Monday, 14 November 2011

Don't drink... anything.

Alcohol is now more dangerous than smoking. Every drinker out there will get cancer of the oesophagus just as every smoker must get lung cancer. Got that, antismokers? When you sip that wine while laughing at the poor sods out in the cold, your throat is going all lumpy and pustulent. Like your brain.

 “The problem is that we have the highest obesity rate in Europe and we drink more alcohol than the European average.

Is that true?  More than France where cancer of the fuel-pipe is much lower than here? More than Spain or Cyprus? Or is this a case of 'We don't give a damn what causes it and we aren't looking for a cause or a cure. We already have something we can blame it on and we can use it to force people to do as we say'?

So we should all switch to soft drinks yes? Ah, no. Soft drinks will give you diabetes, heart failure and chronic enlargement of the middle. It takes just two a day, and you're as dead as a fat smoky drinker.

Right. What about sugar-free soft drinks? They must be safe. Nope. The sugar-free ones cause heart attacks and strokes. Same level of risk. There is no safe level of fizz. The low-calorie alternatives are not a safe choice for you filthy sugar addicts.

The good news is that traffic fumes are good for you. Yes, really. Don't relax with a whisky and a cigarette, they'll kill you. Suck a Scania exhaust and feel the goodness flow through your body. Note that this only works for antismokers. Smokers, and those who tolerate smokers, get no benefit from traffic fumes.

I think I'll stick with the booze. It's good enough for the doctors.

Update: How about drinking some... water? No! Water gives you cancer!  Stop putting it in your whisky!


Life Coach For Success said...

"...just as every smoker must get lung cancer..."
Well I hate to bust your bubble but alcohol in its current form I.E. adulterated IS bad for you as it the adulterated cigarettes.
Now if you look up Niacin you will find that it is, in fact Vitamin B3 and if you look up the source or the one that I know, you will find it IS Nicotine.
Smokers are far less likely to get lumg cancer than none smokers. Cancer is known to be destroyed by Vitamin B3; Nicotine.
But don't take my word for it, do some research.
Alcohol has also got some interesting medical benefits, but I am not read up enough on it to say for sure.
There are NO current, or past studies to show unadulterated tobacco causes cancer of any kind.
Maybe a few that are NOT telling the whole truth, but why should they start no.
I shall not be giving up my additive free smoking now or in the near future.
Also you should be aware that the catalytic converters leech platinum dust or with the cheaper newer versions palladium. Now these minerals are toxic in their raw form, few tests have been done so it's best to assume they are for now, however colloidal platinum and palladium have health benefits; namely cancer fighter for platinum. I don't know about palladium so I will reserve judgement.
So if the exhaust from a scania is colloidal platinum I would agree, other than that one would receive a boost in oxygenated fumes, and that can only be a good thing ;-).

Good post but I would do a little more research on the smoking thing or just not use it in such a negative way.
There are many more things as you mention that one should be mentioning that are really harmful.
Sugar for particularly in its liquid form :-)

Namaste, rev;

Life Coach For Success said...

Above should read:"Maybe a few that are NOT telling the whole truth, but why should they start now."
"Sugar for one, particularly in its liquid form :-)"

Got to start checking before I publish (Blush)

Leg-iron said...

Life Coach - you might have missed the sarcasm there. I'm well aware of nicotinic acid and the reasons it was renamed niacin, and that the lung cancer rate among smokers is around 8%, far from the 100% some commenters like to imnagine.

I'm not too worried about a few trace elements in exhaust fumes either.

Remember when the antis were testing smokers for CO levels in the street? They didn't test non-smokers. If they had, or if they had tested themselves after a few hours standing in traffic, they wouldn't have seen any difference.

Please avoid the 'do some reearch' line. It's what I do for a living.

And unadulterated tobacco is currently drying in my garage. It's a bit rough yet but it's getting there.

Anonymous said...

"The good news is that traffic fumes are good for you."

... And Richard Doll confirmed so early on, while in the receipt of funding from automotive, petrol, chemical, asbestos, nuclear, coal and other polluting industries - when he made damn certain his "studies" and "expert opinion" all came down heavy against - ta-da!! Tobacco.

So since now "everyone knows" and "experts say" I know to run, run, run with all my might anytime I see a trace of tobacco smoke wisping through the air - but automobile fumes, I can't breath in enough of them, as I rest assured they do me no harm, nor does cesium, nor does asbestos, nor does petrol, nor does anything else - only tobacco.

robbo said...

Ive heard that drinking very hot liquids gave you cancer in the throat ( coffee for instance) when i was young coffee was for the rich and we only drank lukewarm tea

Life Coach For Success said...

Missed the sarcasm.
I am new to your blog and still getting used to your style, well done on the leaf, your the second I know who is growing their own.
I try not to deride other bloggers and the comment about research was 'don't take my word for it ...' as you will know many people look funny at one when one make such statements, no intention to insinuate you didn't.
Smilies always help but I didn't feel the need. :-) Conversation is always a little more difficult over the text.
No offence meant.

Namaste, rev; Freeman_rev

Neal Asher said...

My brother died (at age 54) of cancer of the oesophagus. Once you get past all the anti-smoking anti-drinking propaganda you find that the main cause of that cancer is Barratt's Oesophagus (acid reflux damaging the relevant area) which he had. But doubtless, because he smoked and drank he's become one of the bansturbator's statitistics. Bit like my dad, who was found to have cancer of the pancreas which then spread to his liver and lungs. It was receding under treatment and I would say that the treatment was mainly what killed him. The doctor put lung cancer on his death certificate - doubtless another smoking statistic even though he'd given up for 20 years.

Word verification is, I kid you not: ranti.

View from the Solent said...

Time to start learning conversational Mandarin.
"In yet another data-collection feast by the government in the UK, a local council has proposed fitting at least one CCTV camera per taxi to record every conversation"

Anonymous said...

To add to Neals comment: there are two distinct types of os cancer - a fact that no journalist could be bothered to research. The alcohol type incidence in the UK is now constant; the acid reflux, partly obesity it's claimed, type is increasing. See here

Anonymous said...

" the lung cancer rate among smokers is around 8%, far from the 100% some commenters like to imnagine."

Wellll, not for current smokers in the USA.

Govt data show that the current smoker lung cancer death rate is 7/10,000.

That is a death rate of 7/100ths of 1%.

99.93% of current smokers will not gie from lung cancer in any given year.

Of course, the rate varies by age.

Under 65, the rate is 1/4,400 or 2/100ths of 1%.

Over 65 the rate is 1/149 or 7/10ths of 1%.

Gary K.

Michael Fowke said...

You're worrying me now. I don't smoke, and don't drink much, but I'm mad about fizzy drinks. Some days I go way over 2 cans.

Michael Fowke said...

Update - Oh, I'm not a woman. I should be okay(?)

Willy said...

I have recently converted to rolling my own cigarettes, the tobacco has a definite fuller taste to it, but now that i've acquired the taste i can't see myself going back to the "tailor mades".

Couple this, with my new found knowledge of niacin (from your informative blog) and i now consider myself a health smoker.

Time for another rollup.

Anonymous said...

Add this to your list of things not to do.

Do NOT breathe the air!!!

Here is a list of 33 of the 188 toxic pollutants the EPA has found will be in CLEAN smoke free, air.

Some you may recognize as being in cigarette smoke and there are some that are not found in cigarette smoke.

Acetaldehyde-Acrolein-Acrylonitrile-Arsenic Compounds-Benzene-Beryllium Compounds-1,3-Butadiene-Cadmium Compounds-Carbon tetrachloride-Chloroform-Chromium Compounds-Coke Oven Emissions- 1,3-Dichloropropene-Diesel Particulate Matter-Ethylene dibromide-Ethylene dichloride-Ethylene oxide-Formaldehyde-Hexachlorobenzene- Hydrazine-Lead Compounds-Manganese Compounds-Mercury Compounds-Methylene chloride-Nickel Compounds-Perchloroethylene-Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)-Polycyclic Organic Matter (POM)-Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (7-PAH)-Propylene dichloride-Quinoline-1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane- Trichloroethylene-Vinyl chloride

Gary K.

Anonymous said...


"It's lights out in Europe this weekend for old-style cigarettes that manufacturers haven't adapted to burn themselves out if left unattended."

"On Thursday, a three-year phasing-in period for the legislation will come to an end, meaning all 27 EU states will thereafter have to adopt the same norms as the United States, Canada and Australia."


Anonymous said...


I believe that most papers and tubes for MYO cigarettes are NOT RIP; so, there are means of avoiding this monsterous nonsense.

Gary K.

Anonymous said...

This is true Gary, but it's the last chance for people to buy their favourite cigarettes before the FSC's arrive.

I for one, will not be scrounging any more readymade menthols.


the ungrateful unread said...

a child i know read your halloween story and left his feedback in the comments section on the done! post, yet you have not even deigned to allow the comment, let alone had the decency to reply to it - he is now psychologically damaged and it's all your fault.

you're about as up your own arse as hatfield girl, you mean-spirited monster. if you've got any fans (which i sincerely doubt), you certainly don't deserve them, sir.

TinCity said...

Wondered why the bastard things keep going out and tasting funny. Think I'll increase production of my home grown stuff. Been growing for 4 years now, but never enough for more than 6 months supply - 8 plants per season. Cut and dried in 2 weeks but 18 month cure in my garage. you can't do 50 cuts per inch by hand, (hand rolling quality) but you can achieve 'tube' grade by hand cutting. Just hoping they haven't fire-proofed tubes!...any advise more than welcome.

Leg-iron said...

Ungrateful unread - as I said, evidently to the empty air, I have had no Internet for most of the day so have not been able to check comments.

Older posts have comment moderation to stop the spambots and that is all it is for.

As for psychologically damaging children, I leave that to Greens and government. There is no point competing with the experts.

Leg-iron said...

TinCity - I'm new to growing and curing so won't get a big supply this year. I'm sure I'll more than break even on outlay though.

I'm also relearning pipe smoking. They can't mess with those.

Avoid the ones with cellulose filters. Stick with the steel or brass tar condensers that can be washed rather than having to be replaced.

undead and under-read said...


too late - i hear he's run away and joined the circus you scumbag

Junican said...

Have you not been consulting Bolton Smokers Club re curing tobacco? You ingrate, you!

TinCity said...

Thanks, I'll look into that, and the Bolton SC!!!!

Leg-iron said...

Undead and under-read - tell him I wish him well in his chosen career.

Junican - I have, but haven't built a curing box in time for this year. It'll be an overwinter project so it'll be ready for next year.

jimi knowall (continuing a converation rudely interrupted by hatfield girl on her totalitarian blog - i think it went over her head actually) said...


st paulo da gascogna said...

wey aye, that's the blerk - also knoon as the "ace iv spades".

jimi knowall said...

why aye deed, wes he a blackie then?

st pablo da gascogna said...

wey, nar na...neet tuh me knowledge...although he did hev a dark-side tuh him whey aye...what wi' comin from an aad traditional minin family, leek, an' havin started off doon the pits...but ah believe eez nicknyem wes in fact bestowed upon him in recognition iv the record numbor iv opposition strikers he bureed in the six-yard box...

jimi knowall said...

is that a fact? see ah suppose he wud hev been canny an asset in the struggle against margaret thatchor an' the conservatives then man?

st pablo di gascogna said...

nar na jimi, ah think he wes fair befawa that group's time actually.

jimi knowall said...

fair enough, but thor's nar na dyeut that bach wes an absolute bloody genius though man.

st pablo di gascogna said...

why aye, it's an undeniyeble fact blurk.

jimi knowall said...


neeo ah divvint want tuh be misinterepreted as offensive or ah think an explanation is due heor - warra deed meant tuh sa was:

"why aye deed, wes he a blackie leek beethoven then?"

sir trev trillips said...

01:32, 02:39

you know, it's a great shame that hatfield girl robbed the beginning of this conversation and sold it on the black market - as it makes it rather hard to determine whether this particular statement, in it's natural context, should be considered racist...or just an inane, arbitrary and ultimately extraneous racial identification of a man who was probably the greatest exponent of european music in the world.

jimi knowall said...


hey? ah thowt he wes an olden times defendor fo' scunthorpe united? third division leek...

pc fuckoff said...


you're nicked knowall...for gross cultural ignorance.

jocelyn jack esien said...


mmm...yes...well, sir my capacity as both a feminist and a warrior against racism, i am left in somewhat of a quandary here...however, on the balance of probapilities, i've obviously got to give preponderance (or should i say prominence?) to my feminist profile here, ditch my qualms over the petty racist epithet, and point out to jimi knowall, in no uncertain terms, that joanna sebastiana bach was actually a woman forced by the prevailing sexist attitudes of the day to adopt a male agender and attire in order to be accepted, by wider society, in her chosen profession of virtuoso composer and performer of ecclesiastical and secular music...and in fact contrary to popular belief, she did not father twenty children, and nor (despite the bachs being devout and god-fearing folks) did her partner get up the duff via immaculate, joanna gave birth to all twenty little bratlings herself (with a little help from a an anonymous donor and a conducive weisswurst) and held down a full-time job (constructing over 1000 bmws) whilst she was at it - an absolutely astonishing feat, which has gone utterly unrecognised by countless generations of male chauvinist historians. what a martyr to the cause she was. men are such complete pigs.

so i'm afraid, sir trev, that on this occasion, your ace of spades is soundly trumped by a royal pair.

jimi knowall said...

typical faffin southern prejudice man

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