Friday, 27 January 2012

The Smoke Wars update.

I hear, via Email, that the appeal to keep Chris Carter out of pokey has passed the halfway mark but is not there yet.

I know, because it affects me too, that January is a bad time to ask for donations. We are all suffering the post-Christmas cash depletion and the taxman is about to rip a dirty great hole in my not-healthy bank account by Tuesday.

However, if anyone has a bean or two spare, please consider this man who is going to go to prison for smoking while those who beat a woman senseless while calling her a 'white bitch' and those dregs from the shallow end of the gene pool who hospitalised a man who asked them if they wouldn't mind not being bin-kicking arseholes are all let off with slaps on the wrist.

If we let this persecution of smokers continue, you will soon have to have a licence to buy alcohol and you will be refused a bag of chips based on your waist size. It is not just about smoking. It never was. It has always been about control. Total control. Of you. Yes, you, not just those you disapprove of.

'Panoptica' is fiction. All it needs to become reality is your continued silence.


Monty Cristo said...

Thanks for the reminder. We really have to stick together. The more of us who can be bothered to get off our arse and collectively concentrate on a single point the more notice will be taken, after all there is at least 10 million of us - each with a vote. Now if that could be awoken then a re-alignment may occur.

Junican said...

If only, Monty, if only...

Slam Lander said...

It looks like that now have the money but the main issues is left unresolved.

Don't you wish that y'all lived in a democracy?

handymanphil said...

Thanks LI & to all those that care about the plight of a certain minority in this country we have now scraped over the line folks-full update on events shortly on

Running Total £1,269.67 - THANK YOU

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