Monday, 2 January 2012

... and there it goes.

The parties are finally over. Detox time. My head is full of sand and my liver is soaking in a bath of distilled water. I should really know by now - in Scotland at least, the first two days of January are total write-offs.Absolutely nothing productive happened for two entire days. It's a great country. It's very, very quiet around here today apart from some groaning and the clink of clearing-up.

The British Liver Foundation are quick off the mark, telling us there is no point in detoxing because that means we'll all just start drinking again in February. I actually hadn't planned to wait that long. Just until the pain recedes. The article contains some biological 'facts' that someone studying O level biology could rip to bits so I won't bother.

The consensus on New Year Resolutions seems to be 'drink more, smoke more, eat more' so that's okay. Most of the smokers I met were much younger than me so that antismoking propaganda is obviously working as intended.

Expect much more troll activity on the smoker blogs this year. You'll see a lot more of 'Janet47' who logs in with a different IP each time and a lot more from the resident troll. Their bans are breaking in more and more countries, their hate-fest is falling down (not one single incidence of hand-waving, not one mention of third hand smoke in all the various houses visited this New Year) and they are now cornered beasts. They will get nasty at the end. These are not ordinary trolls.

They've been busy elsewhere today because they've found out that The Enemy has been talking to someone in Government and they're the only ones allowed to do that. This might spark an investigation into the activities of lobbyists which ASH imagine won't apply to them. Could be interesting.

Okay, the annual Scottish recycling-bin-filling escapade has come to a close and when I have full control of all my fingers again I can resume typing.


Patnurse said...

... and what's the bet that it won't apply to ASH? it is Govt front group after all and the only political lobby group allowed a prime place in a Govt dept. This Govt is as corrupt as the last. ASH has proved it. 

A John Walters said...

 "This Govt is as corrupt as the last"
That does presuppose that changing political parties means the government changes. Like America, we have one political party but, unlike them, with three franchises..

A John Walters said...

 Oh, late Happy New Year, Leg-iron!

Rob F said...

I'm having to have to sober up, too - work tomorrow (though thankfully not until 2 PM, thank God!).

Happy New Year to everyone, if I haven't said it already!

Wayofgoose said...

Loving your blog. Your capacity for written rage is impressive. Keep up the fight.

Lovingthetrolling said...

lovingyourtrollingspark off  really impressive

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