Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Other people's stuff.

Busy here. I applied for a part-time job as an editor so I can get some understanding of the publishing world. My chances of getting the job, based on the extent of my experience in the field, are slightly less than zero but I thought I'd give it a go. Anyway, the 'test' arrived and I'm doing that now.

Then there's the terrible taxman to deal with. Since the Coagulation intend to use HMRC to shut down every small business in the country, this year I have to be extra-diligent about having all the receipts and invoices in order, and this year there are two sets of them to sort out.

So tonight I have nothing to say, and anyway I've been beaten to the stories.

We are to take two days off the booze every week. I'm only on the brandy tonight so that counts as one. Frank can see where it's going, because the banmeisters will soon declare that we are not doing what they say voluntarily therefore pubs and off-licences must close two days a week. Then they will be shocked to discover that we have thought to stock up, and they'll encourage children to report their parents for drinking on Days of Purity.

The behaviour of children has as much to do with parental discipline as the closure of pubs has to do with the smoking ban. The real corrupting influence on the new ferals has been found.

Those nicotine patches used to claim a failure rate of only 95% or so,  but a proper study has shown that in fact they make no difference at all. The comments are full of panicked antismokers pretending to be ex-smokers, which is always fun to see.

For a glimpse into the sort of mind the antismokers really have, the Moose has pictures. I'm sure all political parties are proud to be associated with such vicious propaganda and they'll soon be fully supporting the same sort of bile aimed at drinkers and smokers too.

Right, best get back to this test. It would be ideal for me to work for an American publisher since my waking hours fit theirs better than the UK anyway.


Subrosa Blonde said...

Good luck with the test. Don't be surprised if you pass!

Legiron said...

I'll be astounded if I get the job. There are probably experienced editors applying. Still, even the application process gives me some insight into how editors choose what to accept, and that's a big help.

Bucko TheMoose said...

Thanks for the link and good luck with the test

Amusing Bunni said...

Good Luck with the test and extra career direction, LI!  You never know until you try.  It's good to get insights into other businesses, esp. since you are a writer!

Thomas said...

Given the way today's mainstream news behaves, the only two questions that should be on that test, in order to gauge your competence for purposes of working for the mainstream media should read, "1. Do you know what Control-C does?" and "2. Do you know what Control-V does?" If you can show competence in those two key areas, then success in today's mainstream press as an editor and expert journalist is assured.

Mail said...

Nicotine patches don't work? Damnit, so much for using them to start smoking. :(

Legiron said...

Just trying to find out how many new tricks an old dog can learn ;)

Legiron said...

The editor job is with a book publisher. I wouldn't last five minutes as editor of a MSM newspaper without battering some idiot with a typewriter.

Legiron said...

They're no good for beginners, no. They roll up easily but they're hard to light.

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