Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Farcebook reveals what you've told it.

There is Outrage! over the changing face of Farcebook. They have a new interface that the Mail thinks will tell the whole world every detail of your life.

Well... surely Farcebook can only tell the world those things you've put on there? Personally I don't even put my real date of birth on sites like that. They don't need to know beyond the year of birth and I'm so old I am well past any age restrictions. I'm even old enough to buy Sanatogen without raising anyone's eyebrows (although I haven't actually tested that yet because I hear it's not very good).

The 'new look' has been voluntary up until now. 

Being on Farcebook is voluntary. Nobody 'has to' join and nobody 'has to' put anything in particular on there.

From now, users will simply be notified that they are being 'updated' via an announcement at the top of their home page, which users click on to activate Timeline.

Don't like it, don't use it. It's free so you lose no money by simply deleting it all. Nobody pays to be on Farcebook so the users cannot claim to own the site. It belongs to the Farcebook Corporation and they can do what they want with it. Again, don't like it, don't use it. Simple.

It's not like the phone lines. People need phone lines for communication by talking, fax and internet. If the phone company said they were going to broadcast your phone conversations you'd be right to be livid. However, Farcebook has no such power. It can only show people what you've put on there.

Timeline has been criticised for showing off pictures and posts that people might have wanted to forget. 

Who puts up pictures they don't want people to see, on a website the entire planet can see? Are people just emptying their cameras into the thing? And if you post something in a drunken haze and don't like it in the morning, well, that's what 'delete' is for.

The new look also pairs with 'timeline apps', such as Spotify, which post every time people listen to a song, or eat a recipe or visit somewhere.

No. It can only do this if you let it. Farcebook do not have cameras in your kitchen to record what you cook and they can't follow you around town unless you tie up some kind of link with GPS and other gadgetry and allow it. If you don't have a Farcebook account it can do nothing to you at all because it doesn't know you exist unless you tell it..

People are scared to death that Farcebook, a voluntary program nobody has to join, will spy on them. They seem to believe that this program will reveal details of their past that they have never put on Farcebook in the first place.

Nobody seems bothered by those CCTV cameras on every street and in every public place. Nobody seems to mind ANPR cameras following them everywhere they drive. nobody is even slightly perturbed by the modern assumption that they are a criminal in need of checking when they apply for certain jobs. No, they are all in a tizzy because a free computer program that nobody has to use is getting a new look.

What happened to priorities?


Thomas said...

"Nobody seems bothered by those CCTV cameras on every street... No, they are all in a tizzy because a free computer program that nobody has to use is getting a new look."

That's just the point, isn't it. Farcebook is the distraction, everyone focuses in on that, they won't be focusing in on any blogsites that might make clear what is happening, nor will they notice all the video cams put up for their "health, safety and protection". Maybe Farcebook was an invention of CIA, to distract peoples' attention, it makes me wonder.

John Lawrence said...

we are our own Stasi 

Amusing Bunni said...

I'm hardly on there anymore, just to read what certain groups and politicians I follow are saying.  I certainly don't post any personal stuff.  I'm a bunni for all they know.

Robert the Biker said...

What! I thought you were a Kitty!

Amusing Bunni said...

That's my sidekick/mascot ;-)

nisakiman said...

I was going to comment very much along the same lines, but you beat me to it!

It's all bread and circuses. Opium for the masses.

Things like facebook become matters of importance.

CCTV and the like are there for our own good, (the government says so), so they're not something we need concern ourselves with.

Legiron said...

There are so many circuses to keep the proles busy it's a wonder they even notice the government is there. I suspect many don't.

Legiron said...

That's how it worked last time too.

Legiron said...

I'm on Farcebook but as an imaginary character. Phishers can have fun trying to steal an identity that doesn't exist ;)

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