is fully on board with the 'it's as addictive as cocaine' nonsense.

Everyone I know who stopped smoking and who stayed stopped, did it that way. One day they just decided they didn't want to do it any more. Smoking is a choice, as is stopping. When you make that choice yourself, it's no problem. The 'hard to stop' stuff comes from other people trying to make your choice for you.

Some ex-smokers become born-again nonsmokers and they are the most antismoking of the lot. I suspect Clegg will join their ranks because he was really one of their number even while he was smoking.

Four a day involve almost no increased risk of anything. Compared to this, four smokes a day is positively healthy. I know the amounts involved are trivial but - no safe level, remember. Either that's true or it isn't, so which will our government choose?

Anyway, time to go to the New Pub for an evening in the warm. Smoking.


Smoking Hot said...

Wish he'd give up politics :)

mickmack said...

I quit 8 weeks ago.

30/day was way too expensive. And it has been 40+yrs of paying serious taxes for my nicotine habit.

"No patches, no gum and no withdrawal symptoms" (apart from being very, very grumpy for a few days, but what's new about that, for those that know me?)

It worked.

Yes, you are welcome to smoke in my house and I don't care, and will not lecture you. You are welcome to the ashtrays though. You can even take them home with you.


I like this freedom better.

Except for about 2minutes / day. The timing is variable.

I expect I'll get over it, in about 40yrs, by which time maybe I'll be dead of something horrible like Alzheimer's, instead of cancer or "the old person's friend": pneumonia.

Take your choice & make your pick.

At least I am no longer giving the government their tax.


View from the Solent said...

"... 2,400 stars, known as the Tarantula Nebula, that are producing intense radiation and powerful winds, believed to be the cause for the detection [of I131] in the atmosphere"

Time to cash in by selling tinfoil hats & suits and place a large ad in the Daily Wail.

SBC said...

Oh Sweet Jesus wept! FOUR A DAY?! That isn't 'smoking' that's a hobby. Hell in addiction terms it's the same as giving your cock an extra unnecessary shake or two after pissing.

The only 'addiction' with tobacco is the government's to obscene levels of duty.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Clegg is a useless prat. His record of achievement is nigh on blank.

An amnesiac opportunist twerp who tries to leap on any passing hobby horse but keeps falling off.

Yeah... he's a non-smoker like Tony Blair (PBOH) was a non-Catholic.


Subrosa said...

Poor Clegg. Nobody wants to see or hear him so he's jumped on the 'good boy' wagon in the hope some useless reporter will listen to his ramblings.

As someone said, if he'd given up politics then that would be news.

Angry Exile said...

Wish he'd give up politics :)

Or oxygen?

mickmack, I had the few minutes a day wanting a smoke too but not for long. Can't recall if it was weeks or months but it certainly wasn't as long as a year before that went. Eventually I even grew to dislike the smell, though I refuse to go to smokophobic extremes and dislike smokers - a pace or two backwards if it's getting in my face is enough and I'm trying to educate other non-smokers by taking the piss out of any theatrical face waving they do. The only thing I miss now is hand rolling a beautiful, near perfect, cylindrical smoke, which I used to find almost as satisfying and therapeutic as actually smoking the thing. It was also a lot of fun rolling in no-smoking areas and watching people go purple. There needs to be some kind of interweb matchup service for ex-smokers who were good at rolling to meet up with smokers who can't make their own smokes to save their lives.

smokervoter said...

I know nothing about Nick Clegg other than every time he's on the BBC newscast (thrice daily here in California) I see a scowling swellhead peering out from my telescreen. I can turn the volume off and all I see is an obnoxious prima donna. He doesn't deserve to smoke. He obviously has no use for dopamines.

JuliaM said...

I'm with SBC, at four a day, he was hardly much of a smoker! But then, he's hardly much of a political powerhouse either...

Super Sam said...

"I loved those evening fags"

Guess he'll have to make do with the wife now .....


Anonymous said...

Giving up four a day in order to be more healthy! No connection with reality - but then we know that anyway.

Watched a documentary on Jimmy Savile the other evening. What a joy to see him jumping up and down, waving to the crowd flourishing huge cigar. I wonder if it's occurred to even one antismoker how he could have run 200+ marathons if the rhetoric were true? (I imagine they'd rationalise it in their addled brains by claiming that the cigar was only a prop.)


Neal Asher said...

"The 'hard to stop' stuff comes from other people trying to make your choice for you."

Very true. Ten or so years ago the intention to give up smoking was always there at the back of my mind. Righteous pricks telling me what to has banished that intention from my mind completely.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice this little gem tucked away on the 4th para from the bottom of the Clegg article?

"He said his biggest concern was unemployment among young people and said he would be urging the government to take more action to increase unemployment among young people."

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice the little bit about his children being unaware of him smoking? Surely he must stink? Or is that more proof of anti-smoking mythology...

Don't get me started on a) 15th hand smoke or b) the fact that Silk Cut are for ladies or gayers.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Neil A said. All thoughts of my giving up, or even trying to cut down, were expunged completely on 1 July 2007, and until the anti-smoking zealots stop batting on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, I simply refuse to consider even the possibility that I will give up. I've stopped giving myself a hard time about it now (which I used to do), because to me it's now become a point of principle

Leg-iron said...

Likewise on the refusal to quit. Even if I did ever stop, I'd still make a point of having that cigar on No Smoking Day. I won't be a notch on any Puritan score-stick.

Anonymous said...

"His son's are unaware of his smoking habit and Mr Clegg said he hopes they never find out."

so belonging to his sons, and they will never know daddy smoked now he has ejaculated the fact all over the media, he probably is right now shredding every newspaper he can find and rifling his house/houses for all those half smoked ends and empty Silk Cut packets...

Next he will be trying to hide from his kids that he is a politician...

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm having second thoughts about this no-news PR puff piece.

He's actually not not ashamed of smoking per se, but smoking Silk Cut.

And FOUR a day, fuck me! must have been a hard road eh Nick "Of course there's some things we won't be looking at" Clegg.

Anonymous said...

To Angry Exile:

> "There needs to be some kind of interweb matchup service for ex-smokers who were good at rolling to meet up with smokers who can't make their own smokes to save their lives."

Too right, but I cannot work this interweb thingy well enough to thank you directly.

> "I had the few minutes a day wanting a smoke too but not for long. Can't recall if it was weeks or months but it certainly wasn't as long as a year before that went."

That has helped me and I thank you.

Not paying £3000/yr in smoking taxes (out of already taxed income) has also helped.

Suddenly I have cash in my pocket. Buy a TV/DVD thingy maybe?

No, buy gold, as the € is about to fold.

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